Which is The Best Scope For AK 47?

“Hi, Jerry! I have an AK 47 but my shooting skill is not good. Do you have any idea to help me to be successful in my next hunting game?”

I have got this question recently when the hunting season is coming. I thought that there would be many people having the same problem.

That’s why I write this post.

In fact, whether you use your rifle in military or hunting application, it's best to combine with the best scope for AK 47.

So, how to find out the best scope? Easy. Read my post and I will let you know. Remember to read until the end, I also recommend the best options based on my experiences.

How to Choose a Good Rifle Scope for an AK-47 (Buying Guide)

Choosing a proper Rifle Scope for an AK-47 is not an easy task. It is based on many considerations including your personal preference and a technical understanding of how they work on the field.

Reading this part is really important because a very small difference in specification or quality can lead to a big difference in the outcome.

Let's discover below:


You must know how durable your scope is.


The durability of scope will let you know the construction.

Here's the detail:

Metal (aluminum and magnesium) is light and durable.

Specifically, aluminum provides unrivaled durability.

You can look for some rifle scopes covered with a rubber armor because of its stronger durability.


How reliable is a scope?

Normally, the best scope has hi-tech features, improving accuracy and precision.

You need to make sure that your scope can work well on any weather condition.

Size and Weight

The best scope for AK 47 should be small and light.


People don't use an AK-47 for shooting at a long distance so big objective lenses are a challenge.

Now, let you think that how you can shoot the most precise within a short range under 300 yards.

According to feedback, most users of AK 47s don't shoot over 100 yards so adding a heavy scope on your rifle just makes it harder to use, and bulky.

My advice is to pick up a slim and trim model as long as you can adjust it easily. It is enough for you to win on an opening day of deer season.


Budget is an important and real consideration which you shouldn't skip.

It's fine if you purchase cheap ammo or semi-automatic tactical rifle. However, spending your money on a scope makes a nicer rifle.

What's more, the good news is here:

On the recent market, it's pretty easy to find out a cheap and good scope.

Rails and Mounts

Generally, the AK 47 rifles are designed for close and middle range with an iron sight. Thus, it's not realistic to add a rifle optic.

So, if you want to add an optic to a Kalashnikov, you should invest in a rail system.

The type of rail and the placement depends on the type of optics and sights which you tend to mount on the AK 47.

What Type of Scope Magnification is Essential?

The short answer is that the father you want to shoot, the more scope magnification you need.

The different types of lenses provide different views through the scope.

It is based on your personal preference but you can refer to my suggestions below. These results are based on the measurement of ranges:

Long Range (over 630 yards)

This range requires a 10x power. It helps you reach closer to the general area of where you will shoot. This is true even when you don't optimize your AK 47 for this distance.

Medium Range (380 - 630 yards)

You can work well with a scope on this range. It helps you maintain a distance from where you conceal yourself to the target.

When it comes to the medium range, I highly recommend a 6-9x power magnification.

Close Range (380 yards)

Close range combat is known as a true calling of AK rifle.

It will be more effective if you combine with a scope attachment.

Guess what?

A 1-5x power magnification is great for you to focus on the target without obstructing the vision.

Here's a thing:

The majority of scopes available on the market can span at least 2 of these ranges.

What is your purpose with a scope?

Is it a close- range game or a long game?

No matter what is your answer, you have to determine the accuracy of an AK 47.

The Comparison Table of The Best Scope for AK 47

Many people said that they don’t have much time to read my whole article. Therefore, I make this table to help you cover the most important features:




Our Rating

32mm objective lens


The 50.000-hour battery life


The brightness knob illumination providing 12 different brightness settings.


The Full Review of The Best Scope for AK 47

Here is the main part which I don’t want you to skip it. Once you are done finding out your favorite model, let’s discover it in details below:

Why should you pick up Vortex Optics?

On the market, there are many scopes which help you reach success in each game.

However, Vortex Optics can provide you with the best customer service departments and warranties apart from the best outcome.

Here is the great thing:

When you mount the scope on the fore end of the rifle, it will create a strong combination of medium power magnification, a low-profile objective bell, and scout set up.

Some people may worry that adding a thing causes a heavier rifle.


It's not bulky and doesn't interfere with your shooting process and your AK-47's disassembly.

Even when adding a second focal plane riflescope, you can easily practice within 500 yards range.

Missing shots is no more.

You will have a 32mm objective lens and a maximum of 7x magnification from Vortex Optics to shoot out to each edge of the range.

It's very fast and easy to get your sight picture and target through 9.45'' of eye relief, an ultra-forgiving eye box, and the fast focus eyepiece.

If you use your rifle in a case which lacks light, Vortex Optics will provide you with clear and bright views via fully multi-coated and anti-reflective lenses.


  • Durability

  • Made in the USA

  • Clear in fog and light rain


  • A bit hard for small people and women to use

  • Not cheap

Are you a professional person? Are you looking for the best and most-effective grade red dots on the market?

Aimpoint is designed for these requirements.

Moreover, thanks to unique size and capacity, it works well on any lightweight intermediate carbine rifle.

You also know that your AK-47 will be able to use a big diameter red dot sight as it is great for forwarding scout mounting options. Thus, using your rifle in a rugged sight is not a big problem anymore.

Because of a reputable warranty, you don't have to worry about any problem with the product.

Wait! Not stop here:

It has the 50.000-hour battery life. What's more, you can use the turn-on and turn-off function to last the life of battery up to one year. This leads to an annual affair of changing batteries.

This product is designed the extra recessed lens which can keep the whole model away from fingerprints, damage, and scratches.


  • Budget-friendly price

  • Mount it easy and quick


  • A limited field of view

In general, the Primary Arms is designed for medium range shooting. It works well on many different light conditions thanks to the brightness knob illumination providing 12 different brightness settings.

Its second focal plane design allows you to get target quickly no matter which magnification level is.

Apart from quick ranging and wind holds, ACSS reticle is compatible with 300 AAC supersonic and subsonic loads.

The combination of 1 to 6X magnification and a 24mm objective lens gives you an amazing view of I9.50-II0 ft at I00 yards.

There are flip-up caps which keep your lenses away from any damage when you are using.


  • Durable and light

  • A three-year manufacturer's warranty

  • Easy to sight in

  • Long battery life


  • Heavy

  • Flimsy flip up caps

  • Not cheap

In The End

For me, the winner is Aimpoint. It can meet all the basic requirements of the best scope for AK 47. Moreover, its price is not expensive. Most kinds of customers can buy one. Another great feature is that there is an extra recessed lens keeping the whole unit away from fingerprints, damage, and scratches.

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