When To Plant Turnips For Deer – Time to Unveil The Secret

Many hunters plant radish for the purpose of attracting the deers in their area. However, they often encounter grassland turnips that are completely ignored. To prevent this situation, you need to know the exact time: when to plant turnips for deer. Let’s scroll down this post and discover the answers now!


Why Do You Need to Plant Turnips For Deer?

Turnips might lure deer to your location for hunting easily. This is the attractive bait to deer that you can consider for your hunting-deer party.

Although you cannot only grow turnips, these are deer’s favorite food, not only the taste but also the nutrient (the easy-to-digest source of protein) of this full big vegetable.

For those who want to hunt deer with better-quality meat, you can fatten them by planting plenty of turnips and waiting for them to visit the garden.

You may even keep the turnip for meals because deer only eat the top leaves. It sounds rich in benefits?

When To Plant Turnips For Deer?

Generally, we will grow turnip between April and May. But, if you plant them for deer hunting, it’d better be in autumn.

We choose August for our turnip crop because this vegetable will become attractive to deer from October to May (its sweetness in these months). After few months, turnips are big and sweet enough to appeal to this four-leg animal.

So, should everyone start growing turnip in the fall from August to September?

There is due to living in Southern America, so we grow turnips in the fall (August to September). When the winter comes, deer will start to eat the turnips. However, in case you are in Northern areas, the late summer is the best time to begin your crop (July to August). 

Well, depending on your living place, you will select the proper time to grow the turnips for deer.

Which Turnip Type Is Best to Attract Deer?

Deers, just like humans, also have a beloved dish. As for turnips, purple top turnips are their favorites. This will be the ideal option to invite deers to your hunting area.

The purple radish is so named because the part that rises above the ground will be red or dark purple. Meanwhile, the tubers below the ground remain white. Depending on the pH of the soil, the color of radishes will have different shades.

This plant is easy to care for and can be grown in a variety of soil conditions. You can mix them in between other plants to minimize care. They also have the ability to grow well in the cold winter climate.

Trust us! Purple top turnip is exactly what a grown deer wants to look for during harsh weather. Surely, your field will welcome some deer guests soon.

How To Care For Turnips And Hunting Deers?

You need to pay attention to how to plant to be most effective, to avoid the case that no deer likes your turnips. The most common mistake is planting too many seeds in a small area. 

According to skilled farmers, this is taboo because as the plants grow, they will get too close together, leaving not enough space for the leaves to stretch out. And eventually, they will stop growing. Healthy deers always crave fresh food sources, and stemmy plants are definitely not what they are looking for.

Besides, remember to water your turnips fields as there is a great chance that deers will visit the lush fields. Always pay attention and prepare your hunting gear to catch all the daytime incense.

Once you have seen your prey, act gently as deer are very sensitive to noise and may run away before you do anything. It would be best to choose a clear angle to shoot and finish quickly. Let choose the best dmr scope for deer hunting, you will not regret about it.


In short, turnips will work best on deers during the winter months. This is because few plants can survive under extreme weather conditions, and turnips will become the number 1 choice on the deers’ menu.

We hope you are now satisfied with the answer for “when to plant turnips for deer.”

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon.

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