The Vortex Razor HD 5 20×50 Review That Will Reveal Facts That Nobody Would

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What Exactly Is A Vortex Scope?

For people who go on hunting activities regularly will know how important it is to have a fabulous scope. Most of the scopes have very high quality, but their longevity also depends greatly on how you decide to use them.

You should also know that Vortex is a reputed brand in the market. It comes as no surprise that this scope is everybody’s first choice. This Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 Review will show you why. So, if you want the bigger picture you must go through this review as it will clear out everything for you.

What Is So Different About This Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 Review?

The good thing about this review is that it is not something you toss aside out of boredom. We can only make such claims as we have spent substantial amount of time understanding how it works. The most important thing that needs to be pointed out is that it lives up to the expectations of the user and delivers flawless performance. Well, yes it does have its set of problems that premium quality scopes do not have, but even then this is worth using.

What Are Noteworthy Features Of The Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50?

The Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 features an improved design. If you are looking for something that you can use in all weather conditions then this is the scope for you. Here are some the features that you should be taking notice of.

The rapid zero: This particular feature permits the scope achieve a quick zero point return. With this feature you can turn the knob that controls the elevation back to its starting position with counting the number of turns.

The side focus:  This can be found on the left of the turret. This is fairly accessible when you are in a position suitable for shooting. This also removes parallax and sharp images.

Sturdy construction: The 35mm tube gives you solid accuracy and good alignment. The body of the scope is made from premium class aluminum. There is no doubt that this scope is strong and rigid. The surface has minimal glare so it facilitates better camouflage when you are hunting, as it is coated with hard anodization. The scope also has an ArmoTek coating that will protect the lens from any dirt, scratches, and oil.

Reticle and focal plane: Thanks to the focal plane you can set the range irrespective of the magnification in this Enhanced Battle Reticle or EBR. The glass on the reticle is etched which permits a very good design. There are two protective glass layers that cover the etching. There are at least eleven different settings to tweak the illumination. The illumination settings also come with an OFF option. This will let you get back to the default setting.

MRAD: The reticle uses subtension lines which are primarily MOA based that facilitate windage corrections and ranging holdover. The subtensions have numberings which are great for referencing. The MRAD turrets with parallax setting ranging from 40 yards to infinity, offer you with super crisp images. 

Clear image: The apochromatic system in the lens can make corrections to any light that comes in the lens. The HD lens is equipped with extra low dispersion glass that holds color fidelity. Not to mention that this results into formation of HD images. This is one of the best features of this scope.


Yes, there is more to this Vortex than you can imagine, like:

  • Brass alloy have anti galling qualities that make it durable enough
  • Chromium spring can withstand compression
  • It is a shockproof scope
  • Fiber optic make the magnification a charm
  • Turret rotation helps you set that perfect aim


Just like every other product in the market this too has its share of cons and they are as follows.

  • To begin with the first drawback, this scope is quite heavy as it weighs 37 ounces
  • It also has a diameter of 35mm which makes it quite bulky to be carried around
  • Some of the accessories that are sold with this are not exactly usable
  • The lack of mounting rings can be seen as a huge disadvantage for this scope

Who Should Buy This Product?

Any shooter who will be shooting long ranges should go for Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50. If you are looking for decent features for reasonable amount of money then this should certainly come on top of your list.

What Other Aspects Should You Keep In Mind?

If you compare this with the other models in the market then this does not disappoint at all. The optical quality is superb and so is the elevation.  The turret clicks provide the required firmness.

What Is The Maximum Magnification That You Can Achieve With This? 

The scope gives its users a maximum magnification of 20x, which is quite impressive. This makes hunting or target practicing a very pleasurable experience for the users.

What Type Of Parallax Does The Scope Have? 

The parallax is quite good on this one and along with the reticle you can move around very easily. If you are into hunting then this is the perfect tool for you. It is built to provide just the right amount of light transmission.

How Is The Pricing? 

The good news is that the price tag is not going to burn a hole in your pocket.  When you look at the good features you will realize that it worth spending money in this scope.

What Do We Know About Warranty? 

As an end user you will be happy to know that the manufacturer provides a warranty that is valid for a life time on its products (VIP or Very Important Promise). This also means you can get the product replaced any time you find a problem with it without the need for proof of purchase.

What Is Our Verdict On The Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50?

To be very honest through this Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 Review, the scope is not a perfect product and it does have its share of drawbacks, but do not let that discourage you from purchasing it. The optics on the scope is really good and more over the warranty is above decent. This is why the scope has become a popular product in the market over all the other brands in the market.

If you want a product for decent money then this Vortex scope is truly your calling. Go right ahead and make yourself happy and there is no doubt that you will be happy to use this wonderful product on a daily basis.

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