The Best Machete Survival Guide

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Like any other weapon, the machete has also been an agricultural tool that later was developed into an arm. Cutting through weeds and sugarcane along with chopping large chunks of food as well as splitting coconuts were its common uses.

Then came a time when the peasant guerrillas used it as a weapon during the most famous battles of history, to defend their cities from outsiders. Soon, these commoners understood the importance of the Best Machete that now could provide them with more.

Not to forget, if you live in a tropical region that has thick forests, then you would know how to put the best machete to use. A machete looks a lot like a cleaver that has a blade attached to it and derives its name from the Spanish word macho that refers to sledgehammers.

Today, the best machete comes at different prices and you are free to make a choice as per your requirement that we will discuss in a while.

Things To Consider While Buying Best Machete


One strike and you can chop, slice, cut, carve, dig, scrape and even split a coconut open. Imagine how you useful this tool can be, to eliminate an invader!

Yes, this is a versatile tool and you can use it clearing bushes, cutting sugarcane to protecting yourself against an enemy. So, you see that the uses of this tool are varied and diverse. This means one must use caution while choosing a machete.

Are you confused about making this choice? Don’t worry as we have got you covered and you can give this section a thorough read for good.


You need to be specific when buying a knife of any kind and explain it to yourself, why do you need it. This makes it easier for you to select the right blade, let alone a machete.

To be honest, this should be your starting point and you must not deviate from it. You could be using it for agricultural purpose, survival or self defense, choice is yours but the knife will differ.


To start with, we must share this piece of information, that machete over 22 inches in length are not recommended for the average person. That being said, we must disclose that a general machete on the market will measure 14 to 24 inches in length.

Nonetheless, you must be told that the longer the blade is, more the strength you will need to swing it. This is something that you need to bear in mind and make no mistake while buying your machete.


This is an important part of any knife and a machete is no exception to this. You need to find a comfortable grip that suits your requirement because if you prefer a plastic handle, then you must be aware that it slips and cracks a lot (the lower end ones). You can wrap chords around it to prevent slipping and buy a good quality as they usually are built of polymer (shatterproof).

Rubber handle would be good as it can withstand the constant blows but degrades faster. Wood handles are considered the best in this category as they neither warp nor crack easily. They are light in weight, study and have a solid grip. Again, the steel handles can be wrapped with parachute chord for best results.


Yes, this is another imperative that should not skip your mind. You could get carbon steel (made from carbon and iron) which is way stronger than its stainless steel variant, but can rust faster and is high maintenance.

On the other hand, the stainless steel is rust resistant, has less chances of damage and low on maintenance as compared to a carbon blade.

Customer Benefits Of Using The Best Machetes


One of the truths about machetes is that they are multi-purpose tools, can be used for cutting and it can double up as an axe too. It is light in weight as compared to the other tools of this size and maintains a precision while cutting.

You can use them for hunting, fishing, building, farming, processing and more. There is no end to its use and you would be glad to know that there are many across the world that use machete on a day to day basis. In case, you want to know more about the uses of a machete, then here is a guide.

  • Agriculture – You can remove vines, dead plants and any other residue from your farm with help of a machete. A combination of machete that hugs your tree and herbicide can be used to kill the unwanted growth. Yet again, crops like sugarcane, paddy, corn, millet, oats, rye, buckwheat and many more can be harvested with a machete without any problem. You could use a sickle and bill hook type to do the needful.
  • Survival – Investing in the best machete for survival can be a wise decision to take. You could use one to fend off animals, snakes and clear through the bushes to leave trails. You could set your own boundaries by utilizing a machete that you can use to protect yourself.
  • Camping – The very first thing that crops in our minds, when we speak of living outdoors is of gathering firewood. You can use it to cook food, keep warm and ward off angry animals for the night. You may also use it when putting up your tent, constructing, carving and chopping food as well. This is exactly, what we have been talking of that these knives can be employed for different tasks. That certainly makes them resourceful and as a person that spends life outdoors, this is a must have for sure.
  • Hunting – Living life on the edge and following the hunting season could make your adrenaline rush high as we speak of it. You may need for butchering during a wild game, breaking a deer or manage livestock into pieces regarded as manageable. You could be using this for harvesting berries from the bushes and more while on a hunting trip.
  • Clearing – As mentioned earlier these are used for removing woody vegetation, tall grasses, distracting side branches of a trees and much more. These days even surveyors use this tool to make a trail while conducting their surveys.
  • Cooking – We have already discussed how these can split coconuts, can be verily used for carving, chopping, cutting and incising fruits, meat as well as vegetables. You can achieve an assured finesse with this tool without stressing yourself too much.
  • More uses – There is more to machetes that you can put to use and may benefit from:
  • Cut fodder for pets
  • Slaughter and process meat
  • Coppicing trees for charcoal and firewood
  • Can use it as a snow knife to shape shelters
  • Dig deeper for roots for medicinal purposes
  • Trimming and pruning hanging branches

Top 10 Best Quality Machetes Reviews

Below mentioned are some of the popular machete brands that can make a difference to your machete experience.

Machetes come in various sizes, shapes and each one is made for its own specific purpose. That is the most important thing you need to keep in your mind when buying a machete knife. Do you want an all-purpose machete or are you mostly concerned with jobs related to household, yard and chores related to the lawn.

This tool was never designed to be an only bush machete as Gerber admits this fact. It was designed to be used for chores like cleaning up jungle to make path and camping in the wild. Does that mean it can’t be used in cleaning up the bushes and gardening? No, it can do just fine with wide ranging jobs.


  • The head and full body is made of carbonated steel except the handle
  • It has 15 inch fine razor cutting blade on one side and 18 inch high performance saw type blade on the other side
  • The blade material is forged carbonated stainless steel
  • The handle is rubberized gator grip for control and comfort
  • It is nice and easy to manage
  • The grip prevents the knife from jumping back when working
  • Overall length of the machete is 25.7 inches
  • Lightweight and weighs only 18 Oz
  • Two lanyard holes at the top and bottom for easy mounting and securing
  • Comes with a well riveted nylon sheath or cover and belt loop
  • The body is shining black oxide in color to deflect rays and beams
  • Perfect tool for indoor as well as outdoor purposes


  • This machete should not be used for cutting tree trunks and
  • Cutting down thick branches can damage the blades permanently

It is slightly over 60 years that Ontario and its line of products have been admired for its flair. This company never fails to impress knife connoisseurs, especially, the ones that are in need of low cost solutions. This Ontario Knife Co 1-18" is nothing short of this flamboyance and to be precise, this one has a blade that is made from Carbon steel of 1095. It has been hardened into 50-55 HRC and the plastic handle is riveted.

It does not make much of a difference because this 24 inches knife is strong and can cut through shrubs, bushes, branches and limbs in one swipe. Yes, you may require minor sharpening and to be honest, which knife does not if using on a day to day to basis. The blade is high quality steel and there is nothing more that you need to focus on.


  • It is durable and can work in most environments
  • With little maintenance it can last you for years
  • This is a solid buy for this price and it is a beat on its own
  • The steel is a steal at this range and you cannot ask for more
  • It cuts down tree limbs with one single swing
  • The blade is strong and you will be surprised to see it work
  • You can wrap a tape or chord around the handle to make it comfortable


  • The square handle is a bit of a quandary for those who want to use it frequently
  • The handle is uncomfortable and does not complement with the machete
  • The grind needs to be customized and that could be another predicament for its users

SOG knives are known for their chopping wood, clearing trails, harvesting crops and what not. This 18 inch black powder coated machete is no difference as it is well known for its survivalist expeditions. The whole measures around 24 inches in length with a thickness of 0.008 inches! The handle is made of Kraton and can fit into your hands like a glove.

More or less, the rubberized grip makes it impossible to slip out of your hands, which adds to its safety. Not to mention, that SOG is extensively used by law enforcement personnel, professionals and the military. This clarifies what you should expect from it because it has not been named randomly on this Best Machete list. SOG knives are award winning knives and they have been showcased all around the world for their prominence.


  • The sexy black coating is quite appealing
  • It is a lightweight machete, that weighs only 15.7 ounces
  • The blade is dual edged and that helps you in a positive way
  • Be careful with the blade for extended use
  • You can prepare meals, create blazing trails, cut, chop and harvest with this knife
  • Wave it into the air and hear the sound, it is that good
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects that works like shield


  • The sheath is no match for this incredible machete as it gives away within no time
  • The blade gets dull pretty quick which could be a problem for regular users
  • The blade is too and you need to extra careful while cutting plants because the wrong angle can break it

Do you recall, this being the only Gerber that had been tarnished with under performance and substandard quality? This happened not so long ago and most machete enthusiasts would recollect the allegations. Then why are we even discussing such a shoddy product?

The fact is we have used this in person and we have no clues why was this exemplified as a sloppy knife in the very first place. This has never disappointed us and many others that talk in its favor.

This is a blend of Southeastern Parang and the Western camp knife. If it was designed as a farm knife, then farmers would get more than they expect from this. The blade is exceedingly thin measuring 1/8th of one inch in width with a length of 13.5 inches in length. The handle is ergonomic and it fits effortlessly in your hands.

As a matter of fact, this machete is secured and is a survivalist’s ideal Parang.


  • This textured Parang is an attractive knife that you would ever imagine
  • The blade is non corrosion, carbon steel and is simple to sharpen
  • In addition to this, the full tang makes it super strong
  • The grip is of rubber and that indicates no slippage
  • Very light in weight and measures 25.4 ounces without the sheath
  • The sheath is made from military grade nylon and is mildew resistant
  • It is deemed fit for clearing bushes, branches and vines


  • As it is not too heavy, it cannot be considered for chopping at least
  • The blade is soft and gets scratched easily
  • You may have personalize the sharpness

As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover, is so true when you take a look at this machete. It looks super cute, but this is a monster of a tool and can actually down a tree.

Yes and no we are not joking as this is true and we speak from our own experience of this machete. It seems this has been purely made for outdoor use and there are doubts about it. Oh, the best part is that it comes with all the accessories you will need while carrying it. It has a rust resistant blade that has been powder coated and is made from stainless steel.

The handle made from rubberized plastic that does not slip from your hands that easy. It fits into your hands like a glove and the nylon sheath comes with a knife sharpener. In a nutshell, the Schrade SCHKM1 is a knife that will keep you protected in a jungle environment.


  • This machete comes with a lot of accessories, like fire stone and a sharpener
  • You can strap this blade on your waist, legs or simply carry it on your arms as a result
  • It comes with a removable pouch for storage
  • In order to keep it the way it is, you need to follow good maintenance practices
  • Clean it on a regular basis and then see how long it lasts you
  • Comes for a very low asking price and that is more than enough to say about this machete


  • Stainless steel blade means they are not ideal for working in situations like salty water, marshy and humid areas as there is always a chance of rusting
  • This blade is good for cutting down larger branches over under-bushes and saplings

This carbon steel blade can help you take a quick decision while making a trail. It is an extremely durable knife that can be used for survival. Additionally, this Southeast Asian styled knife has an ergonomic grip that requires you to use minimal effort, which is it can reduce hand fatigue.

This ensures that you are a rescue party on your own and you have nothing to worry whatsoever. Furthermore, the designer Ken Onion seems never to fall short of ideas and is an innovative designer of blades. He was the youngest name to be included in 2008 in the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame. His designs have made this Columbia River the Best Machete ever.


  • Pretty looking machete
  • Very reasonably priced and Columbia River for sure knows how to put a stop to all complaints
  • The blade is coated with thick black powder on the carbon steel
  • The handle is called football grip
  • This signifies that the grip is firm and good
  • It is super light in weight (1.44 lbs)
  • Comes handy in all kinds of surroundings
  • It can hack right through the bushes without letting others know
  • Is accompanied by a nylon sheath and is very adaptable
  • The sheath has a lanyard hole that you can use to
  • You get a lifetime warranty with this product
  • This vouches for the knife to be authentic


  • Although it does the job very well, but the blade lacks thickness and that is a concern for sure
  • The handle could be bit more elongated to perform hardwearing tasks

Originally designed for the military, the Ontario 8335 SP8 is a machete for the money. Their artistry is a sign of their persistent commitment to this industry as their products clearly speak of finesse.

This steel blade is drenched in epoxy and coated with black powder. The full tang is a survivalist’s dream and its sharpness is beyond words. The tip of the blade is chisel like and that makes it a flexible tool for sure.

Besides, the Kraton handle has finger grooves that makes it easy to grip and can resist elements in the best possible ways.


  • Smart looking knife that you can get for this price
  • Yes, this is an economic solution for a machete
  • Made from carbon steel (1095)
  • This black machete weighs 22.8 ounces only
  • However the thickness of the blade makes it an avid splitter
  • Not only this, you can use for clearing, fishing, hunting, hiking and a lot more
  • It can kill bushes within minutes and make a clear trail for you
  • It is comfortable to carry as it can be carried effortlessly while hiking or walking
  • This hints at the fact that it is easy to transport
  • Overall, this is a reliable knife that you can put to use while living outdoors


  • The grind is little steep and that needs to be worked on for regular use
  • Very light in weight and this may be a hindrance for those that want to use for heavy duty work
  • The sheath is not easy to mount and the loops attached to it are small

Ever since its inception 1787, Condor has never looked back and this has resulted in many innovative designs of weapons, cutleries, knives, shovels and more. Mention has to be made about this Condor Golok Machete that draws your attention owing to its hardwood handle, replaceable pads and 107 sculpted vents make it a lifetime bond.

Yes, it is very difficult to part from a Condor and we speak of this from personal experience. The beauty, design and ease of work make a Condor worth a memory. They precisely tell you how their craftsmanship can make a difference with everyday cutting, chopping, branching or pruning.


  • You have to agree it looks gorgeous
  • This Golok is coated with epoxy black and is dipped in high quality carbon steel (1075) for perfection
  • It must be stated owing to this flawlessness, it fits into your hands aptly
  • The blade is 14 inches long
  • The machete is 19 inches in length
  • The handle is made from walnut
  • As a result of this, it does not slip
  • Actually it comes sharpened, but if you want to adjust the edge angle, then you can go ahead and personalize it on your own
  • It is imported from El Salvador
  • Can withstand a lot of abuse
  • The sheath is made from premium leather
  • Very suitable for cutting down vegetation


  • It is quite heavy and that becomes a problem while swinging it as you need more strength and effort
  • The edge angle is very steep and this could be another trouble maker
  • Needs personalizing because of this

Condor is as old as the hills as it was established in 1787 and their journey has been a remarkable ever since. You name it and they are an expert of it, starting from military knives, swords, agricultural tools, shovels, machetes and household cutlery.

As said, they have it all and with so many years of experience it only makes them better. In this context, the Condor Tool & Knife, Parang Machete, is no different and you can use it for weeding, cutting, chopping and pruning. That is quite a lot to do for one single knife, but machetes are helpful tools and this only makes it clear.


  • The black epoxy powder coating adds to its appeal
  • Made from high carbon steel (1075)
  • Has 108 vents sculpted on it
  • It weighs like a pound and is extremely easy to swing because of this
  • The handle is ergonomic and is very easy to use
  • More or less the hardwood make quite obviously implies it is sturdy
  • The 17.5 inches blade and total length of 24 inches make makes it a beast of a tool
  • Very reasonably priced in spite of such a superior quality which is why it is regarded as the Best Machete


  • The sheath needs little working on, as the two snaps are a problem when working with the knife
  • The blade gets nicks with simple operations and if you like your knife spic and span, then this could annoy you
  • Not built for heavy use and that could be a big turn off for those who intend to buy a machete that will deliver in the real sense.

This is a real bad boy of all the Condor machetes and has an unparalleled strength. You can use it for trekking, hunting, agricultural purposes and more. It is exceptionally sharp and can cut through anything like butter.

Moreover, the hardwood handle enables you to hold it firmly and it does not slip away while working because of this. It is well balanced that suggests there is no need to be worried once you swing it. This is a quality survival machete from the house of Condor that can chop off firewood with ease and this is the biggest reason why survivalists prefer this machete.


  • First of it is a good looking machete that you come across for this price
  • It has a rugged look but the finish lends it a fabulous guise
  • Has a classic Condor finish
  • Speaking of price, brings us to discuss this feature, of it being a reasonably priced machete
  • Made from high carbon steel (5mm-1075)
  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • The handle is made from walnut which means it is a sturdy piece to work with
  • The blade is 15 inches in length
  • The sheath has a belt that swivels and one you can sling while in operations
  • It comes with replaceable soft pads that makes it easy for you to maintain it in the long run


  • The fact that it is heavy may be a concern for those that prefer light weight knives
  • You need to sharpen it as it comes blunt like any other knife
  • You may need to wipe the blade at intervals because it tends to stay wet otherwise which could be damaging

Tips For Using Best Machete


A machete is a helpful tool to handle those swashbucklers in your backyard, making a trail out in the forest or kill your prey when it comes to hunting.

Whoa, that is a lot for one single tool and yes, it is quite capable of performing these tasks with ease. Talking about the tips for using a quality machete in the world has only one point that of maintaining its safety and that is it. Scan this segment carefully for more.

  • Keeping It Covered

When not in use make sure that you keep it in the sheath and if you don’t have one, then use a cardboard sheath to store it. While walking, ensure that you keep it under your armpit, handle projecting out and the blade positioned behind you. This will protect you from not getting hurt in case of a fall.

  • Gripping It Hard

Machetes need a lot of swinging and you don’t want it to slip out of your hands when doing so. It can have devastating effects on anyone swinging it carelessly and for others that walk behind you. You may try to find a pair of gloves for this, as this will save you from slippage that is usually a result of sweat and moisture.

  • Swinging It

Yes, this is the most significant part of working with a machete and it has to be done with extreme care. You need to swing a machete as it is the only natural way of using it. However, you need to make sure that:

  • Always check on your surroundings before swinging your machete for keeping it for safe for others
  • Most accidents occur when users are not aware of their adjoining area
  • Let your elbow take the lead swinging the blade
  • Increase momentum of by using your arm
  • Twist your wrist while making contact
  • Take rest if tired as you don’t want to make any mistakes that may cost you later
  • Never hack straight (perpendicular), instead make an angle of 45 degrees to chop off as this will save the blade from getting stuck

Frequently Asked Questions

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Most importantly, the Best Machete is not just another weapon that you may need. Remember, whatever type you get, bowie, bolo, kukri, parang or golok, they must serve you well. Some may be effective to chop down only mid-sized trees and vegetation.

You need to get one that suits your perquisites in the best possible ways to make them work for you. These are indeed good for hunting, trekking and survivalists. They choose their machete with care and they know that you can find the best ones with little patience.

You must select one carefully as you don’t want your valued tool to fail you during operations for sure.

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