A Guide To Choosing The Best Rifle Scope Under 300 Dollars

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Having issues in shooting your gun with your present metal gun sights or scope? It’s not true that the excellent rifle scopes are expensive always, as they can be found at reasonable prices as well. The best rifle scope under 300 dollars helps a gunner improve his rate of target acquisition and his accuracy of shots dramatically.

We have reviewed 3 favorite products and also have given a complete guide so you can get an affordable product at right price.

(Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under $300, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.)

How To Choose The Best Rifle Scope Under 300 Dollars

When you have already decided the budget of 300 dollars for buying a rifle scope, it means you want a combo of affordability and quality. These days, you won’t get issues in the gun scope marketplace if you look for the right scope at your budget.

Here we have listed the basic features you ought to look at in your scope so you can make the right purchase and get the scope that meets all the optic needs of your firearm:

Elevation & Windage Dials

You can easily reach these dials on the scope to make adjustments quickly to your target. Generally, at a time they can be moved 1mm in distance and you can call this movement a ‘click’. At the distance after 1 or 2 shots you must be capable of making adjustments and finally you next shots must be more precise.

Basically, you don’t want to purchase the site which doesn’t have these 2 built-in dials.


No matter really how better a rifle you are having if you are unable to hit the wide side of a barn with your firearm. For this reason, having sight which is adjustable is really essential. If you can make finer tune adjustments with the new gun sight, you can sight better in its accuracy also. There are 2 basic traits of a rifle scope which enable you for adjusting the sights in and adjusting the image clarity you see quickly in your rifle scope.


Inside of a scope, many times this marketing is considered as a crosshair. This is because it was a plus sign pattern originally; however, at present, it can be an extensive variety of several shapes or in fact a lighted dot. The most significant factors to ponder with the reticle are its appearance and size.

Some gunners prefer a big reticle whereas some like it as small as possible. Select the shape of the reticle you feel comfortable in using for sighting in your gun and it will be even greater if the rifle sight comes with different options of reticles.

Fast Focus Ring

Generally, this dial is built into a big scope tube which helps fine tune the clarity of what a gunner is looking at through his rifle scope. It is important that if he finds a promising aim, then he can quickly focus to recognize positively that aim and take a shot accordingly.

Search for a rifle scope which has a fast adjustment ring which is placed in the most convenient part of your scope and focuses the images speedily.

Zoom Capacity

One of the prime reasons why gunners like scopes more than the fixed gun sights are that it makes really simpler to gain and precisely shoot the aims at a certain distance. The zoom capacity is important for allowing you to do it.

Search for the rifle scope which features a strong zooming capability but doesn’t distort the picture disproportionately you’re looking at while utilizing this characteristic. You must like to buy the rifle scope which at least has 1 to 4x zoom capacity.

Benefits Of Using A Rifle Scope

There are still some old school gunners who might say that rifle scopes are not yet important for hunting. After all, the main purpose of the gunner is to hit the prey so he can catch it easily. Nevertheless, for the beginners and serious gunners, using a rifle scope comes with a lot of benefits:

  • The scope enhances the accuracy and helps spare the bullets.
  • It helps the vision of the gunner.
  • It increases the confidence of the gunner.
  • It maximizes the range of the firearm.
  • The scope helps the gunner avoid risky situations.
  • It helps a gunner hit the moving or running targets.
  • It doesn’t pressurize the neck, shoulder, and back of the shooter.
  • It doesn’t strain the eyes of the gunner.

Top 3 Best Rifle Scope Under 300 Dollars Reviews

If you are looking for an ideal rifle scope under 300 bucks to meet your gun’s optic needs, you can easily opt for Nikon ProStuff 4-12x 40 Black Matte Rifle Scope. In this price range, it offers many features.

  • This rifle scope comes with 4-12x magnification and it is equipped with a 40mm objective lens.
  • Thanks to the Spring-loaded instant zero reset turrets, adjustments are made highly easy with this rifle scope.
  • Nikon brand is considered as one of the best rifle brands in the market.
  • It boosts the confidence level of a shooter.
  • With the patented BDC reticle of Nikon, this scope is able to make every rifle superior at high range gunning.
  • Utilizing this scope on the rifle makes bringing the reticle totally into focus easy and fast with its quick-focus eye piece which measures 14.1 inches.
  • This scope provides 3.7 inches of eye relief.
  • This completely multicoated optical system transmits almost 98% of available light.
  • It carries a lifetime warranty.
  • Gives support for all types of climatic conditions.
  • Features the O-ring seal that is fog proof and waterproof.

This is a premium quality rifle scope at a reasonable price range. It offers a standard magnification that is expected at 300 dollars. In an affordable way, you will get low 3x magnification for closer range shots. You can triple the range to 9X for accuracy shots at mid-range as well.

It offers easy-to-operate turrets that enable accuracy adjustment. This scope comes with multicoated lenses which are totally waterproof and fog proof.

  • This rifle scope is coated with a gorgeous black matte finish that attracts many shooters.
  • The black matte makes it not just beautiful but also protective against the harshest environment and weather conditions.
  • The scope comes lightweight and reliable too.
  • This scope’s optical system is really great and functions with extreme perfection in the darkest or brightest of lighting conditions.
  • It offers the multicoated lenses which are waterproof and fog proof.
  • Even after heavy recoil, the lockable eye piece holds the shooter’s selected focus.
  • Reasonably you can get low 3x magnification for closer range gunning.
  • The turrets are easy to operate and enable accuracy adjustment.

There are numerous rifle scopes which can compete as the best rifle scopes under $300. Nevertheless, a few deserve to get this title. The Bushnell Trophy Xtreme X30 6-24x50 Scope with DOA LR800 Reticle definitely ranks as one of them. It comes as an affordable product and gives clear image clarity at long range shooting.

Additionally, this scope provides with the rain guard HD fully multicoated lens which can make the image clarity clearer. You can use it in every weather conditions.

  • This well-constructed rifle scope comes with shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof protection.
  • Its stronger 4x magnification ratio offers highly clear image clarity.
  • Its rain guard HD completely multicoated lens is useful in keeping your view clear and transparent when the weather condition is foggy.
  • If you want a fast-focus eye piece, you must opt for this rifle scope.
  • This scope is equipped with a 6-24x50mm object lens that performs extremely well at the long ranges.
  • Its larger objective and 30mm tube provide the ultimate brightness.
  • It also offers a side parallax focus.
  • It features ¼ MOA windage and elevation adjustments.


Is there any final winner? Well, actually not. The above-mentioned scopes are great for various usages. The Nikon ProStuff is a great one for high range shooting also the Bushnell Trophy is amazing to shoot from a long range distance. With all other scopes, you basically cannot choose wrong if you are searching for a perfect mid-range scope at a good price.

You need to adjust the magnification capacities of your scope relying on whether you tend more to the medium distances or shoot shorter ranges. Any of above-mentioned scopes are the worthy products to invest in. These all are dependable, rugged, and precise and won’t fail you if you use them. In a nutshell, these all provide great features which enable you for taking dependable shots in every circumstance.

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