How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Bow? [All You Need To Know]

Are you an enthusiast of hunting? Whether it’s your hobby or your occupation, you can’t help but learn about knives, bows, guns, and others. Notably, know-how using hunting bows will create a fun hunt with ease.

But someday, you figure out your bowstring is so loose that you could not knock down the target anymore. It’s time you visit an archery shop and buy another. Yet how much does it cost to restring a bow? Read on!


How Much Does It Cost To Restring A Bow?

A group of people once said that a bow needs restoring every three years. However, it could have a longer lifespan with proper care and less frequency of use. By one way or another, you had better store it indoors and wax it frequently to retain its best quality!

The midpoint price of restoring a bow could be approximately $70 (from $50 to $150). More often than not, this price will cover a combo of substitute string, installing a new NAP Apache rest, and tuning the bow

Some people could end up paying more than $150 for restoring a bow. But this price may guarantee them top-class service and a great customization’s degree. 

In reality, key factors are influencing bow-restring costs and service, brand, and string quality. Let’s move to the next section and go deeper into each factor with us!

What Are Key Factors Influencing The Cost Of Restringing Your Bow?


Service cost or labor cost could come up with the expense of restringing a bow if you require the shop to make it for you. In contrast, you may ignore this charge if you can do it by yourself. 

Be mindful that it requires a bit of skill to restring a bow well. Hence, if you are not too self-esteemed, just get it substituted at the shop to be extra sure.


The price of products in every field will be influenced much by brands; it goes the same with restringing a bow. For instance, a Bucknasty set may cost about $65, while the one of Winner’s Choice can take you around $100 for both cables and string. 

Numerous brands in the local markets may drive you confused about which one to buy. However, we highly recommend you read genuine reviews of previous users from such brands to find the best suitable for your needs and budget. 

String Quality

In addition to brand and service, string quality is another factor that impacts the cost of restringing a bow. String-makers often charge differently from the quality of each bowstring. Overall, the suitable average for a set, including strings and cables, could range from $50 to $100. You could customize the string’s colors up to your favorite.

It’s undeniable that brand names also reflect a bow string’s quality. Many buyers trust their favorite brand to choose things. But, we still highly recommend you to test it first before buying one.

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Why Should You Restring Your Bow?

It’s inevitable to replace both string and bow after a period of use!

Bow and string are regarded as a duo making a successful hunt. Hence, getting wrong one of these two facilities will lead you to hunt for nothing. 

If you wonder what reasons to restring your bow, the answer is here: 

  • The string still isn’t tight despite applying a lot of pressure.
  • The bow does not consistently hit the target.
  • The string is broken and filthy.
  • The string appeared to be old or scratchy enough to miss the goal at any time.
  • Through trying repeatedly, your fingertips may get hurt.

How Often Do You Restring Your Bow?

Most bow producers advise that you restring your bow every three years. Nevertheless, this number can vary from how you use and store it and how much you shoot. 

Many suppose that waxing it regularly will be a part of taking care of a bow. To be more specific, your string may stretch too much over time, leading it to lose velocity and poundage. Once you find your string’s integrity likely to be ‘’hairy’’, wax it at once. 

Moreover, some suggest that you should have the string altered after each season. Others suppose that there’s no need to do that until you think it has to do so. But in fact, you are the person making the final decision. You could save money and just replace it once you think it’s in need. 

Our Final Verdicts

Now you know clearly how much does it cost to restring a bow. As mentioned above, bowstring needs maintenance instantly as extra care to ensure upcoming perfect hunting and shooting. 

Besides, If you are using a crossbow, you should use it with best night vision crossbow scopes. It will help you have good target.

If you feel your string is a bit dry and fuzzy, you may forget to wax it up. Let’s do it! If you find it hard to fix your bowstring by yourself, it’s likely time to buy a new one to replace it. 

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