What Is One Advantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand? Is It Safe to Use?

If you are a fan of hunting, an elevated stand is a useful device you cannot ignore to have an accurate shooting vision. If you are unfamiliar with this information, you may wonder what is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand.  

Is it better compared to hunting on the ground? You are at the right site. Read our article to find the answer before having your device set up. Jump in!

What Is One Advantage of Hunting from an Elevated Stand?


The supported hunting device options vary these days, including tree stands and ground blinds. Although both of them have their own advantages, the elevated tree stand is the most preferable permanent structure of many seasoned bowhunters. It is a foundation that builds on a higher position where the hunters can sit with a better shooting view.

So, what is the benefit of hunting from an elevated tree stand? Here is one of the most significant advantages you will find when hunting from a tree stand.

An elevated stand has the significant benefit of providing a wider view of the hunting area. This is due to the fact that you are standed up above the ground, providing you a better sight that is not hindered by obstructions. 

As a result, you could see the prey at a bigger distance than from when you’re on the ground because of the tree stand’s height advantage. Standing up at a higher position also allows the bullets and arrows to go in the right direction and hit the target correctly

That is how an elevated plan offers you more time to plan and an opportunity to have the best shot without any hurt and detection.

What Other Advantages of An Elevated Stand?

Besides broadening your hunting vision, this enclosed platform also brings you other benefits while doing a shot. Let’s explore seven potential advantages given as follows.

Hide Safely from The Prey

When on the ground, your prey can identify you by smelling your scent. Once it smells your existence, the quarry runs immediately. Instead, hunting from an elevated tree stand with a wide upper view prevents your prey from realizing your existence. 

Better View

It is challenging to spot animals exactly while hunting on the ground. Therefore, one advantage of using an elevated tree stand is that the hunters will lock on to the target for the first time without fail. 

Avoid Harsh Environment

Several weather conditions such as rain, cold, sun, and even hurricanes are considered harsh environments when hunting. Designing a tree stand box gives you a safe place to avoid these unfavorable hindrances while waiting for prey. 

Shoot in Ease

Hunting from the top offers a better shooting angle compared to standing on the ground. Focusing on running animals can be hard for hunters, but you have a higher chance to kill them shortly by an elevated tree stand.

Good Location

When choosing a location for your elevated tree stand, you should look at the best location for hunting. It is essential to look for a preferable place to have the best view of observing the quarry’s moment from your viewpoint.

Visible from Other Hunters

An elevated tree stand offers a visible view from other hunters. It means that other people can see you clearly from their location, which is a great help to avoid mistaken accidents during hunting time. For example, without an elevated tree, other hunters may shoot at you instead of prey because they mistake you as their target. 

Decrease the Chance of Stray Bullets

A shot from an elevated tree stand moves downward, meaning the bullets and arrows will travel to the ground. This reduces the wrong stray shots, which is helpful when you’re hunting near residential areas and farms.  

Provide 360° Viewing

Elevated hunting blind structures provide you a window opening where all sides of view are extended. As a result, you could see the overall range of sight in a sturdy structure compared to a ground blind. 

Better Support for Heavy Rifles

For firearm hunters, it is tiring to hold a heavy shooting gun with best scope on a minimal tree stand all day long. Do not worry. An elevated hunting blind offers a supported place to prop your weighty weapon in comfortably.

Best Space for Young Hunters

Photo by Tim Donovan (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Waiting a long day in a quiet and tranquil place should be more difficult for younger people than it is for experienced hunters. Therefore, an elevated hunting blind offers the area to move and stretch without any discomfort. 

Final Thoughts

What is one advantage of hunting from an elevated stand? After reading our post, you know clearly. 

Indeed, an elevated tree stand is a necessary platform that changes the hunter’s experience. Among all the safety techniques to have a good shooting view and see the target correctly, building an elevated tree stand should be worth doing.

Thank you for your reading, and see you in our next article!

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