Things You Need To Know About Best Lasers For Glock 19 Today

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When looking for laser sights you would want to buy something that is of good quality and has upgraded features.

Here is a comprehensive list of the Best Lasers for Glock 19 that are available in the market. These have gained a tremendous amount of popularity.

Top 4 Lasers for Glock 19 On The Market Reviews

Crimson Trace is a reputed company that has been making laser grips suitable for handguns. The products of this brand are very popular and extremely effective. At a time when Glock 19 pistols did not come with changeable grips this when Crimson Trace decided to put this out.

This grip can be attached to the rear where the grip is located. This provides a beaver trail which also contains the laser emitter. The grips are the same for the 1911 or even a standard revolver. This means the laser gets turned on the moment you have a grip on the firearm. This particular feature is helpful in dire situations.

The laser is very bright and it can be seen clearly both at night and during the day. Since this is easy to operate and it is durable it can be used as an accessory with the Glock.

The type of mounting will not require any special holster, so it is not problematic to carry the firearm. There is no doubt that this is the best choice for you. This is readily sold online and it is quite affordable too.


  • The red laser is very bright and powerful
  • The laser instantly activates
  • The battery life can stretch for about four hours
  • The installation process is dead simple
  • The manufacturer offers a warranty that is valid for 3 years
  • Batteries  are free for a lifetime
  • The quality is very impressive and this will last for a very long time to come
  • Compatible with a wide range of pistols
  • Reliable product from a reputed brand


  • Green light fans may find it a tad different

This is primarily designed to fit on to compact and sub-compact weapons. This mounted light has a green laser that facilitates accurate aiming and providing adequate brightness too. 

The clamp is designed in a way that allows the laser to attached or detached without a problem. The construction is quite sturdy as it is made from anodized aluminum, making it highly resistant to any impact.

This features a glass lens which is capable of withstanding high temperature. The adjustment screws that are mounted with brass bushings provide negligible retention of the laser.  This is also highly water-resistant.

The laser has a range of 660 which is very impressive by any standards. The electronics in this laser are created to offer regulated intensity. The controls are quite user-friendly and you can tweak them to your benefit. The laser can operate for 11 hours.

This is a very powerful laser combo that is built for dependability and duty.  If you are on the lookout for a nice sturdy item then this is what you should buy without hesitation. This is very affordable and it is available with a suitable warranty.


  • This is serialized to provide identification
  • This is perfect for both left-handed and right-handed people
  • This comes with a switch to turn on and turn off the laser
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • This laser has a C4LED mechanism that gives a long visible range for targeting
  • The quality and performance are both very impressive, this will last for a long time
  • This is compatible with many different types of weapons and the key kit in the sales package helps a lot


  • The laser seems to shift in between uses, which is not a deal breaker

Laser-Max has been in the business for quite some time now and it is the undisputed leader in making laser sight for handguns. The good thing is that with this brand you will have access to good products but for half the price and that is so cool.

Other than the low price this also happens to be very compact and small. This makes it very compatible with the Glock 19. The size is just right for you to conceal it. Do not underestimate this based on its size as the performance is quite powerful.

Since the laser sight is small and is powered by a tiny battery. However, it has an auto-shutdown mechanism that will prevent the battery from running out of juice. This mechanism makes sure that the laser turns off before you store it in the holster.

The controls on this are quite good, in fact they set it apart from all the others in the market. The oversized switch is really easy to handle. When you go through every aspect of the laser sight you will see that it is a very cool thing to buy at an affordable price.


  • This comes with nice big-sized touchpads that facilitate effortless activation
  • The auto-off mechanism makes sure that the battery is well preserved
  • The aiming point has two settings, steady and pulse
  • The patent rail allows a tactical light to be attached
  • The sophisticated mounting mechanism always ensures a perfect fit
  • The quality of the product is very impressive
  • The manufacturer offers a suitable warranty on the product


  • A manufacturing defect in the product but you can always ask for a replacement

Those people who are looking for a laser sight in a different color with great performance. Then this is exactly what will make your day. This is quite powerful and with it, you can improve your aiming skills to a great extent.

The visibility at night is very good and equally impressive during the day as well. This can be used in different scenarios based on this feature. The biggest feature that this model has is the auto–shutdown which turns off the laser after five minutes. This helps to save your battery.

When it comes to installation the whole process is a breeze. The smart design lets you achieve that in a few minutes or so. Also, there is a helpful user manual included in the sales package that throws sufficient light on the matter.

This has a perfect fit with the Glocks pistol and once it is installed that is the end of all your fitting problems. The construction is very sturdy. This will make sure that you can use this for many years. The manufacturer also offers a suitable warranty on the product.

When it comes to getting good value for your money, this laser sight is a clear winner. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses for your better understanding.


  • The performance is quite impressive
  • The battery life is very impressive
  • The design is compact and smart
  • Very easy to operate
  • Weighs below 1ounce
  • Body made of strong aluminum which adds to the durability of the product
  • The auto-shutdown method
  • Features an ambidextrous button
  • Features a Superconductor Green laser


  • The manual needs to be worked on a bit
  • Drains batteries easily

So these were some of the Best Lasers for Glock 19. Sure they have their strengths and weaknesses but it is obvious the former outweighs the latter by a huge margin. You certainly not regret buying either one of them.

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