The Best Illuminated Reticle Scopes In 2020 (Must Read Before Buying A Scope)

An illuminated reticle scope not only can help you to get a better eyesight while hunting but also allows you to use your weapon at night or in low-light areas.

However, it’s quite hard for you to find a suitable scope among a bunch of scope brands on the market.

That’s why today I will give you a brief guide on how to choose the best illuminated reticle scope for your rifle.

Best illuminated Reticle Scopes Reviews

Now, I will tell you my top 3 illuminated reticle scopes. Those are the models that I have experienced and felt quite satisfied recently.

This illuminated reticle scope is made of high-quality aluminum and coated a matte black surface. The manufacturer tells us that the model can resist well to fog and water thanks to the nitrogen technology employed.

The scope is equipped with a seal to protect it from getting wet. The objective lens has some special coatings that can resist to reflective light but doesn’t prevent light from going through.

The reticle is visible even at night and in the low-light areas. Also, the scope can be magnified up to 9x.

The tube of the scope is 1-inch in diameter so it can be installed easily to nearly all the scope rings you use.

The simple appearance is not a problem for me because I concentrate more on the performance of the product.

The manual indicates that we can have a far eye relief if we wish to.

However, from my own experiences, the maximum distance of the model is not very impressive. You can find the similarity in many illuminated reticle scopes on the market.

The product offers the customers a lifetime warranty,  a worth-considering point for you.

Here are some pros and cons of this model:


  • Great performance in low light
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Not impressive eye relief

The model coming from TacFire is another illuminated reticle scope that I would like to suggest today. It is made from high-quality aluminum which helps it to endure the severe weather conditions.

Its objective lens which is multi-coated, coupled with the 4x magnification, can give you a quite clear eye-sight as well as the good field of view. The scope also has a great capability to transmit light.

The model has an O-ring seal with tri-illumination technology. This offers you the appropriate brightness even in low-light conditions.

Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Provide great accuracy regardless of the distance
  • High-quality material
  • Can resist to water


  • A little hard to adjust the knob
  • Not very good eye relief

This illuminated reticle scope has the magnification which can be up to 8x. This is quite a wide range because you can get great clarity thanks to it.

The illumination technology used for this model is great. It offers users with various brightness options to adjust. Thus, you can maximize your performance in any light condition.

The maximum distance in which you can get the accurate shots is no more than 800 yards. But, it is suggested that you should use the model over the distance of 300 yards to get the best performance.

Also, this model comes with the BDC reticle which is suitable for nearly all the hunting games. It is quite easy to use so even the beginners can get used to it easily.

This model can be considered the right choice for those looking for good eye relief and various setting options for brightness and turret systems. However, it doesn’t offer you a wide field of view.

Here are some of its pros and cons:


  • Various brightness options to adjust
  • Good eye relief
  • Great constructions
  • Impressive magnification


  • Not good field of view
  • Turret system is sometimes not tight.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Illuminated Reticle Scope

Your financial capability

This is the first thing you should take into consideration before looking for an illuminated reticle scope.

How much you can spend determines other factors in the scope such as the features and the construction.

In other words, the budget limit will tell you the price range that you can afford. This helps you to save time by avoiding the options that are too expensive.

Crosshair types

There are several reticle styles such as BDC and Mil-Dot so you need to decide which one is suitable for you. Again, it will help you to save time from going in the wrong direction.

If you are more likely to take shots over the long distances, a ballistic one is right for your need. Meanwhile, if you are a player of varmint hunting, you may need a BDC reticle to maximize the accuracy of your shots.

In case you are not sure about which suits your need best, the safe choice may be the duplex reticle because it can meet the demand of a typical hunter. But, remember that sometimes it might be a little expensive.


You can find two types of magnification on the market, namely fixed magnification and variable magnification.

Each type suits a particular need and preference. But, remember that you may have to spend some extra money if you go for the variable scope.

Furthermore, magnification affects the way you use the scope.

For example, which magnification style you go for can determine what kind of targets you can use the product for.

That’s why I suggest that you should think about the magnification that can completely meet your own preferences before purchasing an illuminated reticle scope.

Parallax adjustment

This is the feature which can help you to eliminate the difference between the image you see through the scope and the one you see without the scope.

Although this is quite a helpful feature, it may increase the amount of money you need to spend on the illuminated reticle scope.

Thus, consider your need and your budget carefully before deciding whether or not you need this.

Objective Lens

In order to save money, you should be aware of the real capability of the objective lens sizes. It can enhance your eyesight but it cannot help you if your skills are not enough.

Also, before making use of the objective lens, you need to learn about many factors influencing the way it works such as the glass thickness and the magnification.

One more thing, it is not all about the size when you consider the objective lens. A larger lens doesn’t necessarily mean better performance if you fail to use it properly.

The harmony of the scope and the gun

The type and specification of the gun you are using play a vital role in what scope you will go for. This is what we call the harmony of the scope and the gun.

Taking this into consideration can help you not only to purchase more wisely but also to avoid unnecessary risks of improper equipment.

Among a lot of scope models and brands on the market, you should be careful when choosing a suitable product for yourself.


Some of you might be not familiar with this part of the gun scope so I will introduce it briefly first.

If you use a firearm, you will probably know that sometimes the recoil causes some small trouble when you target the object.

The turret system is a function of the scope that allows you to have a great sight in no time regardless of the recoil part. Thus, a high-quality turret system can be considered the third eye that you have on the field.

This is the aspect all gun users should be aware of if they want to perform the best while going hunting or doing whatever you use the gun for.

In fact, the ballistic turret system is considered a high-quality function that can help you to enhance accuracy and speed while you go hunting. However, it often comes with a quite high price.

Final Thoughts

From my own experiences, if you ask me which one among those three products is the best illuminated reticle scope, I am going for the Primary Arms 1-8x24 SFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated.

It can meet nearly all the needs of a shooter. Especially, the impressive magnification which can be up to 8x comes in handy when I want to target the objects over the long distance.

Also, it comes at an affordable price.

What about you? Let me know your own choice on the comment!

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