What Scope Does The Military Use? – 7 Best Types

Undeniably, all the military equipment utilized is the best of the best, from technology to weapons. Military scopes are also no exception, as they have undergone strict tests to ensure the best outcome equipment. 

So, what scope does the military use, and how special is it? In this post, let’s look at some types of common scopes in the military and their characteristics!

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What Scope Does The Military Use? 

When thinking about the types of scopes used by the military, we must first examine the fighting style.

It’s usually close to medium-range combat that takes place. As a result, people often choose scopes that excel in that field. Let have a quick view of the list of 7 types of common scopes below:

Some type of scopes you ought to know


M68 CCO is one of the most prevalent military optics. To be more specific, the firm has an agreement with the Army to provide these optics to most of its troops. 

At 50+ meters, it is meant to be parallax-free. M68 is a reflex sight with a red dot designed to match the military’s most popular weapon. Because of contracts with the manufacturer, the Army has an overabundance of these scopes.

You can try the civilian equivalent, Aimpoint CompM4. It is reliable, simple to use, and long-lasting. The lenses are quite accurate, which is a huge plus.

EOTech 553

Do you want to try something new? Then EOTech 553 is a good option. It offers you a red dot-like effect. In fact, EOTech provides holographic vision. The reticle, which is a hologram lit by a laser, is included. The reticle of the optics is extremely tiny, which improves its precision. 

ECOTech 553 is also designed to withstand the worst weather conditions in any environment. However, these aren’t the most helpful features for civilian shooters, mostly since this scope is more prevalent among spec ops teams, where extremes are the standard.

Overall, if you require a precise sight view for recreational shooting, consider choosing this one.

10-power Unertl

The Unertl 10-power can focus on a variety of objects at varying distances. It’s a rifle sight mount for the M82A1A.50 caliber sniper rifle. People may use it with any gun that is designed to target people or vehicles.  Therefore, many skilled snipers choose to utilize the scope because of its ease of usage, convenience, and reasonable price.

Targeting people or vehicle gun scope


The ACOG vision is well-known and is more and more popular in the military. Specifically, ACOG will be the best option if you are looking for magnification in combat optical gunsight.

Instead of batteries, the ACOG uses the fiber optic light pipe for daylight reticle illumination and deuterium decay, which can be used for a long period of 10 to 15 years. Making these scopes more cost-effective and acceptable to the military. Overall, these factors make them popular and explain the reason why they are so costly.

Leupold Mark IV

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most popular sniper optics in the military. For experienced snipers, the Leupold Mark IV is one of the greatest options. The good news is that it is also available to regular people.

On the market, Leupold Mark comes in a variety of magnification ranges. And they all have excellent quality.

Leupold Mark V

This is Leupold’s newest member, yet it is also the most famous. In detail, Mark V is much lighter and more defined, which is something that everyone desires. An essential factor that makes people love it is the accuracy of viewing a target via the scope.

This type of scope is ideal for hunting, shooting, and other outdoor activities. It has a 5-magnification zoom and is lighter than a military rifle scope with the same power. In addition, the light transmission is superior to the Mark IV.

Since the 1990s, the Mark IV has been utilized as a power scope for 308 rifles by civilians and the military. This generation of Leupold Mark has replaced the IV. However, the firm will keep the product alive by making this for the US army’s military department.

Digital technology is now used in the armament systems of the Marin and Military. As a result, the scopes include computer-programmable and computer-operable characteristics. Manufacturers are increasingly attempting to create scopes or firearms that utilize sophisticated digital technologies.

Leupold, on the other hand, does not intend to produce computerizing scopes. However, its high-quality glass and some other features fulfill the needs of even the most advanced snipers.

It provides true crystal precision as well as ease of usage. And best of all, this gunsight is affordable.

Schmidt & Bender PMII

The Schmidt & Bender PMII is another of the greatest scopes used by military snipers. You’ll also discover a wide range of magnification in this model, such as the Leupold Mark IV. The scope’s quality is A, but the price is a little more than the previous one. The scope’s use process is a little more advanced. Hence, it is more suitable for high-experienced shooters.

Choosing a scope depends on many factors


What scope does the military use? All the gun sights are tough, accurate, quick, and ideal for close battle.

Even though all the scope we mentioned above ensures the best performance and high quality, they are mainly suitable for the military, not normal citizens. However, you can still try these scopes for shooting practice and hunting. 

If you decide to get yourself one of these military-used gun sights, be sure to match your chosen optics to your weapon. You can get a better response from your vendor, or you may look it up in the description. So pick the best and purchase wisely! We hope you have found this information useful. Thanks for reading.

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