How to Find the Best Laser Sight for AR 15 to Improve Accuracy?

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Your rifle is fully equipped for you to satisfy your passion for hunting or join in the game with friends. However, there will be times when you find that it is not good enough when you enter a more significant game or faster speed hunting.

To win the opponent, you need more support equipment. That is a laser.

Our article can give you the information you need when you want to own the best laser for AR 15, effective aiming support.

What can you expect from this article?

They are essential shopping guides, our best list of recommended products on the market, and other useful information waiting for you to explore.

Let’s start this journey right away.

A Scope and A Laser, Which One is More Necessary?

The best advice is that you should have both, as they are all aiming aids for you.

Some people claim that scope works better than a laser. This saying is not wrong.

But you can see that scope has a lower vision than a laser.

Believe it or not, ​most scopes will never work most effectively in environments where there is no light source. And the laser does not. This product itself is a lighting source, providing light for your vision.

Moreover, a laser is great for people with weak eyes, hunting with night vision or for a gun that most people will use in low light conditions.

To sum up, you need both scope and laser devices to support each other's functions, give you the best shooting performance.

So, to Choose the Best Laser for AR 15, What Features Should You Note?

Choose green or red laser?

The red laser vision is more durable than the green laser and it is also cheaper. Regarding the performance of the two types, the red laser beam can operate under the condition that the green one is not lit.

For operating temperatures range, the red laser is from 15 to 120 oF while the green one is 40 to 100 oF.

You can see a red laser when you are in a cold area. With a simple design, it also saves you more energy than the green one. And you can choose the green laser when you often use the gun during the daytime.

Here is an exciting thing.

The green light is in the middle of the visible part of the light spectrum, so other light colors are harder to break it than red light. You also need to know a red laser capable of displaying up to 30 yards during the day while green one can see up to 100 yards.

Durable battery

It is an essential feature because your laser is powered by batteries.

So, only when the battery life is long enough for hunting, it can help the laser perform effectively.

Also, be aware that green laser consumes more energy than a red one, so choosing which lasers for your AR 15 should be carefully considered.

How useful is the laser?

You are using AR 15 rifle with high speed and strong firing force, the laser product must also match this feature.

A good product needs to withstand the recoil of the rifle, the severity of the weather and the environment and should be made of durable materials.

And the tip for you is that red laser often has a solid construction than a green one.

Size of a laser sight

You need to consider when a large laser sight can affect the attachment of some devices such as forearm handles.

The good one is large enough to resist rifle recoil, but it must not be inconvenient for other accessories that you can attach to your forearm.

Andyou also need to prioritize lightweight laser products in this case.

Some Most Important Instructions For Using Lasers

  • You never look directly at the laser beam or shine a laser on a person.
  • You do not aim the laser at reflective surfaces or see laser pointers with optical instruments like binoculars or microscopes.
  • You do not allow children to use laser pointers unless under the strict supervision of an adult.
  • You use lasers with criteria including FDA certification stating “DANGER: Laser Radiation” (Class 3A) or “CAUTION: Laser Radiation” (Class 2), or label of class 2 or 3A and do not use class 3B or 4, or the wavelengths from 630 nm to 680 nm, or a maximum capacity of less than 5 mW.

With our necessary information, we hope you can choose a laser product for your rifle. But wait - there’s more.

We will continue to bring the in-depth reviews for you.

Let's Explore Best Laser for AR 15 ROUND-UP, Effective Aiming Support

Here is our comparison table:

Top 3 Best Green Laser Sight for AR 15 Reviews

Buying the best green laser sight for AR 15 is definitively a productive investment for target shooting as well as hunting enthusiasts.

Since you are here, we know you are struggling to find a suitable model for your rifle. That’s why we created a list of top 3 picks so that you can select the one you need most.

Streamlight is famous for their high-quality products that provide the best of both battery life and a low-profile design.

And the TLR-2 HL G Rail Mounted is what you need for your favorite AR 15, guys.

With the high power C4 LED technology, this laser sight offers a peak operation of 800 lumens and a lifetime hour of 50,000. Relying on that, you will get a large beam output to help you determine who and what is surrounding you with ease.

Made from the hardest aluminum metal and covered with a black anodized finish, this product boasts about its all-around durability.

Besides, its lenses are made from Boro Float. As a new material, this impact-resistant, high-temperature, and shock-mounted glass hardly breaks when using.

Of course, the TLR-2 green laser sight is simple to use, and you even don’t have a user guide. The buttons are separated to allow a smooth operation including one for turning on and off and another one for changing different modes.


  • Durable, easy to install and operate

  • Long battery life

  • Powerful lumen brightness

  • High impact resistance

  • Mountable on any rifle (including AR 15)

  • Made in the USA


  • A bit expensive

  • Too bright at close range

Another choice for those who are interested in Streamlight is the TLR-2 G Rail-Mounted Tactical Light, which also shares the stage as the best and brightest laser sight. 

Although this product has similar features like C4 LED, 2 CR123A lithium batteries, its maximum lumens are 300. Don’t worry because it offers enough illumination in a total darkness condition.

And thanks to an integration of green aiming laser, you can easily shoot the targets without encountering any issue.

In general, this laser sight works very well, and all its parts are useful. You can easily switch the buttons easily while holding the rifle.

Of course, it’s made from the heavy-duty aluminum metal. And its lens is designed with Boro Float material, increasing high protection.


  • Well-built

  • Impact and water resistance

  • Integrates green aiming laser

  • Easy to use

  • Suitable for a wide range of rifles

  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • A bit tough when opening the door flap to change batteries

As compared two laser sights from Streamlight, the Crimson Trace CMR-206 has a low-profile design that only weighs 0.8 ounces. And since it’s incredibly lightweight, you won’t feel any weight on the AR 15.

Wonderfully, this Rail Master series of this laser is built with an excellent system to withstand heavy recoil and handling. When secure to your rifle, the sight will not move.

Controlling this product is as easy and fast as clicking on one of the control tabs found on either side. This ambidexter design permits you to activate smoothly and instantly.

And when it comes to the brightness, the CMR-206 boasts about a glowing 5 mW peak and a green laser that provide excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

Wonderfully, it features a 5-min auto shut-off to help you save the battery life.

Aside from the ease of mounting on a variety of rifles, this product is also suitable for most shotguns and pistols.


  • Very bright

  • Easy to mount and adjust

  • Works well on any firearm

  • Features 5-min auto shut-off to save the battery

  • Good for handling heavy recoil

  • Affordably priced


  • Only 3 years warranty yet free batteries for life

  • Not holding zero

Reasons to Use Green Laser Lights Instead of The Red Ones

When it comes to the laser light, you might have found some are green while others are red. Then you might have noticed their price difference. 

The green lasers are often more expensive than the red ones because they are easy to spot. Additionally, your eyes can easily discover the green color than the red one.

Plus, the green lasers are more powerful since they offer brighter light. Meanwhile, the red lasers give a weaker one.

Although both green and red laser sights are comparable in low light conditions, the green ones are still outstanding. They are noticeable over a longer distance, allowing you to shoot exactly further.

Critical Considerations for Selecting An AR Green Laser Sight

It can be said that these laser sights are an excellent addition to tell where the bullet will impact. Aside from using during the day, they are perfect in low light conditions and at night.

Finding the best model for your AR 15 is indeed not tough if you understand what to look for.

Now, we will explain how to decide which is the right product for your demands.


With a variety of choices available on the market, you need to know your preferences on what you need.

The laser lights can range in brightness from 6 to 600 lumens. So, a brighter one can support your visibility in particular conditions such as during the night and the day.

Indeed, you cannot see the laser over a considerable distance on sunny days. However, it’s helpful to make a short-range shot.


Perhaps you don’t think about sizing, but it’s vital for anyone who is using lasers.

Since the physical size of the laser sight can influence lots of things in the shooting process, it should be compact enough to fit entirely on your AR 15. Of course, it’s lightweight to avoid adding much weight.

Also, don’t select very large sights because they make it tougher to hold your aim.

The best thing is that the sight is big enough to withstand the rifle’s recoil yet small enough to leave the remaining spaces for other accessories. 

Battery life

The next important thing is the battery life of the laser sights.

Brighter lights often tend to provide a shorter battery life. Hence, you need to study what kind of batteries your laser uses and the expected usage time.

Normally, the battery life depends on the intensity of the laser you are using. That means the higher the intensity is, the faster it drains out the battery.

It’s best to expect the operation duration of the laser sight before buying one for the AR 15.

Appropriate accessories

Aside from using the laser, some shooters want to mount another tactical flashlight as well.

If you have the same idea, you should check out the brightness of the sight. It’s because the weak lasers won’t offer a dot bright enough to track the targets when using both at the same time.

In case you prefer using night vision goggles, the weak lasers will work well.


The last thing is to consider your budget.

There are many pricy and cheap models out there on the market. However, it doesn’t mean that highly priced sights will fulfill your demands.

If you need the best choice for the AR 15, you have to think about how you’re going to use it frequently. In case you want to shoot at the range, don’t invest more money since the cheap lasers can serve you for that purpose.

Other Great Options (Best ar-15 rifle laser sight)

If you need the best long range hunting light for a very effective and exciting night hunt, you can choose the Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hunting Light.

How is it good?

Orion H30 Predator can emit concentrated beam 273 for the best long-range hunting light effect.

It also has a long-lasting battery that includes standards such as 300 lm (4h), 190 lm (5h), 50lm (17h), 6 lm (120 hours).

You can use this product in a variety of conditions because it is water-proof and shock-resistant and has a 10-year warranty. So, it is used and evaluated by real hunters.

And the best part?

This product also includes the mounts of rail, scope, and barrel, remote pressure switch, rechargeable battery, and chargers.

Most importantly, the lights are manufactured to comply with military grade standards. The Cree LED XP-E2 emits 100% pure green or red light without being affected by the filtering process.

Don't hesitate to buy it and take it on your next hunting trip.


  • The product provides very bright light.

  • You can mount it easily with AR 15 and scope.

  • The laser size is not too large and has long battery life.

  • The product has four settings from dim to very bright.

  • It comes with lots of accessories to mount.


  • You have to buy both red and green laser to use.

It is the final product on our list. Please come to the 532nm 5nm laser that can help you see up to 1 mile at dusk and night and 100 extra for full sunlight.

It sounds fantastic, right?

Here it is: the Green Laser Sight System by Ozark Armament.

First, we have to admit that the product design is beautiful and unique compared to the same product on the market.

What’s more?

You have a laser rifle with a rail attachment to provide fast and effective visual targeting.

The product is quite useful when designed from aluminum to provide a rugged construction against less than 6 ounces.

We believe you will like this when the laser electronics is redesigned and reinforced exclusively to handle rifles with the strongest recoil.

This laser also includes gun rails and barrels to allow easy conversion of multiple weapons. You can choose between on/off switch or remote pressure piece to activate.

What about warranty?

You have one year warranty when purchasing products from authorized sellers and safe to use with the laser of Class 3R and output of <5mW.

And like other laser products, you can buy red type if you want.


  • This product turret is quick to adjust.

  • The laser is very bright.

  • The product price is a great value for your money.

  • It also has a top quality vision and components.

  • It has good options with hardware mounting.


  • When you rotate the dial, you can’t know how many clicks you turn.

Some Tips for Mounting The Laser Sight

Depending on your preference, you can choose any position to place the laser sight such as 3, 6, 9, 11 or 12 o’clock, especially with the support of adapters.

Each position has its own advantage and disadvantage.

For instance, mounting on the sides of the rail makes the AR 15 exceptionally right or left-handed. It’s best to mount the laser on the handguard base because you don’t need to move your hand too much to turn it on or off.

Placing the sight below the barrel is also a good idea. But make sure to attach the foregrip to it. Or you can mount it above the barrel since there is no obstruction to the light.

Finally, mounting the laser sight on the AR 15 is your decision. You can try various positions and then find what works for you.

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Now, It’s Time to Make Your Decision!

Among top 3 picks green laser sight above, we highly suggest the Streamlight 69265 TLR-2

Although it’s not the cheapest choice, this product nearly covers all your basic needs of the best green laser sight for AR 15. As a great combo of flashlight and green laser, it offers a powerful brightness during the day and night.

Also, it highlights impressive features that support you best while shooting.

If you agree with us, please ORDER NOW.

Or you can choose the one that is suitable for your own budget and demand.

About the 2nd product selection, we can tell you right away our choice is the Orion H30 Predator Red or Green Premium 273 yards Rechargeable Hunting Light

It is a long-term warranty, for efficient lighting, robust military design standards, long battery life and secure attachment to guns.

What laser will you choose for your AR 15 rifle?

We hope our article will give you a more accurate view of the use of lasers for your AR 15. You should reread the notes on things to keep in mind when using lasers for safety.

And don’t mind asking us anything in case you still wonder. We’re happy to help you.

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