Top 5 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings Reviews This Year

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You can find tactical shotgun across the United States, and all of them come along with a solid sling. The primary function of a sling is to keep your gun close to your body and reduce the risk of being taken by other people.

Therefore, having a great sling is as important as having your shotgun. Otherwise, it might even cause more danger to you and others.

Its significance is undeniable when you possess a shotgun, but how can you get the best tactical shotgun sling, especially when the market is full of options? Let’s get some ideas on the best tactical shotgun slings reviews with us today!

Quick Answer: Top 5 Best Tactical Shotgun Slings

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Types of Tactical Shotgun Slings

Before finding out what is the best tactical shotgun slings nowadays, let’s take a look at several basic concepts of this useful item. Do you know how many types of tactical shotgun slings there are?

Three! And each of them possesses different features.

Carry Strap Slings

Typically, you will find this type of sling very popular on the market as there are thousands of options for you. Also, the cost is very reasonable. It is made to help you carry your gun. 

Nevertheless, it is considered as an appropriate choice for rifle owners who do not carry the gun so often. The material of this sling is not so high quality while its stability is relative.

If you are interested in shooting aids, this might not be a perfect choice for you.

Shooting Slings

This type has all the functions you can find in carrying straps. However, it is innovated to help gun owner aim better. Two categories in this type need identifying: detached and integrated.

On the one hand, detached loop slings usually go with robust sling mounts, such as M16 assault guns. The stability of this loop is as good as a bipod if sling tension is enough and you position the rifle well.

On the other hand, integrated sliings support by creating a loop. However, you do not need to detach any sling ends from your gun. Its length is sufficient for this purpose.

The durability of shooting slings is usually excellent. High-quality leather is used to make these loops so that you can rely on its durability. The cost of this type might be higher than carrying straps, but thinking about its versatility and features, you will realize that it is worth it.

Patrol Slings

If you care so much about stability, then patrol slings may be the best tactical shotgun sling type. You can enjoy that even when you are shooting. Also, it enables you to raise your shotgun as quickly as you can to the position.

Patrol slings can be separated into three categories: single, two, and three-point.

The single one gives you a chance to swing your gun to any position. Nevertheless, they are not outstanding in terms of weapon retention.

The two-point slings are a little superior, compared to the single ones. It comes on the side, which permits you to swing effortlessly and quickly. You do not need to worry about the strain that you feel in the chest or back any longer. Besides, its mechanism helps you adjust the gun very quickly.

You may not see many people use a three-point sling which poses a lot of drawbacks. It is not a simple item for beginners. Its support is clumsy and leads to unwanted actions.

How to Choose The Best Tactical Shotgun Slings?

It may seem like a difficult job to find the best product out of so many options. Do not worry, as we are here to help you sort that out. We have found a few pointers that you can use to select your perfect shotgun sling.

Material – This has to be the first thing to look. Shotgun slings are made from leather and nylon. It is your choice that must be the final decider, as nylon is more flexible, whereas leather is quality.

Practical – You must ensure that the sling you choose must come with additional accessories. For example, it must have covers and clips to attach your gun and more accompaniments.

Adaptable – You may need to adjust your strap as per your mission. This is a must-have property of any sling.

Padding – You must be able to carry it on your shoulders without feeling the weight. You need to enjoy hunting or range shooting, whatever you are into without feeling the pain of carrying guns and accessories.

Usage – You may be using it for range shooing, patrolling, or hunting. However, you need to make sure that the sling helps you with these activities in a seamless manner. You need to choose according to your prerequisites. 

Transition System – Most shotgun slings have a locking mechanism that helps you shoot as you find a target. That means you need a quick transition of your firearm from mere slinging to an active firing one. 

Comfort – Padding, transitional element, material, and use, all must not be compromised at the cost of comfort. Comfort is the key component here, and you must not overlook that at any cost.

Remember a shotgun sling is a safety net while you are out in the field. It helps you maintain a necessary distance from a perpetrator. Most importantly, it keeps your weapon secured and ensures that it remains on you the whole time.

The 5 Best Tactical Shotgun Sling Reviews

After reading about three types of tactical shotgun slings, you may have a better understanding of what you need. We have done research and made a specific list of top 5 best tactical shotgun slings reviews for you.

You can save a lot of time wandering on the market by reading our reviews as below.

The first tactical shotgun sling we would like to introduce is the Blackhawk Black Shotgun Sling which comes with a very reasonable price. It is a perfect option for those with a quite limited budget but still provides fantastic features.

Versatile nylon webbing is the primary material for this sling, and you can use a plastic slide component to adjust it without any struggle. This material also allows you to stay away from pain since the weapon’s weight is equally distributed throughout your body.

The manufacturer uses a non-slipping surface to back its sling. Therefore, you can expect the sling to stay in its place for the whole day.

The Blackhawk follows a basic style, but it is still very convenient and makes a lot of users satisfied. Its essential feature is the fifteen elastic slots which can be used for additional ammo. Taking some extra rounds with you sounds quite advantageous, especially if you are a hunter.

Provided that your shotgun is equipped with standard sling swivels, no modification is necessary to help you install the equipment.

Some users, on the other hand, are not happy about steel clips which do not give enough security. Besides, you can only get the black color as there is no other option.


  • Reasonable price
  • Cause no pain for your body
  • Non-slipping
  • Additional ammo
  • Easy installation


  • Only black version available
  • Steel clips are not secure enough

If you are looking for something that can go with almost all weapon systems, then this one might be the best tactical shotgun sling for you. It can be adjusted and adapted to different types, including submachine guns, shotguns, or even carbines.

The traditional design is two-point, but Larry Vickers enhanced it with experience and knowledge.

The advantage of this product is its various color choices. Also, it is suitable for some hardware.

Thanks to its convenient design, you can adjust the sling quickly, gripping and ripping a pull tab you can find on the right. As a result, you can tighten or loosen the sling within a few seconds. This feature also improves the comfort and flexibility in shooting and fighting.

Another outstanding advantage of the Vickers Combat Application sling is its durability. It is a reliable option for some special force units, including the United States Marine Corps. You should bear in mind that a shotgun is not always lightweight. It is essential to have something tough and durable to carry your heavy gun easily during the whole time.


  • Adaptable to almost all guns
  • Various color options
  • Tighten or loosen easily
  • Durable


  • Higher price

The manufacturer has used a special material to make this tactical shotgun sling, known as 550 paracord. It is a nylon material which is similarly found in parachute cords. You can adjust it up to 44 inches with the help of a plastic sliding tool.

Thanks to this special webbing, the sling becomes elastic and very durable. The detachment becomes much easier because two points go with a very straightforward screw and lock mechanism.

You can get this sling in many different colors, such as blue, orange, tan camo, black, brown, pink, and so many others.

The durability of this product is high. You can use it for different purposes, not limited to carrying a shotgun. Many people make use of the sling as a tourniquet, fishing line, or rope. There are not many components on the sling, so you are free to take advantage of it.


  • Highly durable
  • Reasonable price
  • Versatible
  • Different color options


  • Some users reported that it did not fit their guns

Nylon is the single material used to make the Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling, which we consider as one of the best slings on the current market as well. Only the black version is available.

The adjustability of the sling is higher than some other products with its maximum length up to 56 inches. To get that length, you need a plastic slide which is also common in other products.

The HK style of its attachment hooks allows you to match it with rifles and shotguns. Besides, you also find two elastic clip covers which are very secure when you use the sling.

The shoulder pad is another fantastic characteristic of this sling. As it is very thick, it can help reduce strain. A particular gripping material prevents your sling from sliding during use.

To sum up, this one is the best shotgun sling, especially when you have to suffer from much strain on your shoulder. Its additional shoulder pad gives many users a chance to stay away from pain.


  • High adjustability
  • Have shoulder pad to reduce strain
  • Non-sliding
  • Secure clip covers


  • Other colors are not available

This is the best combat sling that you may ever come across. Speaking tactically, this aids in stealth movements.

It is made from nylon, and that assists you to fire quickly when there is a need. The quality of this material renders it as the Best Tactical Shotgun Slings. 

Your gun will quite snuggly sit into the sling. Some gun owners even want their firearms to fit tightly, and the Condor Speedy can cater to all that.

There is no need to explain that its Transition-loc can do all that for you. Above all, the owner can carry it quite comfortably.

Performance-wise, you can count on this tactical sling as well. It lends you speed when you need it, and with adjustable length, you can always decide how long you want it to hang. This is an affordable shotgun sling that makes it so popular among gin enthusiasts.

Plus, this is made in the USA, which is an added advantage.


  • It is a sturdy shotgun sling
  • This sling uses nylon webbing that is tougher and effective
  • The buckles are made from Duraflex that is pretty strong to hold on to your gun and its accessories
  • The sling is highly modifiable that helps you control the length, especially if you have winter wear on
  • It is a light in weight sling that allows you with more flexibility
  • It is quite a versatile sling that can fit into different rifles


  • The sliders are a bit slippery
  • May not be recommended for more massive use, like military prolonged activities

The Bottom Line

In general, a shotgun sling not only helps to keep your weapon safe and in place but also protects you from strain and pain. If you make the right decision, it will be an absolute bargain.

We hope that our reviews of the best tactical shotgun slings help you have a clear idea of current products.

With so many wonderful features, the Tactical Hero 2 Point Rifle Sling is our best choice which is safe for your health. We strongly believe that it will be a wise investment as it can do so much more than just a sling.

Don’t forget to research before you make the final decision and share your experience of the best tactical shotgun sling with us in the comment below!

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