Hands-On the Best Deep Concealment Holsters – 2023 Reviews

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Wearing a deep concealment holster may be popular among members of law enforcement.

But shooters can seek advantage from this item also. It plays a mean to carry a backup weapon without bothering the rest of your body’s movement.

Since the product is not typical in the community, not many know how to choose one item correctly.

Let us help you. Here is the list of the best deep concealment holsters we took home and experienced.

Quick Answer: Top 3 Best Deep Concealment Holsters

1. Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

2. Active Pro Gear Shoulder Holster

3. DTOM Denim Possum Pouch Crotch Carry Holster

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Why You Need a Gun Holster

Primary functions of a deep concealed carry include:

  • Housing your firearm
  • Allow quick withdrawal
  • Prevent discharge
  • Keep your weapon from thief or loss

Holding a gun in hand while not using it in public is not going to bring you fame. A holster will do the job of carrying your weapon when you’re not supposed to have it in hand.

Civilians can make use of the deep concealment holster to keep a self-defense gun under the outfit along with all-day comfort.

Models like IWB or shoulder holsters can bring extreme pleasure to the body while leaving no gun mark as well as allowing fast access when your profession calls.

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Deep Concealment Holster Buying Guide

A holster that provides deep concealment has some quality to count before you hit the check-out button.

To find the balance between comfort and concealment, the criteria below will help you choose the right holster.


The holster hanging about your shoulder or waistband can leave marks on your skin.

At the same time, the concealed carry holsters need to protect your clothes. Metal clips on holsters will wear holes onto your pants if you choose it wrong.

Moreover, when you sit with a belt holster, the pistol will be pressing against your back and side. Or if the holster sits low, it will push up to the barrel that will definitely hurt your skin.

The level of comfort lets you carry the unit all day long without feeling any burden or indentation.


You need the holster to hide the gun from people’s eye, that’s why you need the item to provide decent concealment.

A good gun hideout should not leave any of its layouts to the cloth layers or coat.

Besides, the carrier needs to cover the trigger for safety. You don’t want to accidentally pull a shot while hanging around the community.

A few types of gun holster are IWB, or Inside the Waistband, holsters can stay discreet between your pants and underwear thus offer the most concealment. This way keeps the gun the closest to your body.

OWB, aka Outside the Waistband carriers certainly expose your firearm to the crowd unless you have a large enough T-shirt to cover the printing of the gun.

Showcasing should only be under the condition where you’re allowed to be seen with a firearm.

More than that, we have:

  • Belly band
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Women’s specific


In an emergency, you need to have quick access to your firearm.

The design of the holster should be easy for withdrawal. Also, the upholstery on the gun doesn’t have to lock tightly while still provides security.


It’s a way to say “stay still.”

Place your gun into the holster and flip it up-side-down. If it falls out, you need a better holster.

The retention should not be too tight so that you can tug it out in the situation.

Combat grip

The point is to get you to draw your weapon in any case and position.

Try sitting down, laying on the ground and with your weak hand on gun drawing; you should be able to tell whether the holster is up for high combat grip or not.

If the holster disables you from grabbing your gun with speed, consider a new product.

The 3 Best Deep Concealment Holsters Reviews

For the Smith and Wesson M&P shield, we really appreciate the work on this IWB holster from Concealment Express.

It has an excellent quality for the price and is crammed full of features.

This typical Kydex holster can pop in and out with ease. You can actually loosen the tension up because it’s quite stiff out of the box depends on how you want.

For your sights, the holster has a nice channel giving no chance of catching up with taking the firearm out. The same applies for holstering the gun back in.

Better than that, it does cover the entire trigger guard so that it won’t get accessed. The fit is just perfect as the magazine release is pretty tight up to the frame of the holster.

If the tension seems too closed up, simply use the Phillips head to loosen the screw, it should click a lot more prominent.

Many users get worried about the weight of this little holster. Unlike carrier with leather backing, this thing weighs only 2.5 ounces with everything on it.

The selling point is the adjustable retention allows you to tailor your holster position and draw stroke.

Once it grips to your pants, it holds on tight to the belt. The actual contour on the back of the holster itself doesn’t cut in at all.

FYI, Concealment Express is a veteran owned company. They know and care about the quality of the products they deliver. This IWB Kydex is a reliable holster you can put your hands on.


  • Low-profile design
  • Lean construction
  • Effective shielding the gun
  • Can adjust retention


  • Bulky for appendix carry
  • Not comfortable for the left-handed

This shoulder harness is a universal model that fits a bunch of firearm of many sizes.

You can take off any of the Velcro holsters. Those include the ultra-compact, a compact, a derringer, and a spare magazine holder.

A benefit to shoulder harness is that it favors female gun avid.

Due to the women’s body proportion with wider hips, the gun can cant inwards a little bit which is not an easy position. They tend to have a shorter torso than men do.

So, this concealed carry has the chest rig that gives more comfortability for various body settings. It offers smoother and faster access to the handgun than on a waist rig.

This chest holster is produced in the USA from breathable elastic textile. It feels like velvet to be on the skin.

If you are in winter and having a thick coat on, with a shoulder holster, you have much faster access.

We like this holster because it adds almost no bulk compared to the leather material. Even in the summer when you sweat, the cloth will absorb the humidity and transfer it out to the environment. That will keep you ventilated.


  • The cotton is comfortable
  • Can conceal guns of various sizes
  • A lot of room for adjustment
  • Less chance of accidents


  • Takes some time to locate the handgun on your side
  • No cover on the trigger
  • Gun drawing is not as quick

There is a couple of reason why we took this holster to the test. We’ve got a pretty good gauge of what works and what doesn’t.

Number one is that it literally turns the gun invisible on your body. It’s got a thicker material with an extra elastic nylon layer.

On the back, it’s got a sweatproof back to guard your gun if you carry it on a hot day. That maximizes the comfort for wearing the loadout all day.

The best way to descript it is this item is like a small fanny pack that goes low on your hips and inside your pants.

If you don’t like the idea of an appendix carry where a gun pointing at you, this carry actually stays low that the barrel directs down between your feet.

So, if you ever have a discharge accident, it will shoot to the ground. Even when you sit, it’s not going to jab into your belly.


  • Made of superior denim
  • Added a double elastic layer
  • Include pockets
  • Fit waist from small to large size


  • Some firearms show the outline
  • Not fit overweight users

Time To Conceal

These are the best-concealed carries that came to our use. To speak the truth, we definitely suggest you go for the Active Pro strap shoulder belt for good.

With that choice, you get most of the benefit from carrying a gun into the public. The point is, you get to conceal your weapon and protect yourself in any circumstance.

Nonetheless, we also want to note that these holsters being deep concealment means no 1-second withdrawal.

Though you can practice getting used to the motion, don’t expect it to be faster than your awareness. Stay alert should be your priority.

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