Useful Advice on Finding The Best Gun Safes Under 2000 (Must Read)

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When their gun collections gradually expand, people start to think about a gun safe. A proper container will protect your firearms from moisture, fire, and physical damage.

Additionally, a gun safe keeps your gun secured from people’s curiosity. It’s only you, the owner who should know the location and how to get them.

You might wonder:

What can its features tell us about a gun safe?

Don’t worry because we will answer all your questions here. This ultimate guide shows you how to choose a suitable gun safe for your collection.

Besides, don’t miss the list for the best Gun Safe Under 2000 at the end.

Best Gun Safes Under $2000 Reviews


  • Digital keypad with double bypass key
  • 1 Hour Fire-Rated
  • Sturdy body
  • Extra bolts included
  • Capable of storing 16 long guns
  • Convenient automatic LED inside


  • Still narrow for large collections of long guns

This gun safe from Steelwater is a cabinet of convenience.

Shelves inside are all adjustable. So do not worry if you cannot place the guns because of unusable spaces. Shelves at the bottom are adjustable to make room for long firearms. This product is capable of storing up to 16 rifles.

Besides, this safe has an automatic light system inside. Anytime you open the door; the light is already on for you.

The locking system is an advanced digital keypad. In the case of having problems with the main key, the smart re-locking device will help you out in a matter of second.

We are also impressed by its sturdiness as it can endure fire in an hour with a maximum temperature of 1875˚F.

The safe has a1.5’’ door with carpeted surfaces, keeping your gun safe from shock.

It has the dimensions of 59x22x16 inches. The door is removable so you can fit it in a tiny and hidden corner. However, this safe is only for medium gun collections due to its size.

If you look for a bigger space, please keep scrolling down!


  • Thick
  • Mainly made of steel
  • An hour fire protection
  • Fancy and durable
  • Able to store up to 20 rifles
  • Removable door
  • Automatic interior LED


  • Very heavy

It is the bigger version of Steelwater with the same utilities.

What’s more?

We would warn you that this baby is heavy. So, do not be surprised if the shipping fee is higher than usual.

Talking about features, this one also impresses us by an hour fire protection capacity. Combined with the whole body in 8x drill resistant, this Steelwater safe keeps your guns intact.

Because this safe is quite heavy, it's quite ideal if you want to place it at a corner. To support the bolts, the manufacturer designs anchor ¼-inch holes where you can secure this box into the ground better.

If you are looking for a safe with amazing capacity, you will be happy this Steelwater.

This Mesa with the dimensions of 59x28x18 inches can store up to 20 and more rifles.

This gun safe also has the standard an hour fire protection from Steelwater’s technology. Does it sound great to you?

This one is heavy and thick; you should feel safe against burglars. It works great unless you were thinking about moving it around the house as it will require enormous strength.

If you want a fancy look, this safe will meet your requirement, thanks for the fabulous and classic appearance.


  • Adjustable shelves inside
  • Biometric key
  • Nicely designed
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable but durable


  • No fire protection
  • Only capable of 40 long guns
  • Lightweight

We are impressed with this Barska biometric key. It’s quite hard to find a good gun safe under 2000 with this advanced locking system.

However, we only recommend it for those with few guns. It provides enough room for only six long guns. The shelves divide the cabinet into smaller rooms, but they are all removable. The safe comes with a flexible interior that will meet all your expectations.

If you have a low budget but want to look for higher security, do not miss this safe. We still have standard gun safe accessories while paying less. For example, this one provides with door storage, shelves, five bolts, and a fantastic lock. We cannot complain about it at this price.  

It’s a bonus with five deadbolts - such great compensations for its weight.

This safe also gains more attention with a portable design - a safe you can place in small spaces with the dimensions of 57x13.75x13.75 inches. As you can guess it's not so spacious, but in return, it works amazingly.

Do not hesitate because you are looking at an economical purchase with extra security for all your guns.

What Do We Expect from A Good Gun Safe Under 2000?

There are plentiful sources such as Amazon, Walmart from which you can find tons of suggestions.

By following our guide, you need to have a clear idea about what you need. On the listing pages, use the "under 2000" filter, you will see top-selling products under 2000.

As there are many results, it is hard for you to decide which is the most suitable one. So, what should you focus on?

We’re here to help!

The Size 

We have seen enormous and heavy gun-safes. So, some people will soon think of massive and super heavy ones as the highest security level.

However, there is more to consider.

We agree that the safe must be spacious. But, how big should it be? How to fit it in the house properly?

First of all, you must be sure about the place where you intend to put the safe. Is it next to your bed? In a corner inside the office? Or any secret angle of the house?

How large is the corner where you place the safe? Besides, let’s review your collections. We are quite sure that no one purchases a large safe to store a gun only.

Let’s check how many guns will stay in there.

And more than that, let’s think about the future. When you have the gun safe, would you move it around or place it in a fixed spot?

Of course, we want a sturdy safe that no thieves can carry it away. Ask yourself more questions about what you can do and cannot do with a certain size and weight.

The more questions you ask, the closer you get to your decision.

The Lock

The lock plays an essential part in any safe. And in this article, we have some recommendations:

Combination locks:

This lock appears in a tumbler. That is a mechanism which asks you to roll for the correct code. You can see them at gymnastic lockers or a typical home safe.

Keyed entry:

You use a key to lock or unlock. It's the most popular method that we see everywhere. Usually, it comes with extra keys.

Digital keypad locks:

This one has a dial interface where you type in the password. Only correct password input can open the safe.

Biometric locks:

This lock uses no number or key but biological features of the owner. For example, it creates the code to record fingerprint and other features.

These four are the typical locking systems found in most gun safes.

What are the differences?

Almost all locking systems allow us to lock and unlock the safe manually. The simpler it is, the less you pay.

People may break this lock easily by using force on the door. You might lose the key or people with bad intentions may get a copy of it. All can become risky when there's no 100% secured place to keep the key.

Digital and tumbler locks are the more advanced types. However, they can be encoded. Besides, you must be sure about your ability to memorize complex numbers. Otherwise, predictable lines such as phone number or BOD are just a simple puzzle game to the thieves.

The most advanced locking system is biometric. The code is yourself. There is no duplicate, and no one can steal it when you cannot just naturally lose a part of the body. On the other hand, this locking system raises the price of the gun safe a lot.

Wrapping Up

After finish reading, we hope you have fully understood what you want from a gun safe. Budget matters but we should concern more about functions, locking systems and weight.

Besides, we give the top 4 best gun safes under 2000 as optimal options. If you have got a better choice, don’t hesitate to share with us in comments. 

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