What Is A Free Float Handguard & Its Features [Answered]

When it comes to rifle, everyone knows about their convenience in hunting or defense. However, this type of product is also potentially dangerous when it can cause enormous damage.

Therefore, it is extremely important to use them properly to ensure their safety and fit. Thus, the free float handguard was born. So, what is a free float handguard?

The answer is below.


What Is A Free Float Handguard?

Free float handguards (also known as “floating” handguards) are specialized parts for firearms, and have become gradually popular in recent years. To use it, one attaches it to the top of the stock, namely on the barrel nut of the upper receiver.

The rest of the free float handguard forms a shield around the barrel, and the great thing is that it barely makes contact with the barrel. Therefore, it can protect the user’s hand from the heat emitted by the gun, as well as protecting the gun from external impacts.


Below we will learn about the specifications of this product to see if it has any interesting features.


Wondering about the price of a free float handguard? The answer is, this type of handguard ranges in price from tens to several hundred dollars, depending on the quality and length of the barrel to be protected. Compared to a drop-in handguard, this price is much more expensive.


Depending on the variety of guns, the free float handguard also has many different types. That is why their size is also not fixed. Instead, the size is usually just larger than the barrel so that the handguard can cover the barrel without touching it.


This handguard is known for its ability to increase barrel accuracy from 0.5-0.75 MOA compared to drop-in one line. Moreover, thanks to it, the barrel is almost not deformed by the heat emitted, so there will be no barrel warping.

Weight And Installation

Free float handguards are usually heavier than other handguards. Why is that? That’s because this type of handguard is made from materials such as Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, etc., so they are quite heavy. Besides that, they have to handle the weight of the barrel, and the accessories that are assembled down the barrel.

Its Features

Mounted Optics And Lasers

In this regard, the free float handguard has shown its greatness! Users can mount optics or even lasers on their surface, as this type of handguard is capable of firmly holding components on the gun body. Besides, the free float handguard does not contact the barrel at all, so the sight of the scope attached to the barrel will not be affected by any pressure.

Forward Grips, Flashlights, & Bipods

When you need to add a front grip and kickstand, you can do it with the free float handguard! In addition, this product also allows the user to attach the front hilt and its lower stand. The flashlight can also be installed without any problem, thanks to the robustness of the free float handguard.

Some Final Words

The free float handguard is a gun accessory that any gun should have because it increases accuracy and reduces barrel warping. Through this What is a free float handguard article, we hope you have gained enough information about it, as well as its features. Thanks for reading.

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