How To Remove Rust From A Gun? – A Detailed Guide

As guns are metal objects, rust occurring on guns is inevitable regardless of how clean the place you store them. Then how to remove rust from a gun? Read this article to discover some techniques that help get rid of rust on your gun!

How To Remove Rust From A Gun? 

#1. Using Dremel

The firearms’ exposure to the ambient air or humidity can create rusted marks on your gun. We highly recommend you to use the Dremel rotary to remove those rusted spots, which come with rubber wheels that are abrasive and small.

Moreover, the Silicon carbide coating of these wheels is ideal for disposing of rust from aged guns, getting stretches, eliminating trigger serrations, polishing flash feed ramps, bolts, pan, round edges, and cleaning up the rifle engravings and worn pistol, or smooth the surface.

#2. Using Steel Wool

Using abrasive materials to clean your gun can bring an all-important impact. To be more specific, improperly applying abrasive materials can cause the firearm’s finish to go spoiled. To erase rust from your favorite gun, use a pad of steel wool, and we promise it is an easy yet effective way.

Besides, lubrication can be an ideal solution for rust removal. You can also apply any oil for this work. Many oils are particularly made for the rust removal of handguns; applying ‘3 in 1’ oil and cooking oil are good solutions. However, please note that it would be best if you prepared newspapers or napkins. Here are steps to do it: 

  • Maintain the quietness and steadiness of the placing gun area so that you can work on your focus. Then, use the newspapers or napkins to collect the left wastes.
  • Place the gun politely to avoid it from moving while you clean it. Always remember to have your gun kept pointing in one safe direction. Otherwise, you will get misfired if your gun is loaded.
  • Drop a small amount of oil over the rusted area. Don’t forget to avoid applying too much oil. Instead, use several drops solely.
  • Rub the surface of your gun by using one steel wool pad. Be mindful to apply enough pressure to avoid ruining the gun’s finish.
  • The firearm’s finish might turn into damage if you do not follow the steps properly. Subsequently, pour amounts of weapon cleaner on iron wool and scrub the wool calmly on and around the rusted surface. Wait a few minutes, then wipe your gun with a clean and dry napkin. Finally, you check the gun again and thoroughly.
  • If you still see the rust, repeat the process until the gun is rust-free.

#3. Using Oil

Always inspect to avoid unloading your gun, or else you will injure yourself or the people surrounding you.

  • Firstly, pour enough oil on the rusted spot.
  • Leave the oil there for a few minutes. Next, you can have the rust that grips on the gun surface loosen, and doing so will also boost the interaction between rust and oil. 
  • Then, wipe its surface with a cloth made of cotton. 
  • In case the rust still stays, keep rubbing the rusted areas until your gun turns rust-free. Because the depth of the arm’s rust also greatly impacts your work of removing rusted marks. 
  • Use a soft copper brush or wire sponge to clean the surface. Return the instructions step by step until the gun surface is completely sheen. 
  • Remove sediments that stay on the gun surface while you remove the rust. 
  • Ultimately, use a cotton cloth to clean your gun.

#4. Using Battery Charger

Using a battery charger is an extraordinary method for getting rid of rust besides removing alloy, aluminum, brass, and copper sorts of firearms. Before utilizing this technique, you must prepare a battery charger, baking soda, steel rod, and plastic container. 

As a note, please be 200% careful and double-check whether your gun is loaded.

  • Add three teaspoons of baking soda into 4 milliliters of water, and this mixture will create electrolytes. 
  • Following this, cautiously place the steel rod in the container. The cathode will turn into the solution, and the rod will be an anode.
  • Connect anode to the rod and the cathode to the rusted spot. Make sure you have the charger plugged in. You will also notice bubbles in the water, indicating that the process is working. 
  • Leave the process for about four hours before you get rid of the gun rust. After that, wipe your gun with a clean cloth made of cotton.

#5. Using WD-40

This method is pretty simple. 

  • First of all, place the arm on the area which should be flat. 
  • Diffuse the solution, namely WD-40, on the rusted surface. 
  • Let the solution sit there for one day before respraying it. 
  • Use a napkin or a rag to wipe the gun, and a brand-new gun here it is.

#6. Storing Guns in Best Conditions

To prevent rust at best, you must keep your gun in a place that should be dry and cool.

Skip places like garages, attics, or the truck’s trunk. Additionally, it is also a smart solution to avoid storing a gun in its case, as this place can become a trap of moisture that often causes rust.

If you truly want your favorite gun to remain rust-free, always remember to provide it with cleaning and store the gun in a suitable place. When you follow all of these rules, your guns will stay in their best condition for a longer-term.

Final Words

Hopefully, our article guiding how to remove rust from a gun will help you. If the first method did not work, let’s try the second method or other solutions we have listed above to choose the best suitable one for your gun!

Now, all you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. And you will get a reborn gun again.

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