Best Stiletto Knives: Reviews And Complete Buying Guide

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Do knives and blades interest you? Have you ever heard of the stiletto knives? A stiletto knife is very sharp and was primarily used for stabbing in the past. It was used exclusively used for fighting in the past. 

As for now, these sexy little beasts are used as a self-defense weapon. We know these look very attractive, which is why we have brought you the Best Stiletto Knives that you can find.

Review Of The Best Stiletto Knives

Below is a rundown of the top stiletto knives that money can buy you:

Oh boy, this knife has a long history for sure! It is a replica of what was known as the V-42 combat knife. In short, this was given to combat soldiers for training. This is a killer knife that was used by Canadian and American forces combined during covert operations. Enough about that more about the knife now. 

It is made from high carbon steel (SK-5) and has a deadly motto inscribed on it that says - “The worst is yet to come!” Now that is something eerie as well as inspiring for the soldiers that use it. Plus the pommel is curved that provides a solid grip to the fighter. The blade is 7 inches in length and is manufactured by the well-known German brand Boker knife. Boker has been in business for 145 years now and they have been pioneers when it comes to innovation. 

The product is an élite reproduction of the knives used by Devils Brigade. Undoubtedly, it is an honor to own this stiletto knife. Made from carbon made steel and with well-functioning blades, you cannot be wrong with this knife.


  • To start with this is a beautiful looking stiletto knife

  • The blade is straight which means it is ideal for slicing

  • Its handle is also made of compressed leather to provide you with maximum control

  • This implies that the knife has a longer life expectancy 

  • Easy to use 

  • Comes with a leather sheath that keeps it protected

  • Is backed by a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer


  • May not be as sharp as you expect it to be

  • Not made in the US could be a repelling factor for some

The point is, if you go for Boker, you know that you will be holding pride in your hands. This is a high quality product that is hard to find at this price.

This stiletto knife is a tactical knife that was designed by the famous Kit Carson. This stainless steel knife was designed like an M16 folding knife and has a retro flavor. The handles have an oxidized finish that makes it look mesmerizing. 

Its blades come with Carson Flippers for convenience. Not to mention that the blade doubles up as a blade guard. This suggests that the knife is safe to use and will not open in a manner that may cause you trouble. The handle has an ergonomic design that allows you a firm grip. 

The blade is razor-sharp because of the patented Veff Serrations that can cut through fiber, ropes, and cords right away. In addition, the liner keeps the blade locked in its position. The mechanism used in this knife makes it secured and its legalization makes it portable.


  • This is a lightweight pocket knife 

  • Is negligible to the naked eye

  • Can be opened with a light pressure

  • It comes with closing safety liner

  • This is an extremely affordable option

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty 


  • Right-handed people may find it more expedient than their left-handed counterparts

Moreover, you can carry it anywhere along with you because you can legalize it. This is certainly a plus for people that like to carry their weapons on them. It is an instrument that you can use for your personal safety. What more can you ask of a stiletto knife?

Mark II was introduced way back in 1966. It was an era of the Vietnam War and a time of turmoil. However, this stood the test of time and still is considered to be a veteran in the realm of knives. Not to forget that it’s tactical importance remains the same even in today’s world. 

It was a prized weapon in Africa and Europe. This prompted Gerber to bring it to the USA as well. This has a double serrated blade that can pierce through almost anything. The blade is 6.5 inches in length and has been forged out of 420HC steel. The handle is made from die-cast aluminum makes it a strong stiletto knife. 

Additionally, we must also mention that Gerber is a name brand. It has been serving the survival industry since 1939. It is a long time and you will be pleased to know that owning a Gerber is quite prestigious. They are based on Oregon in Portland and have never looked back ever since their inception.


  • It is super lightweight, as it weighs only 8.0 ounces

  • Has a sheath that is made from high-grade nylon

  • The handle has a stable grasp that comes handy in hand to hand combat

  • Made in the USA that gives you a relief


  • You may need an electrical sharpener to maintain its sharpness

It's an extraordinary knife from a period where battle blades were standard and even utilized frequently in war. While that time has generally passed, the Mark II as a battling knife is still a phenomenal idea.

This is a self-assisted tactical knife that is way too reasonably priced. You will be surprised to know that TAC is readily available with firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders. This tactical folding knife is no ordinary knife. It is very resourceful and has features that even expensive knives lack. 

The blade is produced using steel that is of surgical-grade. It has half serrated and is 8 inches in length (when fully opened). The handle is made from aluminum and this renders the knife to be hard and sturdy. The Tac Force handle and blade, both are likewise corrosion and wear-resistant. The edge flies open, brisk, and smooth, and in a rush. You must watch your fingers while using this knife without a doubt.


  • It has a thin body

  • Is light in weight

  • Looks good in the hand

  • Can be used as a window breaker too

  • This translates into the fact that it can be used for emergencies too

  • Is legal in a few states 


  • The blade needs to be sharpened

The blade is decent, tight, and brilliantly durable. It is an affordable knife that is staggeringly sturdy and can take quite a beating. To be honest, if you're on a tight budget, and this is the best stiletto knife for your money.

A stiletto knife can be very effective. You may find it to be difficult to find the Best Stiletto Knives for you. This is why we have provided you all the details you may need in this post. We hope to have answered all your queries in this post.

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