Reveal The Best Home Defense Tactics To Always Hold The Initiative

Did you know that home invasion is increasingly common? 1 out of 5 American families suffer a home invasion (according to the official report from the United States Department of Justice). Thus, we are here to give you the best home defense tactics for thoughtfully preparing for any attack on your house. Read on.

The 8 Best Home Defense Tactics Needed To Prepare Before Any Home Invasion 

A growing number of home defense tactics have been introduced into our community. However, that wide variety of information might be a little overwhelming.

One of the key things you need to get straight is in most home invasions, criminals hold the initiative, and we are on the defense. Thus, your task is to prepare helpful equipment inside your place and turn your house into a firm battlefield. This will give you more chances to escape from real dangers. 

Here are some recommendations for the best tactical tips of home defense.

Guard Dogs

Choosing guard dogs as a home-defense form has become increasingly popular these days. Based on this animal’s protective and loyal nature, they play the key role of the agile alarm and the deterrent. 

They are an outstanding addition to any household, especially for nuclear families, such as single parents or senior citizens. You can consider looking for a professionally trained dog.

Combat Weapons

You can equip some defensive equipment like knives, swords, clubs, to name a few. Any firm tool or weapon that can cut, smash, slit or pierce can all be utilized as a combat weapon. 

If you intend to use guns or medieval/ primitive weapons (for instance, spears, swords), make sure that you have received training from a professional. This ensures that you know how to block the line of attack from assailants properly without hurting yourself.

A knife is silent, easy to conceal, and doesn’t run out of bullets. Thus, it isn’t difficult to keep a knife close to you in an emergency.


Another helpful weapon that belongs to the tactical home deterrent list is pepper spray. This equipment is non-lethal yet helpful in slowing the intruders’ fighting ability, which brings great effectiveness for breaking away from the intruders. 

Nevertheless, using pepper spray isn’t without its downsides because of the sterilization after applying the weapon, which would cost you a lot of effort and money. 

One more point you should note is the place to keep this weapon. Don’t put pepper spray into a clutch for senior people, as it is easy to get mixed up and pose a danger to your elderly loved ones.

Security Bar For Doors

To meet the soaring demand for safety devices, manufacturers provided an outstanding product to defend against home invasions for the current market. It’s a lock bar for doors. 

Doors belong to one of the vital points most intruders focus on breaking first to commence barging into your house. Thus, strengthening doors is truly necessary. This tool can be applied to both sliding doors and standard doors.


Setting up cameras at your house’s back and a front door is a common option for most families recently. However, it is better to equip cameras both outside and in a few important spots in your house. Yet, the cost isn’t exactly suitable for those who are on a tight budget. 

If you decide to go with cameras as your tactic, buy digital cameras for the latest edge-cutting technologies, which allow you to connect data from cameras with your smartphone in real-time. That way, you can follow the situation inside and outside the house at ease.

Safe Rooms

Safe rooms are the next tactical home defense. This tactic should be a project of housing construction. The safe room can cover your family and you in safety until the dangers end, or the police arrive to rescue you. 

The safe room has to be placed somewhere conveniently, so any member of your family can reach the room immediately in case of threats. The room should be firm with a spare communication system, a power, and a heating system. Moreover, you have to prepare some aid kits, lights, field ration and put them inside the room.

Prune Your Shrubs

Pruning shrubs regularly in your yards is also a great preparation to defend against attacks at home. Keeping plants and bushes trimmed eliminates potential hiding spots for future attackers. 

Some Other Vital Considerations

  • Using alarm systems has steadily reached popularity recently. Pick a professional system from a wide range of monitoring service options to protect your home.
  • Teach your children not to open the door for strangers.
  • Be regularly noted where you keep your weapons inside your house.

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Final Thoughts 

Are you still there? If your answer is yes, we bet you have already found the best home defense tactics for yourself and your family. Although we can not assure you completely for your safety, we believe that you know how to have thoughtful preparation against home invasion.

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