Which One Is The Winner: Buckshot Vs Birdshot For Home Defense

When it comes to shooting cartridges for housing defense tactics, many homeowners have discovered that it isn’t easy to pick the correct one among a wide range of choices in the market. 

If you feel exhausted looking for useful reviews on weapon forums, your search might stop by our content. This post compares two popular types of bullet options – Buckshot Vs Birdshot For Home Defense. Let’s dig into this post to satisfy your curiosity.

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Buckshot Vs Birdshot For Home Defense 

In this comparison, we will point out the different key sides, Pros, and Cons of these items to find out which is the winner.

Key Difference 

Buckshot and Birdshot are two common sorts of shotgun ammunition options in the shooting field. Then which of them is more suitable for home defense? On this aspect, we will mention two main criteria, particularly: penetration and pattern spread. 

Penetration Matter

In hazardous circumstances like someone breaking into your house, looking for a weapon with great penetration is one of the most priorities. Such a weapon can prevent the danger from getting worse effectively.

Buckshot will offer greater momentum for these threat situations to strike the assailant with heavier and bigger pellets. This power enhances the chances of prompt stops to emergencies.  

Unlike its powerful rival, Birdshot possesses the design to knock game prey out at further distances without impacting its body. These small bullets will not significantly affect your target as effectively as Buckshot. They can’t pass through some hard barriers, like drywall, firm fence, with large momentum. 

This drawback might create quite a dangerous case when we have to face attackers. Thus, if you choose Birdshot to get the wise penetration, you will have to reconsider after reading through this section.

Pattern Spread

The next aspect we need to consider is the general spread of the bullets, which is superior for home defense. 

The pattern spread will be bigger with more projectiles in a Birdshot shoot. For instance, Birdshot can release the pattern spread at least one ft in diameter when you stay far from your target, approximately 10-yard. The further you stay from your target, the wider the pattern spreads.

In the controversy, Buckshot will also offer a level of moderately spread. Yet, there is a truth that when the gun drops out the larger pellets, its pattern extent will be tighter.  

As projectiles extend out following their right concept, the force they distribute also spreads. 

Buckshot delivers massive quantities of power to small areas; meanwhile, its competitor – Birdshot, belongs to one of the sizable patterns that disperse its force to bigger areas. The second option – Birdshot will lessen the lethal risk in the single shot.

Pros And Cons

After reaching the vital difference between these two items, we need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each product to make a more thoughtful decision.


Pros of Buckshot

Buckshots are big rounds causing heavy injuries, so many favor them in circumstances where you need to create powerful strikes. These rounds release their pellets super fast and keep that speed quite long. For example, the 00 Buckshot can come out up to1250 ft per second. It offers great penetration and allows you to stop intruders more effectively.

Another strong point is the great possibility of hitting the correct target. Thanks to the low pattern spread, since the round comes out of its shell, the projectiles will hit the target precisely. The shorter the range between you and your target is, the less pattern extent there will be. And as we have mentioned above, less spread means less power spread, ensuring stronger shots.

Thus, more force and less spread are the key strengths to choosing Buckshot. 

Cons of Buckshot

It’s quite undeniable that Buckshot’s disadvantages stemmed from its advantages. Its outstanding penetration with great power and super speed might result in over-perforation. Causing a threat for bystanders or even your family members when bullets pass through barriers and penetrate other rooms. 

Moreover, the more power comes out, the more recoil there is. Resulting in a longer time retargeting if you have to shoot multiple bullets. The intruder can make use of your loose time to knock you back, causing a dangerous scenario.   


Pros of Birdshot

The strong points of Birdshot are to counteract its opponent’s downside. Birdshot small bullets release slower speed with moderate power. This feature permits its round to pass through clothing yet no threat to another room or hurt somebody out of the door. 

Similarly, as its speed is lower, the recoil also decreases dramatically. Thereby, they take less time to fire as the retargeting process passes in little time. Equivalent to being safer and more precise when a small guy uses Birdshot to counter his rival.    

Cons of Birdshot

The key downside of Birdshot is that its power could not be strong enough to block the intruder’s track. If the attacker is drunk or out of his mind somehow, then a few small injuries might not affect him much. Forcing you to narrow the distance from him to boost penetration, which is a dangerous tactic.   

Besides, this kind of bullet might be hard to penetrate through thick material. A leather coat or heavy jacket could be a challenge for your Birdshot.

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An Experiment On Buckshot Vs Birdshot

To better serve your decision, here we introduce a realistic experiment between the two ammunition.

The operation manager of Gunsite Academy has tested whether Buckshot and Birdshot can make it through walls. They prepared construction materials to simulate a house with three walls, each stand 20 feet away from the others.

After testing both bullet types, the result is quite surprising. The Buckshot easily fired a hole through the three walls and even landed right in the protection backdrop. Whereas the Birdshot perfectly penetrated the first wall but only splattered on the second one.

This experiment states that using Buckshot for home defense might cause unnecessary damage, while Birdshot can help you achieve your goal just fine.

Bottom Lines 

Our article has provided you with informative knowledge on choosing the better one: Buckshot Vs Birdshot For Home Defense. 

The technique of choosing between those depends on your needs and conditions. Birdshot would be our advice to those living in a busy region to prevent damaging anyone innocent. If your house is in the suburbs, you can consider choosing Buckshot for a tactical home deterrent.

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