Top 9 Best DMR Scope on The Market, Let’s Choose One for Your Gun

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Designated Marksman Rifles (or DMR) is a unique kind of gun, and it is a combination of a rifle and a sniper. Therefore, a DMR scope also needs to meet the requirements for supporting it.

This type of gun can fire both at a distance and in close combat. Therefore, use with a DMR scope specifically designed for this purpose is a must.

In addition, because many battles occur in harsh environments, a DMR scope should be made of durable materials. The main feature of scope is for vision support, so a DMR scope necessarily provides clear, high-contrast optics for proper use of all day and night.

With so many unique features, choosing the best DMR scope on the market will be your big challenge.

Don't worry, keep reading and you’ll discover more selection criteria and the best list of products recommended by us.

Firstly, Let’s Get Started With The Definition of DMR

DMR (designated Markman rifle) is a type of rifle or a typical combat rifle that has a scope on it, can be equipped with longer bore, bipod, device to protect free float or special ammunition.

It is a ground weapon between an assault rifle and sniper. Anyone who acquires DMR will become a DM to replenish attack power for a military formation to fill the role between ordinary infantry and long-range sniper soldiers.

The most significant difference between the DMR and the dedicated sniper rifle is that the DMR will always be semi-automatic while the sniper rifle can be semi-automatic or sniper.

Why Do You Have To Use a Scope For Your DMR?


Photo by Program Executive Office Soldier / CC BY

Today, most hunting enthusiasts want to use some kind of optical sight on their guns. Not only are specialized hunting guns, DMR but also air guns are very useful when equipped with this viewfinder device.

There is an excellent reason for investing in a gun-mounted scope. It gives you the ability to watch simpler and easier. If you have a target within a certain range, you can eliminate the difficulty and complexity of using a traditional aim.

Now you just need to look through the scope with a red dot or the centerline in the viewfinder easily. When looking through the scope, you can easily see the more extensive space, and the goal becomes larger. Within a specific range, you only need to identify through the crossings to aim at your target.

It sounds fantastic, right?

So do not hesitate to own a DMR scope right now.

Next, We Bring You Things to Consider When Buying a DMR Scope & Optic

You can remember four things to get the best DMR scope for you, check them out:

Durable for Long-term Use

A DMR can be used anywhere and is often in a wild, harsh environment, so the first feature of a DMR scope is to be durable, shockproof and water resistant. The scope should be designed to handle all the harshness from weather, environment, and long time of use to ensure proper performance in all situations.

Weight Must be Light

Because of the mobility of a DMR from close to far, you never know when you can use a bipod to assist in the task. Therefore, you need to choose to buy a DMR scope with as less weight as possible. As such, you can hold your rifle firmly in your hand to see the shot accurately without the help of other devices.

Support For the Mid-long Shooting Range

It is an essential feature for a scope product used with a DMR. As we mentioned above, a DMR is used for sniper and close combat, so it needs good magnification and provides near and far range accuracy. When selecting a DMR scope, you need to pay much attention to this main feature.

Function For Close Range

Battles are often out of control, and a shooter needs a DMR scope with excellent near range support. For example, it can bring you the low magnification of the above 1-4x range with a reticle of illumination.

So, you already have information about some of the main features of a DMR scope, and we will introduce you to the list of best scope for DMR rifle.

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Top 9 Best DMR Scope Reviews

If you are looking for a DMR scope for magnification of 4x to 14x range, let’s choose to buy the Primary Arms Orion ACSS Reticle 4.

What special features do you have to pay for?

The product is made of aluminum, so it is shockproof, waterproof and anti-fog. It is also quite light, only 25.2 ounces, to not add weight to the gun.

Moreover, the ACSS Orion reticle stays the same over the entire zoom range from 4x to 14x. You can use this user-friendly reticle conveniently because it helps you estimate the range easily for wolf and deer sized targets without any calculations.

The manufacturer also designs the adjustment knob of a side-mounted parallax that keeps your vision from being obscured and sharp target images at extended range. You can use this scope with chambered rifles of .308, .223, and .30-06.

What’s more?

The Primary Arms manufacturer provides you with a 3-year warranty. Errors in materials, craft or normal wear make your product having problems that will be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.


  • The scope is easy to mount and sight in.
  • It is beautifully designed with very clear optics.
  • The product supports well for calculating shooting distance.
  • You will not feel heavy when using the product.
  • You can be satisfied using the product thanks to a long time warranty.


  • This scope reticle is not illuminated. You also have to buy your sunshade.

It is a product from the Leupold brand, specializing in the innovative optical devices for hunters and shooters. We recommend you the Leupold VX-1.

What outstanding features does this product have for you?

This scope is manufactured with durable and lightweight materials, aircraft grade aluminum alloy. It is water and fog resistant, and Leupold's proprietary nitrogen sealing process also helps to counteract the effects of thermal shock.

A characteristic feature of the Leupold brand product line is the flexible 3: 1 zoom ratio that allows you to adapt to different distances.

This product can support your DMR with a Multicoat 4 lens system with high clarity, best contrast, and bright images even in very low light conditions.

Want to know the best part?

When you use this scope, you'll love the accurate 1/4 MOA finger adjustment for windage and elevation with absolute repeatability and dependability of all times.


  • This scope has a lightweight design, affordable price, and high accuracy.
  • You can adjust with multiple points of view for further range and different wind speeds.
  • It provides excellent clear vision in the dark.
  • Leupold's advanced proprietary technology provides a rugged, beautiful and versatile product.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.


  • The scope knots may not stop correctly between clicks.

Our proposed product list continues with the Burris brand's scope, giving you excellent quality and perfect visibility. It is the Burris 200261 Ballistic Plex 2.

What can you expect from this product?

This product has multi-coated lenses and resistant to glare for different levels of brightness.

Experts at Burris built posi locking systems with retractable steel cylinders by coil springs, to hold firmly and securely lock in place.

This product is extremely light with a weight of only 13 ounces.

You can use this scope in all circumstances because it helps to protect against fog, water, and shock.

You can aim and shoot speedy targets with both eyes open. It also uses lenses larger in diameter than rivals, to give you extremely clear images.

And do not forget you have a forever warranty from the Burris for this DMR scope.


  • The scope optical system is bright and crispy.
  • It also has the thin and sharp reticle to support the precise aiming.
  • The changeable magnification knob is hard enough to prevent it from moving.
  • The product is compact, handy, and easy to adjust.
  • You can quickly mount it on your DMR.


  • You may not use this scope to see clearly when the environment is in low light.

If you are keen to buy the Best DMR Scopes then do consider buying this one. This is built as the military standards so there is no doubt that you can get the best out of it. In terms of quality and performance, it is worth spending your money on.

This is perfect for people who indulge in hunting and casual shooting. The scope facilitates long and mid-range shooting. This is quite a versatile scope as users can make suitable adjustments to the levels of magnification. This features an effective eyepiece that lets you utilize the reticle to the fullest.

The lenses have a special coating on them that produces crystal clear images. Now that you are well acquainted with all the features of this scope, it is time you add this to your shopping list and look forward to buying it.


  • This features capped turrets that can be adjusted by using your fingers
  • This has an aluminum tube
  • The lenses are multicoated
  • Effective eye box and reliable eye relief
  • Very versatile scope
  • The overall quality of the cope is very good and it will last for a long time


  • It takes a bit of time to get used to this scope

This cope comes with RGB dot reticle along with illumination. These features are extremely valuable for any shooting enthusiast. If you are searching for an easy operation scope of good quality, this will certainly not disappoint you in any way.

The scope has a tube which measures one inch this particular feature makes the scope perfect for being used for a long time. This is built to withstand heavy and rough usage during shooting or hunting activities.

The construction is very solid and the scope has no loose parts to it. This includes QD rings which are great as you do not have to buy separate rings for the mounting. The lenses have a special emerald coating which allows maximum transmission of light.

Well, as you can see things do not get any better than this. So, right ahead and make this a part of your shooting expedition and you will not have to look back.


  • The scope is shockproof and rainproof
  • The eye relief is very consistent
  • The objective can be adjusted
  • This helps to improve aiming and shooting performance
  • The scope has a solid tube that measures an inch
  • Very solid construction


  • The first installation can be tricky but it is not a major flaw

Looking for a scope that will last? Try the Viper PST this is constructed from very durable and high-grade materials. This means you do not have to shoulder the responsibility of going out and seeking a replacement.

Users can always depend on this to heighten the experience of hunting. This is specifically created for tactical activities and can hold up well for various climatic conditions. Worries about the quality? Don’t be, these are built to handle rough usage and they will certainly not fall apart.

Another fact worth mentioning is that users can rely on this for long and close-range shooting. The scope has an Armotek coating which adds protection to lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.

The O-rings are properly sealed making the scope waterproof and fog proof. Treat this as a one-time investment and buy this scope. This will make a great addition to your rifle.


  • Some points hold the reticle very well
  • It has sealed O-rings
  • The glass has low dispersion
  • The parallax can be fully adjusted
  • Features a single piece tube
  • The construction is really firm and sturdy
  • Very versatile scope
  • Can be used for both long and close-range shooting


  • The users may need some time to figure out the adjustments

Nikon is known to manufacture some of the best riflescopes in the industry and the Buckmaster II is no exception. This is often used by shooters and veteran hunters. The lenses are of very high-quality and they produce images in high-resolution, this is one feature every user would want.  

If you do end up buying it you no longer have  to worry about dealing with blurred images.

The scope has lenses with multiple coatings, this will sure that there is sufficient transmission of natural light. The overall construction of the scope is very impressive and there is no doubt that it will last for a long time to come.

So if you are on the lookout for a reliable scope to go out hunting deer then this it. Use this once and you certainly not face any disappointments. Do not forget to add this marvelous scope to your shopping list.


  • The magnification is very impressive
  • Offers a great degree of light transmission at all times
  • The images are very clear
  • Sleek and elegant appearance
  • The overall quality and performance is very impressive
  • Perfect for deer hunting


  • The mounting may take a while but it should not discourage you from buying it

As a shooting enthusiast, if you are interested in buying a reliable DMR scope then do settle for this one without any hesitation. The scope has all the features that make it very user-friendly such as quick adjustments and illuminated reticle.

This particular model comes with Motion Sensors which are very helpful in making sure that the battery does not die out prematurely. This technology turns off the illumination if the scope has been inactive for more than five minutes.

The scope can be used in situations where the light is a bit low. The lenses have a special coating on them which allows proper light transmission.

When it comes to durability nothing beats this scope as it is constructed from aluminum used in aircraft. This product has cleared several quality checks before being sold in the market. Other features include quick adjustments and illuminated reticle. This is a must buy.


  • The dot reticle has eight different settings
  • Features Twilight  Light Management Technology
  • The main tube is quite strong and measures 30mm
  • The reticle is illuminated
  • The finishing of the product is top-notch


  • The battery needs to be replaced very often but this is no big deal

This scope is highly recommended by experts as its optics are of very high-quality. The lenses are multicoated and facilitate the proper transmission of light whether it is dawn or dusk.

You should also know that that scope is shockproof, which means that it is also durable and will last for years to come. This also has a good eye relief that adds to the safety. This has high tolerance to any impact and can be used on various terrains. So any user can enjoy its benefits for a long time.

If you aim to procure a lightweight and compact scope then this is your new best friend. This can be used for different hunting situations. This is a very versatile and functional scope. The construction of the scope is very sturdy as it is manufactured using highly durable products.

This is very compatible with rifles that produce heavy recoil. So, do not miss out on this fabulous scope.


  • Quite Lightweight
  • The lenses are multicoated
  • This can be used even when it is foggy outdoors
  • Completely shockproof and waterproof
  • Very strong construction
  • The eye relief is very effective
  • Durable product


  • This scope does not have any variable magnification

Finally, It’s Your Turn to Choose Your Best DMR Rifle Scope

The list of best DMR scope on the market we have sent to you with the optimal selection criteria, now you can make a purchase decision.

To help you remember how to buy, we have a “D-L-S-F formula” that includes durable, lightweight, supportive and functional features. You can reread our article to find out the precise details of them.

With the experience of using DMR, we will immediately choose this product, the Leupold VX-1. We like the usability in almost dark conditions of this scope.

In addition, the durability of the material, lightweight, good magnification are also suitable criteria for our DMR. With admiration for brand prestige, advanced manufacturing technology, and a lifetime guarantee, there's no doubt that this is the product we want.

What product will you choose on our list? Quickly find the nearest local store or go to online shopping sites to buy your best DMR scope right away.

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