Can I Carry A Gun In My Car? Let’s Find Out!

If you are new to guns and still looking for a precise answer to the question “Can I carry a gun in my car?”, you’ve landed on the right site! This post will give you a better understanding of carrying guns in cars, especially when you are planning to travel from one to another state.


Can I Carry A Gun In My Car?

As a matter of fact, the laws on vehicle handguns vary from one state to another. Rather than the countries, the states will have their own Concealed Carry Weapons rules that might not be the same and recognized by others. 

In such a case, you must take all responsibility for following laws set forth by the state you travel to or enter into, no matter how long or short your visit is.

Knowing the reciprocity of the state Concealed Carry Weapons is an important step to manage your travel with a firearm. For example, if you travel from South Carolina to Alabama, it is possible for you to bring a handgun. However, if you pass through the location where the permission is not recognized, you might break the law.

Regardless of whether or not you possess a permit, you must know the gun laws of the state you intend to visit before setting out. Under the Firearm Owners Protection Act in 1986, a person can pass through a restricted state with his gun if it is unloaded in a locked case and kept in an inaccessible area. The ammunition, of course, must be stored separately. 

The regulations specify that people with the entitle of “transporting a firearm” can have guns in their car and pass through these states when such transportation is uninterrupted and continuous. That means you can only go through those regions without any approval for your CCW. Any action beyond that might make you lose federal protection.

What Should I Note When Carrying A Gun Car?

You should conceal your gun in a concealer

From the above information, you might understand that where and how to store the firearm in the car is a big matter, right? Let’s continue to take some notes when bringing guns along with you in your car.

First, your gun must be away from an accessible location to any driver, passenger, or anyone from the “passenger compartment”. For instance, you can store the guns in the case or trunk at the truck bed but never leave them in the center console or glove box.

According to the U.S. Code, in the situation where your car is not available for a separate compartment, the ammo or firearm must be in a case of a locked gun other than the console or glove compartment. So, make sure the gun location must be a locked case or hard-sided, which is totally separate from the ammo. You do not need to lock the ammo case, but it is a good idea to have a padlock on your car just in case of need.

Those are some points you need to note. However, if you are still not so sure about the laws, you should ask for the consultation of an attorney for more details about laws and regulations before heading on the trip. Breaking any laws on concealed carry is clearly a big problem that might cause you serious penalties and even jail time. That’s why you should take this issue into account. 

Some Last Words

That is all essential information to find an overview answer to the question of “Can I carry a gun in my car?“. It would be best if you now had your plan of what to do now.

Whether you will ask for a lawyer’s advice on the states’ regulations you are heading to, make sure to never break the law. Hopefully, you will have a wonderful and memorable trip.

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