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Are you an outdoorsy person? Do you live outdoors? Then you must have heard about an entrenching tool. If not, then we have all the information you would need in regards to it. 

Traditionally soldiers would use these to dig trenches for protection. This has now become an integral part of camping trips, survivalists, and of course, people like us, the hunters. These are portable tools that can help you bury, maintain cleanliness, or just to dig. We will discuss this in detail.

This post will provide you all the report about the Best Entrenching Tool. All you need is to pay attention and read it until the end. So, read on.

Top 6 Best Entrenching Tool Reviews

As we mentioned, we bring you reviews of topnotch products in this category.

After all the conversation that we had regarding an entrenching tool, you may be a bit anxious. We would say, relax, it is a shovel and you don’t have to get worked. See, you can make use of this hunting shovel, which is like 18.25 inches in length, but can be folded into 7.25 inches.

It is extremely light in weight and weighs only 24.5 ounces. That is correct, it is a small tool that can be carried easily from one place to another without much of a difficulty for this. 

Apart from that, we need to talk about its build as well. Yes, this is made from quality materials like high carbonated steel that renders it quite rugged. Okay, fine this may be not exactly military kind strong, but is no less if you want to dig a trench, foxhole, level a spot, or a latrine hole.

It has a robust locking mechanism, which works as well as you want it to be. That said, we would like to explain this shovel can hold well. You may need to tighten it from time to time, as it needs to be screwed by hands. You don’t have to worry about it at all.


  • Has a very compact dimension
  • Has an ergonomic grip
  • Yes, it is a multi-functional e-tool
  • Comes with a carrying bag and that suggests it is easy to be lugged around
  • You can sharpen it to use as an axe (may be just bushwhacking, but it works)


  • May not help you that much with cutting and chopping
  • You may need a pair of gloves to work with it, as it is pretty hard on bare hands

Are you desperately looking for the Best Entrenching Tool? This entrenching shovel is just what the doctor ordered for you. This very shovel is used by the military so you can be rest assured that it will do a good job for you too.

The quality and construction of this model are top-notch. This has been given a special coating that makes it very resistant to rust. So, expect to use this for a good number of years without seeking a replacement.

This is very portable as it can be neatly folded in three steps and put into a package. This is made from metal and has polymer component which adds to its strength. So, at no point will you feel that the unit is about to fall apart.

The head of the shovel has a dual serrated edge which also has an edge that resembles an axe and this can be used for cutting through tough roots and vegetation. If you want to get the best out of your outdoor activities then this is the right to have.


  • This unit features a serrated edge which is very effective for cutting
  • The axe edge is very effective
  • The unit has a special coating that keeps its parts from rusting
  • This is widely used by the US military
  • Very reliable product
  • The overall quality and construction are very impressive
  • Has an aluminum handle and a steel blade


  • The size seems to be a bit smaller

Gerber is a brand that has been around for years and they are known for their innovation.  The brand has dedicated its services into making good quality spades, tools, and knives.

This spade features a strong aluminum shaft that is completely anodized; this makes the tool very resilient. So, you can expect this to last you for a very long time. The spade is made from carbon steel and it is engineered to stand up to different environmental conditions.

This features a special locking feature that adds to the safety when you are using this. The spade is serrated on one side this makes certain challenging digs less tedious. This spade is uniquely, so that it can cut through the ground with very little effort. This can be used for activities like digging out undergrowth, plants, and grass.

This is very compact and it can be taken long to hunting sites and campgrounds this can be stored almost anywhere without any problems. Now that you know all about this spade it makes a lot of sense to go out and buy this.


  • The shaft of this spade is Anodized
  • The overall construction is very tough and it can withstand rough use
  • This very lightweight so it can be used for an extended period without any feeling of discomfort
  • The spade is made from high-quality carbon steel which adds to the durability of the product


  • The sheath is not included

You will fall in love with this entrenching tool simply by looking at it because the design is super impressive. If you are using any other tool from another brand you will stop doing so once you discover this. This is quite light in comparison to the other brands.

If you go around digging a few holes here and there then this is your best friend. Looking for something ergonomic and lightweight? Then you can count on this without any hesitation

The shovel head is made of hard steel and metal. You can use this all day long and expect it not to wear out soon. This fantastic tool’s blade surface has been given special treatment. The good thing is the blade can be moved into four different positions for various requirements.

The handle of the shovel contains a sturdy saw that can be attached without much difficulty. Worried about carrying or storing it? Well, this comes with a pouch that is made using high-quality nylon and you can attach it to your backpack and take it where ever you go.

This multipurpose tool can be used in a variety of situations such as a weapon for self- defense, for cutting down branches to build a shelter or even to construct a fire pit.


  • The telescopic handle is fully extendable which is constructed from good quality polymer
  • The shovel is hard-wearing and reliable
  • This features a blade that can be folded and it is fully lockable too
  • This features absolutely no rivets or welding
  • Very lightweight when compared to other similar products


  • The pouch tends to go out of shape after a while

Still, looking for the Best Entrenching Tool? This should is what you should be procuring as it is the best. The brand has been around for a long time making wonderful products and this folding shovel is a perfect example. The company has designed this product exclusively for people who love spending their time outdoors.

This portable shovel is foldable and is designed to enhance the user’s experience of using it outdoors. The strong construction allows it to hold up well even after rough use.   The shovel features a handle and blade both of which are made from carbon steel that makes the unit resistant to wear and tear and adds to its durability too.

If you like indulging in outdoor activities like camping, hiking, hunting,  and gardening to name a few then this will certainly do a good job. This lightweight shovel can also be used by women and school children with extra-small hands.

This is touted as one of the best camping shovels in the market. So, without hesitation go out and procure this and heighten your experience of participating in your favorite outdoor activities. Add this to your camping equipment and you will not be disappointed.


  • The shovel is highly portable and it has a compact design
  • This a resilient entrenching tool, as the handle and blade are constructed from premium grade steel
  • The handle features a rubber grip that gives you good command over the tool
  • The product has cleared several quality checks before being sold in the market


  • The only downside is the belt loops on the pouch, the seams are too short

If you belong to the outdoor industry, then you must have heard this saying, “bring only what you need.” It is true and this is why people bring pillows to food for them, while on a trip.

In the same way, opting to invest a shovel is imperative for all. Speaking of which, we must talk about the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel which in reality is a multi-tool. 

It is made of carbon steel, one that is of aerospace-grade aluminum. This turns into, it being resistant to rust, weather, and water. It is a super durable product that can be used to dig through mud, snow, sand, ice, and much more.

Moreover, it preps up survivalists with tools like hammer, axe, saw, bottle opener, rescue knife, and an emergency whistle. Most definitely, you wouldn’t need much beyond this tool.

Okay, despite all these attachments, it manages to be a lightweight gadget. This hints at easy storage and while, all this translates into value for your money.


  • Use it to dig, break, start a fire, cut wire, or saw and this makes it a versatile tool
  • You can use both the serrate side (like a saw) as well as the non-serrated side (for all other things)
  • The spade can move around 30, 85, and 180 degrees for convenience
  • Has an ergonomic handle and it complies with all gloves to reduce hand fatigue
  • With high-quality materials, comes a lifetime guarantee too


  • The carry bag is not the best
  • The grip needs to be worked on a bit

How To Choose An Entrenching Tool?

If this is your biggest query, then we have solutions for this too. The truth is we have used most of these entrenching tools and have found them worth the investment. It is true and we are not exaggerating this by any means. 

We are outdoor people that like to spend quality time shooting or some of us like camping too. All in all, we like to live outdoors, yes and that is a confession. So, we have made use of these tools now and then. The little time that we get, we record our observation into this journal. 

See, this not science that would give you firm resolutions. Yes, but we have a few ways that can help you reach that perfect entrenching tool. We have mentioned our mantra for finding the one for you. Suit yourself.


If you live outdoors, then you will know this for sure that anything that weighs you down, should go down. That means you need to make sure that the entrenching tool you are procuring must be light in weight. Remember, when folded, it must be compact, otherwise, it will become a daunting task to carry it along.


This brings us to discuss one such attribute of the entrenching tool that you must keep in mind. They must be foldable, yes and that makes them highly portable.


Yes, you must also think of the distance you will be traveling with your entrenching tool. For you will not like to invest in a heavy one that you will be walking miles with. So, think about it and be practical while taking that call. This will help you decide on the right for you.


You may use your entrenching tool to cut while building shelters, a tool with pointed tip may be used to pierce sharply through the ground and lot more. A few of these models also come with a bottle opener, which may not be a requirement at all. The point is, you must look for something versatile.


As usual, while acquiring something you must make sure that they are made of first-class materials. This rule applies to entrenching tools also. Not to mention quality materials will only make the tool sturdy and will make them last longer.

Benefits Of The Best Entrenching Tools

What started as the “folding shovel” has no emerged as a major game-changer. Now, you may ask how? We have answered this question pretty much in-depth in this section. Just read it to get a fair understanding as to what these survival shovels can do for you.

  • The biggest advantage that you can bank on is it works better than your bare hands or just a stone
  • Imagine you are stuck in grime with your vehicle, you can utilize this tool to remove the excess ruck
  • You can dig a pit to bury the trash, as you will hardly find leveled ground while out in the wild
  • Make use of an entrenching tool to slit a trench for sanitation purposes (like building a compost)
  • Use it to clear an area to pitch a tent
  • Soldiers used it to save themselves from getting burned
  • You may use it to make a fire pit to cook food
  • This is can also be used to keep the food warm
  • This fire can also be made to keep predators at a bay
  • Believe us when we say, you can use it to paddle a boat too
  • Also, you can use them as a snow shovel
  • In the same way, you can use it in the desert to dig into the sand
  • These tools can be easily stowed in the back of your car and can prove to be a lifesaver in many a situation
  • Okay, fine we have to add this point as well that you can use it as a weapon under dire circumstances for self-defense (yes most movies would give you this impression, but it is true)

Maintaining Your Entrenching Tool

Now, this is a way to ensure that your tool remains in top condition. You must keep it clean after use (or after your trip is over) to make them serve you longer. While doing so, you must take your safety into account too. This implies you should wear gloves, safety goggles, and a keep a dust mask handy. Here is how you clean them:

  • Scrub your shovel hard with a good detergent
  • Let it dry and make certain that there is no moisture trapped into them
  • Then use a wire brush to remove corrosion of any kind
  • Use sandpaper of medium grit and take out splinters and rust (if any)
  • If possible file the shovel to keep it sharp
  • Finally, use a microfiber cloth to oil it with a lubricant, as this will protect it from rusting further

Yes, this is a long procedure and you can spread it over a few days. Nonetheless, assure that you do all this to preserve your shovel.

Finding the Best Entrenching Tool could be quite overwhelming. This is why we have found you premium products in this post. This certainly takes down the load off you. We have provided names that are established brands in this line of business. Rest assured, you can rely on them. 

This means choosing either of these products will ensure your safety as well as quality. These e-tools will enhance your outdoor experience for sure. They are easy to carry around and you will not face much of trouble handling them too. So, give them a try and see how things change for you.

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