How To Store Ammo Right Way – Have You Got It?

A gun works well when the ammo is in good condition, of course. Because you will not use up a large amount of ammo in a short period of time, it’s necessary to maintain them for the next usage.

So, how to store ammo right way? Check out this article to gain the necessary information on preserving the ammo.


How To Store Ammo Right Way

Although ammo does not have an expiration date, it does not mean you can use it indefinitely. Incorrectly stored ammunition will ruin the bullets, turning them into useless pieces of metal.

To have the proper storage methods, you must first know how to organize your ammunition into categories.

Know About The Types Of Ammo You Are Keeping

It would be better if you store ammo in its original containers because all bullet information printed on the outer box will be useful to distinguish between different types

In fact, the manufacturers design the typical boxes with standard conditions for each type of ammo. If you have used half a box, mark a note on the top of the box. When you get a new batch of bullets, arrange those with the same labels in the same boxes the next time. 

Suitable Place For Storage

After you have organized your ammo collection, the next step is to find a suitable storage location. Whatever location you choose to store ammunition, it must be dry, cool, and dark.


Temperature is one of the important factors in ensuring ammo quality because hot or cold temperatures can alter the structure of ammo. You can think of the basement or any wardrobes in your house since they usually keep a distance from the air outside.


The temperature and the humidity are related to each other, so humidity is the second factor to consider when storing ammo.

Specifically, humidity is the major reason causing the ammo to rust and wear out. In addition, moisture can foster a favorable environment for mold growth. As a result, you should handle and control the humidity before putting the ammo in. 


Strong illumination is also a risk as it can cause ammo covers to break. The UV light will degrade the structure and reduce its quality. Therefore, you have to keep ammo away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight.

Quantity For Storage

Now, let’s see how much ammo you have. Then consider your needs to determine the number of ammo to keep on hand, as time can last a year.

For example, if you are interested in hunting and regularly go on hunts with your team, a batch of at least 600 bullets for a shotgun is a considerable number.

Taking notes of the labels, size, category, and the most important thing – quantity will help you check the inventory without opening the ammo container and counting again.

You could divide the number of ammo into small parts and keep them in different locations. Later on, you will get enough ammo to use without wasting time preparing.

Other Notes

We have already given you some basic steps to store ammo in the right way. But before you begin, we’d like to draw your attention to something else that will help you keep ammo more efficiently.

Ammunition Boxes

Image by Douglas Muth

Let’s choose the ammunition box if you have a large amount of ammo. It is an ideal location for preventing ammo from deteriorating due to moisture or oxygenation.

Vacuum Sealed Bags

It’s also a good idea to use the vacuum to store ammunition. These bags will last the duration of the storage period and will protect the ammunition from dust, moisture, water, or oxidation. As a result, you can limit many of the environmental influences.

Unexpected Factors

It is worth noting that the storage location should be out of reach of your children. Why? You cannot imagine what will happen after your naughty kids discover and eagerly open boxes. You might lose a whole day to clean the mess and organize the ammo as the first step.

The ammo should be kept away from animals. Deformed bullets could occur as a result of your pets chewing on them. You should also be cautious when storing bullets because they contain some poisonous components.

Furthermore, fire poses a risk with your ammo, and it has the potential to grow into a large flame and cause significant damage.

Last but not least, putting ammo in a low position in a room without regularly supervising is not encouraging. When heavy rain causes a flood, this could cause moistening in a basement. 

Test Ammo Regularly With The Oldest Ones

How could you know whether the inventory is still of good quality? Well, let us show you a useful way to test the ammo’s storage condition!

After a long period, let’s check the ammo that you’re keeping by shooting the oldest batches. In case all storage conditions are the same, the oldest bullets will prove their quality. This is the trustworthy basis to determine that your storage process is in the right way or not. 

After that, you can consider changing the location or the storage method if it’s necessary.


We have just provided you with important information on how to store ammo right way! Remember that a good bullet will create an excellent orbit, and the gun will work effectively. Anyway, it’s better when you follow the detailed directions from the producers. Whatever you do, remember to have a regular checking schedule every 12 months to ensure the ammo’s quality.

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