Glock 18: Important Things You Need to Know [The Gun Guides]

If you want to get yourself a gun this season, may we suggest the Glock 18? It’s a convenient, sleek automatic pistol everyone wants but cannot have, and it comes with this guide on Glock 18 important things you need to know right here! Scroll down to read more.

A Quick Recap on Glock 18

#1. Components

Some people use the word “glock” as a colloquial term for all guns, but if you’re a pro, you know that Glock is its own line! The Glock 18 is a full-sized pistol with a 9mm capability. It can fire at a rate of 1200 rounds per minute in quick and continuous succession. Glock 18’s can be compared with the G17 in its functions, but with a little special “switch”.

Although the build is quite uniform, there is quite a lot of variety in the line of Glock 18. The 18C Glock model has a cutout window on the slide and a barrel, all to serve the function of gas ventilation and reducing muzzle climb while you are letting bullets fly. 

#2. Special Features

Despite the mode differences, the line of products has one thing in common. They all have a “switch” that allows you to conveniently change between full-automatic mode and semi-automatic mode with a simple gesture. This gives Glock 18’s a lot of quick flexibility in use. All you have to do is tap on the switch!

The inner workings for this switch are relatively easy to understand too. There is a small cross-shaped part of the built-in trigger bar that has an additional elevated tab. This tab serves to combine itself with another metal piece to let the gun’s bullet flow stay uninterrupted for full-automatic firing mode.

Glock 18 also has a very niche firing mechanism. Moving aside from the typical knocking hammer, the Glock utilizes a striker that nearly always stays half-cocked until you pull the trigger. After shooting, the striker returns to its former half state when the gun’s disconnector pulls back the trigger bar. 

This kind of feature allows your gun to constantly be in a pre-set trigger position, which Glock manufacturers call the Safe Action Trigger. That being said, it enables your gun to stay ready whenever you need it. This exceptional ability and its particular uniqueness in its market are the two main reasons why Glocks are so popular.

Glock 18 Important Things You Need To Know

#1. Professional Testing

Before being released into the market, each and every Glock 18 needs to be professionally tested. SAR testing and evaluation are most commonly implemented, where countless rounds of hollows are fired with steel-jacketed cartridges from various brands. Professional testers do this to examine whether any malfunctions occur during and in-between rounds.

Glock 18 should never be held by untrained hands, and any person who has not gone through gun training should only fire from the gun under strict guidance. This fact is especially true when you consider that the auto-firing mode’s knockback can trouble even the most experienced gun users. There is no understating how dangerous and powerful a Glock 18 can be.

When working with suppressors, Glock 18’s two modes become nearly identical to one another. This is a rather aching issue that swapping the spring out for a lighter one cannot solve, so developers are currently stepping in to optimize the design and fully eliminate the noise risk.

Another disadvantage that shows during professional Glock testing is that the gun users have to get their own additional part if they want a laser-sighted pistol grip on this particular firearm. 

#2. Personal Testing

After reading how the gun behaves in professional settings, you may assume that the gun is wild and uncontrollable for a typical user like yourself. You can take a relieved sigh now; the Glock 18 is surprisingly well-behaved and easy to stabilize if you are used to its rhythm. 

The improved version called 18C is harder to control than the very first model to come out. Glock 18’s frame absorbs many recoils even when you fire for a while, thanks to its polymer build.

With Glock 18, we advise you to aim at the lower-mid side of a target to make your first estimation and work from there. This failsafe method will let you have more accuracy and not waste many rounds.

#3. Buying Glock 18

Unfortunately, after all these talks about trying the Glock 18 in realistic settings, you will not be able to buy a Glock 18 as a normal citizen. Unlike other machine pistols, Glock 18 is only circulated among the military, law enforcement units, and other government organizations. Only under these three circumstances should you be able to hold a Glock 18:

  • Transferable: Glock 18’s in circulation and registered before May 19, 1986 (the day the Firearm Owners Protection Act is signed) is legal to own and use. But these mythical pistols can worth up to several thousand to a hundred thousand dollars, so you might want to sell your car in the slim chance you find a deal like this.
  • Pre-samples: You’ll need to hunt down dealers instead of gun models to acquire this kind of Glock since only them will have use of keeping samples.
  • Post-samples: Getting your hands on these models will earn you a revoked firearms license. On the flip side, you won’t have to put your house on sale to get one.


Buying a gun is no small feat, so doing careful reading and research about the kind of gun you want is a must.

After you’ve read this article on Glock 18 important things you need to know, we hope that you learn more about this powerful pistol and how to use it properly!

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