Top 3 Best Recoil Pad for Your Shoulder Protection While Shooting

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If you are interested in hunting and shooting, you should equip yourself with sufficient tools to enjoy your adventure. And the recoil pad is a necessary item for your guns

However, most people don't know how to choose the good one for themselves while others ignore the importance of this accessory. Hence, let me list the best recoil pads so that you can make the decision easier. What are the benefits of the recoil Pad?

Why should we need a recoil pad? The answer is right down here!

The main reason that you should buy this item is to protect your shoulder while shooting. Moreover, you can protect your collar bones and arms. Otherwise, you may get a negative effect from the recoil, which causes bruises or stiffness. 

You may not imagine the gun’s power, especially the recoil. It can break your collar bones if you let down your guard. Therefore, a recoil pad is the must-have item.

Best Recoil Pad Reviews

LimbSaver Airtech is currently one of the most popular brands in terms of the slip-on recoil pad. This product is perfectly fit for your long guns including shotguns and rifles. Therefore, there is no adjustment needed after taking it into your weapon. 

Moreover, the NAVCOM technology excels at dissipating the energy as well as the vibration in a consistent way. And also, you will be impressed by the improved atmospheric chambers. This critical factor will enhance your shooting experience.

On top of that, you cannot ignore the anti-muzzle jump technology. It supports you to focus on your target highly.

And well, I really love how the non-slip surface of this recoil pad works. That said, this feature will keep your gun in place even in the rain.


  • Equipped with the noise and vibration control technology
  • Durable and simple to install
  • Excellent anti-muzzle jump feature
  • Great atmospheric chambers
  • Suitable for most long guns
  • Easily slip on your gun stock without making much change


  • May slip around occasionally

When it comes to gel-filled pads, you immediately think of Shooterpads. Thanks to the Viscoelastic technology, this is a perfect item for the professionals. This incredible technology prevents the pad from losing its shape every passing day. Especially, if you put very high pressure on this pad, it can still absorb your force and return to the original form instantly. 

I confirm that this pad is extremely durable and comfortable. For those people who usually kneel or lie down, this product will reduce the pressure on your shoulder.

This gel-filled pad is easy to fit on your long guns without any trouble. You will become a big fan of this thin Lycra cover once using it for the first time. It will slip on your gun stock very smoothly and stay in place all the time.

You may not know that Shooterpads try their best to utilize the energy-absorbing materials for these pads. You can slip on and remove them whenever you want. Thus, there is no need to look for any additional tools for the modification.

As a result, I highly suggest that this is an ideal product for most long guns. That is why it is among the perfect one-size-fits-all recoil pads out there.  


  • Spend only a few seconds installing
  • Increase the length of your gun
  • Fit very excellently to your gun stock
  • Dissipate the energy consistently


  • Not suitable for the heavy shooting

If you care about the aesthetics, Pachmayr Decelerator should be on your mind now. It both increases your shooting control and improve the appearance of your gun. Especially, this product is designed to reduce the magnum recoil. 

As a consequence, there is no doubt people are crazy about this stylish rubber pad. However, if you are confused about the installation, it is actually quite easy. The internal air chamber will support the take-off and slip-on process.

Also, you should notice the cushiony side pads, a plus point of this product. They act as a secure base that fixes your gun in its place. And well, if you ask me what I like most about this pad, I will say its ultimate lightweight with no hesitation.


  • Simple to install and remove
  • Non-slip surface for better performance
  • Avoid the recoil as much as possible
  • Snag-free design to give your gun a classic look


  • The color will fade after a while

How to Choose the Best Recoil Pad

To minimize injuries while shooting, you should consider the following elements before making a purchase. Let’s see!

Shooting Type

You should always know the shooting type that you are going to perform. Some recoil pads, in particular, are made for the low-gun mounts. Meanwhile, some are designed for the fixed pre-mounts.

Type of Rifle

I consider this factor as one of the most important before making a purchase decision. Once you know the rifle size, you’ll be able to make sure which one to choose.

Different models of rifles may lead to the difference in sizes, even when they are in the same brand. Thus, I advise that you should identify the size of your gun’s stock. Then you choose the recoil pad. By doing this, you can improve your shooting experience.

Pull Length

Many people may be confused with this term. Pull length is the distance between the finishing point of the stock and the trigger of your gun. This factor will affect your aim as well as your hand grip a lot. Hence, you should buy a suitable recoil pad that offers a firm grip while using your gun.

Moreover, knowing the exact length of your gun is a determining factor to have the best recoil pad. By this way, you can protect your shoulder from bruises.

The recoil Pad’s Thickness

If you do not notice this point, your recoil pad will be useless. And of course, your recoil pad should be as thick as possible. It means that you can get more support to avoid the felt recoil.

I used to experience how severe and painful that a recoil pressure can cause. As a result, I always believe that getting a shoulder pad gives you maximum support.

Type of Recoil Pad

Lastly, do not forget to consider the type of recoil pad including the pre-fit and grind-to-fit. I notice two critical differences between these two, which is the style and the thickness.

The pre-fit, for instance, only offers one style together with one level of thickness for you. On the other hand, the other gives you numerous options. However, the pre-fit is easier to install while you might have some difficulties finding the perfect grind-to-fit recoil pad for your long gun.

How to Install Your Recoil Pad to Your Gun

There are two ways of installing your recoil pad based on the products you intend to buy. That said, you can either slip the pad on your gun’s stock or slip it in the shooting garment. Let’s go through both methods right now!

Slip on the Gun’s Stock 

Regarding the first way, there are two methods to install the recoil pad to your long gun. They are:

Retain the original length of your gun

  • Step 1: Take out the factory recoil pad from your gun.
  • Step 2: Attach your new pad to your gun, which will not influence your gun length.

Make your gun a bit longer

  • Step 1: Keep the factory recoil pad in place.
  • Step 2: Slip your pad on the available one, which helps you lengthen your gun pull.

Slip in the Shooting Garment 

With the second method, you’d better have the shooting garment in hand. And now, follow the instructions!

  • Step 1: Try to identify a pocket near your shoulder.
  • Step 2: Slide your recoil pad in this pocket.

If you cannot find any pocket near your shoulder, you have to buy something else in replacement. Good luck!

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The Last Thoughts

In summary, I hope that all of the information in this article can help you to find out the best recoil pad that suits your demand.

In case you want to hear my opinion, LimbSaver Airtech Slip-On Recoil Pad is my favorite one. It not only increases your comfort but also enhances your shooting experience thanks to the awesome technology applied.

Do you agree with my choice? If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime.

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