Meprolight vs Trijicon- The Better Option

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Both Trijicon and Meprolight are reliable brands, they are known for making products that are of high quality. Now, when it comes to Meprolight Vs Trijicon, you may feel confused. This post will highlight all the important aspects of their products. Meprolight is a company that is based in Israel and is known to manufacture good quality optics for years together.

Trijicon is not new in the market and has years of experience. Their products are mostly used by the American military. Trijicon is most known for manufacturing reliable sights for the military.

When you are looking to buy products from either brand do not make rushed purchases. Take the time to evaluate each aspect. You should also consider your personal preferences. Do not buy products based on other people’s experience, as it is different for everyone. Here is some valuable information on both brands. Have a look and educate yourself.

All The Facts That You Should Know On Meprolight Vs Trijicon

Here is a comparative study on both brands based on their popular products. This will help you understand the different aspects of both brands. Take a look and make an educated decision on what will suit your purpose.

Pistol Night Sights

Meprolight Fixed Set Vs Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sight Set

The sights made from Trijicon are typically manufactured from sturdy metal to make sure that they last for a long time. The tritium gas is stored in cylinders made of aluminum to stay safe from recoil, shock, falls, and drops. These sights work best with Sig Sauger, 911’s, S&W, and Glock.

The night sights from Meprolight are created with a glowing lamp in the three-dot category. This site utilizes tritium light which is contained within a metal base. This sight requires very little maintenance. The manufacturer offers a warranty for at least 15 years.

Level Of Visibility

Trijicon utilizes tritium gas which facilitates maximum brightness. The gas is capable of retaining and absorbing light from other external sources. The sights with three-dot have pre-installed tritium lamps. Every single lamp is covered uses a special sapphire window as a covering.

The sights made by Meprolight are very bright. These are ideal for situations where the natural light is very low. This can be a little overwhelming when it is used in pitch-black darkness. However, it is very easy to operate.


Sights created by Trijicon are used for defense purposes. The good thing about this very compact and they will fit into all standard holsters. The sight performs well during the night and day. The sight is given a coat of photoluminescent paint, which makes it easy to use in the daytime.

Meprolight is a brand that has a reputation for manufacturing versatile sights. The good thing about these sights is that you can make adjustments to them very easily. The only drawback in these sights is that they do not have any photoluminescent paint, which is why they seem dim in the daytime.

Rifle Night Sights

Meprolight Ar-15 A1 Sight Set Vs Trijicon CP25F Bright & Tough Green Night Sight

This sight from Meprolight is created to facilitate accurate shooting. This front sight has an oval lamp that contains a tritium lamp. Installation and operation are both easy. You may have to purchase an additional tool to install this, but that is not a major disadvantage.

The Trijicon sight has a square design and has an in-built tritium lamp. The body is constructed from sturdy metal. You will have to use the tool included in the sales package to install the sight. You will need to adjust the rifle to zero before using this new sight.

Level Of Visibility

Meprolight has a strong reputation for producing night sights that have the best brightness. This has a green orb with a bright glow thus increasing its visibility even during low-light conditions. This is one reason why the military and police use this sight regularly.

This single sight from Trijicon is undisputed when it comes to considering it is brightness level. The lamp contains sufficient tritium gas which pulls in light and then is capable of producing bright light. This tool has been given a good coating of photoluminescent paint that makes it ideal for daytime shooting.


The peg style design of this sight from Meprolight, this feature makes this sight an ideal choice to be used during the day and you do not even require photoluminescent paint. The unique design facilitates accurate and precise usage for shots at a long distance.  This sight is just perfect for all lighting conditions and environments.

This Trijicon sight works well for both night and daytime shooting. The sight is quite affordable and showcases more versatility than any standard AR sight. The quality of the sight is very good, and you can expect it to last for a very long time to come.

What To Look For In Pistol Night Sights

You should know that any defensive handgun is very compatible with most night sights. These night sights allow the users to indulge in shooting no matter what the situation may be. Typically night sights should have a very bright glow, both outside and inside. These sights should be manufactured from strong materials like metal.

These sights are also used by participants in shooting tournaments, which are held under low-light competitions.  You should not have a hard time installing these sights, which means you do not have to hire the service of a gunsmith.

What To Look For In Rifle Night Sights

Iron sights are a must for rifles. The good news is that Meprolight and Trijicon manufacture front sights that are utilized at night. These sights are very versatile and usually is used for a range of rifles.


Here are some FAQs that may interest you about these two brands.

Are These Sights Worth Buying?

The night sights from Meprolight are very impressive. The price is not too much and most importantly they are very easy to install. These are perfect for conditions where the light is a bit low.

Trijicon sights are certainly worth buying. These work great in most situations. The overall quality is very impressive. These are made from very strong materials, which add to the durability of the product.

What About Longevity?

Trijicon offers the users a warranty that is valid for 12 years, the lamp is covered for a good 5 years. Meprolight also offers the users assurance that their sight will last for 12 years.

Where Can You Buy These Sights?

Well, you have many online stores that sell these sights. Simply go through the description and take your pick. The product will be delivered at your doorstep.

Are These Sights Safe To Use?

Yes, both these sights are very safe to use regularly. Both manufacturers put their products through a series of quality checks before putting them out for sale.

How to choose: Meprolight vs Trijicon Night Sights

Choosing between the two brands is going to be a close fight as they are both worth buying. Both brands are known for producing good quality products that will last for a very long time. Nights from both brands are ideal for nighttime and daytime shooting.

You will have a hard time choosing one, but Trijicon tends to be a bit expensive and high-quality. Meprolight has tritium lights that tend to last for a long time but they are not as strong as the models made by Trijicon.

Meprolight makes sights that add a bit more functionality hence they tend to be more precise and versatile. People who indulge in shooting as a sport use this sight regularly. Trijicon sights are typically used by the military and police as they are durable and can withstand a lot of impacts. So, you can expect it to last long

So, you see that the type you will end up buying will depend on your personal preference. Do not rush the process of making any purchases. Go through the different sights made by both brands and evaluate all the features properly. Do not select anything simply because you were told to do so.

This was all you needed to know about Meprolight vs Trijicon. Both brands have their positives and negatives, but at the end of the day, they are both winners. It will be a total win-win situation for you. You can improve your shooting style within a short period.

Both brands have a strong reputation in making world-class products. The brands offer a suitable warranty on their products along with great after-sales services, and frankly speaking, you just could not expect more. So, do not hesitate to take your pick, and you will certainly not regret your decision. Do not give these wonderful sights a miss under any circumstances.

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