Choose the Best Tactical Flashlight for AR15 & Say Goodbye to Shooting in the Dark

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Many AR15 rifles which are used for patrol duties and home defense have been fitted with lights in order to enhance its capacity for executing these duties. So, you can better understand that if you want to keep your AR15 for law enforcement or home defense practices, lights are the most important thing you need.

Right now, when we have a huge amount of tactical flashlight for AR15, how can we choose the best tactical flashlight for AR15? Read on.

Quick Answer: The 4 Best Tactical Flashlight for Ar15

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How To Choose The Best Tactical Flashlight For AR15

Want to opt for the right light? Here are some vital considerations to choose the best tactical flashlight for AR15:


These are an amazing way to evaluate the complete light output. Nevertheless, it’s not for being confused with the brightness.


Consider the range which you require the flashlight for being efficient in. usually, the standard rule is to ponder the longest distance you will require the flashlight for the purpose of usage and increase that number for finding the rating of beam which will be considered for your usage.


In a tactical flashlight, you definitely require high durability. It should be tough enough like nails so that it can be able to bear the hits without any issue. Additionally, this enables it for serving as a firearm if you hold it in your hand and hit with the light.


This evaluates a light’s brightness. Remember that more brightness is not right always. Sometimes extreme Candela is very much close to the home defense or battles.

Hence, consider it as an image where huge amount of flashlight burns the subject and spoils the image as well. Basically, you need to select the right flashlight lens for the environment for having the beam completely cover the distance you require with the ultimate amount of light. As an instance, imagine the difference between a spotlight and a stadium light.

When both have brightness, the respective beams’ intensity differs. When you select the right lens for the tactical flashlight, just imagine whether you need a wider field of light with a lesser intense beam or an intense concentrated beam.


If you want to be capable of seeing different shades of color as you can do in the natural sunlight, take the tint into account so you can understand the color variation. Nevertheless, usually, there is an adjustment in ability and result for seeing the right tints as you would do in sunlight.


How long do you want to use the light constantly? Do you want to carry on regularly and continuously? Additionally, consider the type of batteries you will choose for powering the light. You are possibly in a part of the globe where you can’t find the lithium ion batteries.

Hence, it will be smarter choice to opt for AA batteries. Along with the batteries, do not forget about the shelf life of batteries selected by you. Always you need your light availability when it required.


Everything you ponder including to the daily load out, weight simply can become a limiting criterion. Usually, there will be an adjustment with candela or lumens and the size and weight of your flashlight.

Momentary on/off Performance

You must decide your requirement when you are selecting a tactical light. Numerous individuals adamantly feel that the momentary on performance is the single feature they require and that possibly is true if you are actively searching for a firearm mounted light and have expertise around that strategy. Nevertheless, other people may require SOS capacities or a firm click on or strobe in their handheld flashlights.


Take into account what the perfect features of the flashlight are for your requirements and prioritize them in accordance with your budget.

Form Factor

Why do you require this light? Do you expect it as a daily carry light which will be always clipped to the pocket? Or is it going to be mounted to a firearm? How do you want to switch on the light? Do you require a permanent click or a momentary on for activating the light? Do you require a crenulated bezel at the time when you require hitting somebody and using the light as a firearm?

Keep in mind that forms always follow the functions. Consider and think deeply about the dedication of the flashlight even if it is following extra functionalities.

Top 3 Best Tactical Flashlight for AR15 Reviews

The small and lightweight Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight is superbly designed for AR15 and handguns. Featuring a rifle mount, it gives plenty of light and lasts for several years.


  • Being a product from a reputable manufacturer, Orion H40-W 500 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight is the best option for the AR15 owners.
  • This light is recoil-proof because of the indestructible LED emitter.
  • The rubber seal eliminates the battery damage amid recoil.
  • Quite durable, as well-coated with metal that sustains recoil.
  • With standard Picatinny rails, this light is prepared for being mounted on any weapon.
  • The LED lumens are extremely good, featuring the brightest lights for the guns. They are extremely good for the long-range gunning.
  • Extremely preferable for home defense.
  • This flashlight makes the shooting more comfortable during the night time.
  • Easy and fast to mount to on the AR15.
  • Very sturdy and efficient with its long and adjustable cord.
  • Compact and water-resistant.
  • Carries robust 1-year warranty.


  • Holding it in your hand for a long time can make the light very warm and little uncomfortable.

Americans simply love hunting. But it’s not possible to see a game appropriately in the dark. With the rising demand, the hunting tools are getting better also. With Streamlight flashlight, you can perceive the figure in the shadows clearly.


  • More hands-on approach from the Streamlight brand.
  • Incredibly durable and reliable tactical flashlight.
  • One of the premier flashlights in North America.
  • Features shock mounted glass lens and a TIR optic which results in a highly focused light.
  • Brighter light beam
  • Designed for being flexible in the attachment device.
  • This light can be placed in different types of weapons.
  • It enables to switch the light for various firearms, relying on your requirements.
  • This flashlight is best-suitable for hunting and using with your gun.
  • Its rails the assured to work with different types of firearms like S&W TSW, S&W 99, Beretta, Picatinny, and Glock-style weapons.
  • Comes waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.
  • Serialized light to protect it from getting stolen and to activate its limited lifetime warranty.
  • The battery door is tethered to this flashlight.


  • The rail is very short to lock in.

The E2D LED Defender Ultra personal defense flashlight from SureFire Defender Series features 300/600 lumens of disorienting light on high and boasts a crenelated Strike Bezel that offers personal defense option to the gunners.


  • A perfect everyday carry flashlight.
  • An innovative product from a very reputable company.
  • Slender and powerful.
  • Shooters get personal defense option from the Strike Bezel.
  • Features 2 output levels – 5 lumens on low for maximized runtime and 300 lumens on high for optimal light.
  • Ensures high durability due to Mil-Spec hard-anodized and high-strength aerospace aluminum body construction.
  • Provides dual-output tail cap click switch. You can press for momentary on high, click for constant on high, also can return to off and then press, or just click again for selecting low.
  • Features LED emitter with TIR lens that produces focused beam with far reach and sufficient surround light for having a peripheral vision.
  • Weatherproof O-ring and gasket sealing
  • LED emitter can be regulated for maximizing runtime and output
  • Backed by a high-energy 123A battery with 10 years shelf life.


  • Product damage repairing doesn’t come under warranty provided by SureFire.


Selecting the best tactical flashlight for AR15 appears to be a daunting job, but it will be simpler if you can decide the specification you expect from the flashlight and also your budget. The brands which are reviewed in this tutorial are one of the best and leading brands in the market of tactical flashlights.

As per your choice, you can opt for any one of them. A flashlight is meant to enhance your gunning capacity greatly at night. You do not need to return your home instantly after you see the dusk falling. Even you can maximize the shooting fun further by buying a good tactical light. The three lights you have read about are some of the best in the market – which one will you like to opt for?

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