What is Best Scope for .50 BMG 2020? – Reviews of Top 3 & Buying Guide

When it comes to .50 BMG (.50 Browning Machine Gun) has so many things to offer. We are talking about a huge, and bulky firearm. However, you cannot make use of its strength and power until you find the right scope.

I know you will get a real headache because of being bombarded with pieces of information and available options on the market just to answer one question: So which scope has what it takes to be your best one?

Let’s get down to the business!

How to Choose Your Best Scope for .50 BMG?

I know this field is quite complicated, but I will show you decisive factors contributing to the best scope for .50 BMG.

Hope that this can help you simplify the information as well as visualize your favorite one by answering these following questions:

How Durable Is It?

The scope that is worth your investment should be made from high-quality materials. Why? Well, the manufacturers have tested them to make sure they are resistant to shock or water.

Also, be aware that sometimes your scope has to handle the recoil brunt, and might be hit by the bad torque. So imagine how can you deliver a top-notch performance if your scope gets badly damaged easily.

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What About The Complexity of That Scope?

Speaking of the best scope for .50 BMG, I think nothing could be more important to gun shooters than its eyepiece. Let’s see what you had a better look for!

In general, the combination of a one-piece tube and an eyepiece comes highly recommended. The truth is that they are wonderfully comfortable with your eye positions, considerably lighter and shorter compared to others.

In case you are a tactical operator, target shooter, or a long-range hunter, why don’t you try something bigger? For example, 56mm objective and a single 35mm tube for great brightness with total accuracy.

How High Its Precision Is?

Trust me! No one would like to miss with their shot. Apart from your shooting skills, your bulky friend does need pairing off with great scope to ensure the accuracy.

Honestly, your scope must provide you with a bright view and a clear image. Likewise, make sure that the adjustment system for elevation and windage is perfect for aiming at the target without any difficulties.

How Much Does It Cost?

Every time you decide to buy something, you take the price into consideration, right? And here is the point: your best scope for .50 BMG does not need to be the most expensive one.

Keep in mind that your best scope should be the one to meet your requirements, and the one to make you feel that it is worth every penny you spent.

So what you should do right now is to draw up its fixed budget and make sure you are not going over budget. Also, it is easier for you to narrow down your choices with a specific price range.

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Does It Come With A Warranty?

To be honest, I hardly spend a certain amount of money on a product without a guarantee. It is so annoyed to pay an extra charge to deal with a technical problem from the company.

In this situation, ensure that you understand the warranty policy clearly. A small tip here is to head to well-known brands first!

Okay. Those are the major contributors to a great scope for your big boy .50 BMG. Some of you might have additional factors to make it suit your needs.

So the question is: Which will be your best scope for .50 BMG? Here is the best part
By the way, the best scope for Ar15 is the good one you should had if you are using Ar rifle.

Top 3 Best Scopes For .50 BMG 2019 in The Market

From my experience, 3 scopes have been chosen to make it easier for you.

First and foremost, there is a scope from Primary Arms called Primary Arms 1x6X24mm SFP Riflescope with Patented ACSS 5.56/5.45/ 308 Reticle Gen III – PA1 – 6X24SFP-ACSS-5.56.

Remember that power is nothing without accuracy, so its instinctive and user-friendly Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS) reticle is a plus point. From 0 to 300 yards, it is very fast, but between 300 and 800 yards, it is highly accurate.

Likewise, the 2nd focal plane takes charge of remaining your reticle size no matter how you change the magnifications at 6 times maximum power. Instead of a dot, the manufacturer has improved its ACSS reticle to aim at point by featuring a chevron center.

The single CR2032 battery provides shooters with 11 settings of brightness taking your reticle to the daylight. My favorite feature is the lenses get multicoated to maximize the light transmission.

Thanks to the 6063-aluminum, the body is resistant to fog and comes with an IP67 rating. Interestingly, this Primary Arms scope is under a lifetime warranty – it will get replaced or repaired if there is a defect.

However, the turrets should not be covered for quicker adjustments.


  • Lightweight

  • ACSS reticle for greater precision

  • 11 settings of brightness

  • Multicoated lenses for the maximization of light transmission

  • Durable

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Covered turrets

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The next one comes from a popular brand - Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, 30mm Tube, Second Focal Plane Rifle Scopes. In my point of view, this scope is specially designed for pro shooters and hunters in the low light.

Thanks to the optics with anti-reflective coatings, a single 30mm tube as well as 56mm objective, you can deliver optimal performance from the early morning till the daybreak.

Additionally, its hard anodized aluminum tube gets nitrogen purged while the O-ring is sealed for fog proof and waterproof shots. Apart from that, this feature increases the level of the product’s durability.

The combination of ultra-forgiving eye box and long eye relief allows you to aim at a target as quickly as possible. The finger adjustable turrets with its MOA clicks could be reset to 0 after you sight in.

The VIP warranty offers you an unlimited lifetime guarantee without fee charge. On the minus side, the scope seems to lack its clarity from 10 power and up.


  • Anti-reflective coated lenses, a single one-piece tube with an oversized objective

  • Suitable for the tough light situations

  • Highly durable

  • Aim at target quickly

  • VIP guarantee without fee charge


  • Lack of clarity with high power

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Last but not least, the product from a very famous brand - Nikon Black X1000 4-16x50SF Matte IL X-MOA. The specialized adjustment system and reticles are glass etched with MOA click provide serious shooters with precision.

Also, with the arsenic-free glass, 4X zoom optical system, anti-reflective multi-coatings, the BLACKx1000 lenses bring you the consistently high contrasting, sharp and bright sighting at magnifications.

There is no need to change your position to enable the fine-tuning of the image due to something called turret-mounted side focus parallax adjustment.

Furthermore, the consistent and generous eye relief is responsible for protecting your brow during the great recoil. Nikon made use of the aircraft-grade aluminum to build the 30mm body tube.

Apart from that, the sealed O-ring and the nitrogen purging help you get rid of moisture as well as thermal shock. Nevertheless, the turrets might not be aligned with the marks on the body.


  • Glass-etched reticles with MOA clicks for high precision

  • Specialized lenses for consistently high contrast, sharp and bright sighting

  • Consistent and generous eye relief

  • Durable thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum

  • Nitrogen purging and sealed O-ring for protection


  • Turrets might not be aligned

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Final Verdict  

To summarize, you need to remember 5 key contributors to your best scope for .50 BMG – durability, complexity, precision, budget, and guarantee policy. Take them seriously to see whether it meets your personal preferences.

Among Primary Arms, Vortex and Nikon scopes, in my point of view, the winner would be Vortex Optics Crossfire II Adjustable Objective, 30mm Tube, Second Focal Plane Rifle Scopes.

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