What Exactly is AccuTrigger – Is It Safe For Using?

If you are a fan of precise shots and curious about the shooting system, you probably heard about AccuTrigger. However, it is also an unfamiliar term for beginners who have not heard of it yet. 

No matter who you are, follow the end of our article to explore What exactly is AccuTrigger and some advantages of this device before deciding to use them. Let’s jump into it right now!

What Exactly is AccuTrigger?


Before going to the answer for what exactly AccuTrigger is, it is essential to understand what a trigger is first. 

In general, a trigger is a mechanism of a firearm that activates the firing progression and makes the weapon fire. Single-stage and double-stage (also known as a two-stage trigger) are two common trigger stages you could see in each rifle’s handgun or firearm. 

Saying another way, if you hear about the AccuTrigger, it refers to Savage Arm’s two-stage adjustable trigger. 

Most hunters are more familiar with single-stage than double because of its simple motion. More specifically, it requires only one internal action to pull the trigger and create fire for the weapon

How about the AccuTrigger or two-stage trigger operational process? AccuTrigger allows you to use more than one action for making the fire on a weapon, unlike single-stage triggers. 

In the first stage, there is a slack pulled out if you take the first press to the trigger, but no fire occurs at this time. Once the slack is built up, the second stage of the process takes place where the trigger touches the break area, then the gun will fire. 

Aside from the two-stage principle, one of the highlighted features of the AccuTrigger firearm is the user adjustment. AccuTrigger technology lets shooters adjust the trigger weight pull from six pounds to 1.8 pounds without any assistance from a gunsmith.

What Are The Benefits of An AccuTrigger?

As mentioned earlier in the definition, AccuTrigger is a two-stage adjustable trigger, so you will find it as a precise target shooting gun. The shot is more accurate than single-stage because you know exactly when the weapon is firing. Accutrigger gives users a little time to make adjustments before making a shot. Therefore, it will eliminate the flinch feeling and enable an accurate shoot.  

For example, it is not necessary to pull back the trigger suddenly when you are not ready if you are hunting an animal. Instead, you just slowly add pressure to the trigger while holding crosshairs on the target animal. As a result, it is used frequently in competitive shooting where the precision shooting point is required. 

Safety is one of the other valuable advantages that Savage Arms Accutrigger offered. It is not easy to fall out and jar off even though you throw it down from a 20-foot container to a hard floor, thanks to adjustable weight pull features. 

Should I Use an AccuTrigger?

After knowing what AccuTrigger is, you may be wondering if it is a piece of better equipment for use. From our perspective, it depends on what your purpose is. 

Accutrigger is ideal equipment for people who are looking for accurate shooting purposes because of its functionality (two-stage trigger). On the other hand, if you are a hunter, the single-stage trigger is the preferable option for you.


After reading our post, you now know clearly about what exactly is AccuTrigger, right? Indeed, AccuTrigger is a piece of ideal equipment to use and works best for different purposes. If you are looking for a precise shooting gun, the AccuTrigger should be worth having.

Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next article!

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