Best Ar15 Soft Cases In 2023 – Keeping Your Rifle In The Best Condition

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Ar15 is one of the popular rifles used by many people even the army. However, this gun is not easy to maintain especially when you bring it outside.

Your Ar15 may get impacts from other objects during transportation, leading to damage.

Therefore, it’s essential to buy one of the best 15 soft cases for protection.

But what is the Ar15 soft case that suit for you?

Here is some information about rifle cases and some best products that we suggest you have one, please read and find your conclusion.

The Characteristics of An Ar15 Soft Case

This product is a necessary product for most people who own guns.

With a soft case, you can store your weapons safely and move quickly without the attention of other people. We have listed below some main characteristics of a rifle case:

  • The size of it is usually up to 30 cm in width and more than 1 meter in length, suitable for many different weapons from air to sports guns, airsoft or even large-sized hunting guns.
  • Inside is covered with foam to make you more assured when storing guns to avoid unwanted bumps.
  • The multi-compartment bag enables you to load more items.
  • The strap system helps you to be more comfortable when moving. You can wear it behind your back or carry in your hand conveniently by using the strap.
  • Colors can provide camouflage in the natural environment.

But It’s necessary to buy an Ar15 soft case?

The answer is yes; you should use a soft case to protect your rifle. If you don’t have the protection, then your Ar15 can be broken soon.

The rifle case protects not only you but also other people. Let imagine when you take it outdoors without the soft case, you can accidentally pull the trigger and shoot someone else.

That is dangerous, right?

So now you can see the importance of a rifle case, let’s find out how to choose a good one.

How to Choose a Quality Soft Case

There are three critical points that you need to consider before buying a soft case.

The Quality of Material

The material of the case contributes a considerable part to the durability and the weight of your gun.

Nowadays, almost all manufacturers use special synthetic nylon for their soft case product. It can increase durability, protect the case from the sharp thing, and make it waterproof as well.

But be careful!

You have to see precisely the seam of the case when you check the quality of the silk. If the seam of the bag is terrible, your Ar15 soft case can get damaged even if the quality of the silk is good.

The Size

The size of the Ar15 soft case is various in the market. Therefore, you need to consider which one is suitable.

If you buy a small, lightweight case and fit perfectly for your gun, you can carry easily.

If you want to protect your rifle more effectively, then you should buy a large case, which can also have some extra features such as the pocket.

The Extra Features

There are some basic features that an Ar15 soft case must have, which are the pocket, pouches, slings, and straps system. All these things help you to fix and keep protecting your gun perfectly while carrying.

It would be better if the case can have some extra pockets so that you can take some accessories with your Ar15.

In my opinion, I prefer a large case. Although it can be massive, I will have more features and can bring more stuff, even one more gun.

And here are some best four Ar15 soft cases that you have to check. I’m sure that you will decide to choose one from them.

The Best Four Ar15 Soft Cases Reviews

The first impression of this product is the “Cordura Nylon” material that can last for a very long time.

The size of this product is big enough or even has more space when you carry one rifle, which satisfies my expectations.

I can have more accessories and some other stuff in the bag because it has five pockets and one big ID pocket.

The design of the pockets allows me to add one extra magazine, resulting in two magazines in each pocket.

But there are some drawbacks of this product that make me feel uncomfortable.

The shoulder strap is on the bottom of the bag and handled trap is too thin that make you feel inconvenient when holding it.

The manufacturers add two zippers on this case, so we expect that we can open and close the bag faster. However, the zippers need strong a strong force to open.


  • Low cost

  • Protective pad inside

  • Extra pocket


  • Snug fit that don’t allow mounted scopes

Not like many products in the market, Uncle Mike Rifle Case has stronger durability than I thought because of the “double stitched nylon” material.

If you prefer the size that fits perfectly with your Ar15, then this case is an excellent choice for you.

The star point of the bag is the additional padding inside; now your gun will be more protected even though the size of the soft case is small.

I have tried to drop the case a few times, and the rifle can still work correctly.

There is only one zipper on the bag, but it’s wholly light and flat so you can quickly close or open the case.

It has five magazine storage pocket, but it’s a little tight, which is just enough for you to bring needed accessories.

There is one thing I don’t like about this rifle case, which is the pockets velcro.

For me, the velcro tends to wear out and decrease its stickiness after using; I feel quite nervous if my magazine can fall out someday.

But if you like this product, don’t worry. The stickiness will decrease if you use it many times.


  • Compact size

  • Extra magazine pockets

  • Strong carrying strap


  • The price is a little high

When searching for a soft case for my rifle, this model had my attention.

With the help of Lockable zipper closure features, your stuff will be more secured.

Now you don’t need to have your eyes on the case anymore, because nobody can open the bag to steal your stuff.

The quality of the padding inside this case is outstanding; it can contain the rifle and some gears such as the magazines, optics inside, and nothing was broken.

The only disadvantage of this case is that the zipper is too hard; you need to use a strong force to pull it.

However, maybe this disadvantage can be a useful feature because it can secure your accessories more effectively.


  • Can hold two rifles

  • Extra pockets

  • High-quality secure system


  • Inconvenient backward straps

My first impression of this product is the size, which I know this will be one of my favorite soft cases when I saw it the first time.

This Ar15 soft case has a huge size that can even hold two rifles and four handguns at the same time.

If that is not enough for you, there are even two big bags inside where you can put in extra magazines.

The pockets of VISM combines three different kinds of lockers, which are velcro, buckles, and drawstring, so that now your stuff can’t go anywhere.

For me, the only problem of this soft case is the backpack strap which is not enough padding. Less padding strap can create stress on the shoulder and the fabric when you wear the bag on a trip.


  • Can hold two rifles

  • High-quality padding inside

  • High quality locker


  • Not enough extra pockets

In General

From all the information above, we hope now you can choose the most suitable suitcase for yourself.

Don’t forget to check out all the quality, size and features of the product before buying.

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