What Makes The Best Sks Scope Mount Popular?

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Do you like your Russian rifle? Are you looking for a scope mount for your SKS? Then worry no more as we have got you covered by collating all the information in regards to this the best Sks Scope Mount for you in this post.

What makes it more interesting is the review that you get free with this discussion! Enjoy your read.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Sks Scope Mounts

1. UTG PRO SKS Receiver Cover Mount w/22 Slots, Shell Deflector

2. BARSKA SKS Mount with Integrated Rail

3. Brass Stacker MN9130SSM Scout Scope Mount for Mosin Nagant Rifles, Black

4. SKS See-Thru Scope Mount

5. Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

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How To Choose The Best Sks Scope Mount?

These Russian designed weapons have something in special and the SKS is no exception to it. Like the AK 47, Mosin Nagant and SVT 40, the SKS has been serving the arms industry for 5 generations. So do you want to know what makes the SKS the topic for this discussion today?

It is because we know it can do a lot better with the help of a scope. Now, the question that may arise is how can you select an SKS scope mount on your own? Don’t worry about that too, as we have scribbled down all the details pertaining to that in this section. Read with care.

Mounting System

The perfect scope will fit into the rifle seamlessly and would sit tight on it. It will be completely secured and you will not be scared of it falling off anytime. In fact, the best of the rifle and scope will not make any use if the mounting cannot be done correctly.


The material used for building a scope should be taken into consideration. It must be sturdy and not a flimsy one for starters. Aluminum and steel, both are considered to be good in this respect.

Think of it, you will be shooting in all kinds of weather conditions and you cannot be risking it. In addition to this, shooting is very demanding and you surely will not like to ruin by purchasing a fragile little scope!


This can be answered in one word and that would be “affordable.” Period. There could not be anything beyond this that you must invest in something that is cost effective. There is no point breaking your bank for buying a scope.

You get a wide variety of choices these days and you need make sure that you go for the best quality in your budget.


Technically speaking, this should be the most important aspect of choosing a scope mount. Your scope should precisely align itself with the rifle and absorb the recoil to provide you with secured optics at eye level. This will call for the perfect shot and you will be treasure your scope everlastingly.

Single Or Two Piece Mount

A single piece mount can make your shooting accurate and comfortable. Rest assured, you don’t need worry about the alignment in this case. While two-piece mount is a lighter version and can be mounted on multiple weapons. These models mount easily and you need check on the alignment.

Easy To Install

You must make sure that the scope you are investing in is easy to install. This will not only save you time but also help you with each time you dismount it. Going for anything with a complex mounting system can spoil your shooting expedition.

Benefits Of An SKS Scope Mount

Yes, the next question is why should you purchase an SKS scope mount? This is rather simple to answer, if you want to enjoy an enhanced shooting experience, then you must get one for yourself. In simple words, you get better view and you can hit your target with one shot.

Besides, there are a couple of more advantages of SKS scope mounts that we have discovered in addition to this and they are as follows:

Adds To Accuracy

Every shooter wants to attain accuracy and this tool only makes it possible. You could be a novice or a pro it really does not matter, as both can make use of a scope to get better view of their kill. If you are a beginner you will learn with time and you must be told that most professionals prefer a scope.

Scoring Better

Be it in the field or a competition, you will always have an upper hand using a scope and there are no doubts about that. You will be in an advantageous situation with a scope as always.


You will be more confident about your shooting ability with a scope. It simply puts you ahead of the others and you will most definitely like this of all. This will be your vantage point and you will know how to use it well. This is a confidence booster and you cannot deny that for sure.

Best Sks Scope Mount Reviews

As promised we bring you the reviews of the scope mounts with all the details.

This scope has an innovative mounting system that can be aligned in an effortless way. With its solid and resilient steel base, it only becomes a safer choice for professionals and fist timers alike.

It has what is known as 4-Point Rock Solid Locking that quite obviously makes it a secured system. There is more to it and you can have a read about it in here:


  • This scope is a tough and durable solution to both beginners as well as professionals
  • It has been made from aircraft grade aluminum
  • This is covered with black anodizing that has a matte finish
  • Has full length rails of 22 slot Pica that has room for adaptable optics
  • Tested heavily in the field by dexterous shooters
  • Comes with precise alignment
  • Is made in the USA
  • Easy to mount on your rifle
  • It can balance the SKS rifle very well


  • An expensive option for a scope
  • The zero holding ability may not be that great as expected

The name BARSKA is more than enough to make an impression. This name has been serving the firearms industry for a long time and when we discuss a product from their house that unquestionably must have unmatched characteristics to talk about.

This rail that we are conferring here is no exception to this rule and it only makes it natural to speak of such a highly respected name. Let us have a look at what this rail has to share with us.


  • You get to bring home a trusted brand
  • The black matte look makes it look eye-catching
  • Its body is made aluminum and then it has been lent with
  • The rail is usual Picatinny weaver with 3.4 inches
  • Mounts easily into the system
  • It easily allows you to mount the scope and flashlight on it
  • Comes with 1 year limited warranty by the manufacturer


  • The problem lies with filing and that means it needs some grinding work to be done
  • It may take a lot of time installing it and that could be irksome for some

Remember we talked about affordability in scopes? This is what we were talking about back then. This is a reasonably priced scope for an SKS rifle and it sits quite comfortably on your rifle in addition. This one-piece mount comes with a black oxide finish that makes it very attractive.

Apart from all this, there are a lot of features that make up this scope, like:


  • Does not make any permanent modification to your firearm
  • The scope has long eye relief for good
  • Easy to install without making any permanent alterations
  • Does not require much of an adjustment
  • Made in the USA and not exported at all
  • It has been designed for rear sight blocks
  • The rail are solid constructions of steel
  • Can hold zero pretty well
  • Has a good customer service in place to take care of its those in distress


  • Adds weight to your rifle being a single mount
  • It is way higher than any other scope and that could cause problem


Investing in the Best Sks Scope Mount will only add to your shooting experience. There is no need to explain that this experience is dependent on the type of scope you are putting your trust in. Again, that totally relies on the budget you have and of course your personal preferences too count into this.

Just remember to be practical and select one that suits your requirements well. It may not be that easy to buy an SKS scope mount these days as the market full of options, but you must let your instincts guide you. Be yourself and enjoy your shooting at best.

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