A Transparent Discussion On Vortex Strikefire Vs Aimpoint

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Vortex and Aimpoint are two reputed brands that are known to manufacture high-quality optics for firearms. So, when it comes to a debate between Vortex Strikefire vs Aimpoint, things can be a little confusing for you. Both brands have tons of features in their products and not to mention understanding the technicalities that come with them.

However, we can take that confusion away from you. In this post, we have selected some of the popular products of these two brands and highlighted their aspects. This will give you a clear understanding of the products and which brand is better.

So, you should take the time and go through all the information provided and analyze each detail. This might add some clarity and you will make an educated decision rather than random purchases, which you will regret. Here are some of the best products from Aimpoint and Vortex Strikefire that will blow your mind. Have a look.

Vortex Strikefire Vs Aimpoint- The Available Options

Here are some of the most popular products from the two brands. We have listed them separately for your better understanding. This will help you pick the right product for yourself.

This product gained a lot of popularity in the market as it is very easy to use. The good thing about this is that it does not cost a lot. Simultaneously, this has all the features that you would normally expect from a premium product.

The brand has introduced numerous improvements in this product thus giving the users tremendous flexibility. This is certainly a very good value for money. This has 10 individual settings to control the level of brightness. Two separate settings for night vision.  This is a standard sized optic and is very compatible with shotguns and rifles. This is also water-resistant to a great degree.

What We Like About It

This has power controls located at the rear and they are very easy to access.

This also comes with an optics hat. You will also get a sturdy cantilever mount with the sales package.

The lenses have a special coating on them giving the users crystal clear images all the time.

The design is quite compact and the sight is also shockproof.

The O-rings make sure that it is protected from the fog.

This sight comes with a red and green dot depending on the situation.

What We Did Not Like

The battery tends to die down fast and this is the only minor flaw of the sight.

If you are looking for an inexpensive sight from Aimpoint, this is what you should consider. This is ideal for users who indulge in casual shooting and competitions. This costs less because the manufacturer has included fewer features on this sight. The best thing about this is that it is very easy to mount and it works for an entire year on one battery.

You will be pleased to know that this sight is waterproof but you should not put in deep water anywhere more than 15 feet. The overall quality and performance of the sight are impressive. You should not give this a miss for anything in the world.

What We Like About It

This does not consume too much battery, which is a cool feature. The sales package comes with mount.

The sight features Dual MUA dot along with 9 different settings for brightness.

For the price, the features are pretty good.

What We Did Not Like

This sight does not have any compatibility with night vision, but otherwise, this does a splendid job.

Looking for something very easy to use? Well, give this one a thought. This comes with a complete mounting kit along with a detachable spacer. Honestly, you could not have asked for more. You can put this sight on a standard rail and simply secure it with the tightening knob without worrying about causing damage.

The Dual Moa Dot will permit users to locate their targets very easily. This comes with a solid flip cover to add protection to the lens. This sight is anything but a disappointment and you should add this to your list.

What We Like About It

The opening in front of the lens gives the users the option of attaching an additional device to eliminate reflection.

This is free from parallax and is compatible with the models of NVD.

The sight has 4 different settings for night vision and 6 for daylight.

This can be submerged in water up to 150 feet, which is impressive.

What We Did Not Like

The sight seems a bit heavier than what is advertised, but this has no negative effect on the performance.

If you want to acquire a sight that is reliable and sturdy, then this is your safest bet. This is used by the military force in the USA. This is a standard sized sight that used a reticle with a red dot. The good thing is that the lenses have been given a special treatment that allows you to view crystal clear images at all times. You will also be happy to know that the manufacturer provides a suitable warranty on the product.

This sight can provide 8 years of flawless service using a one double-A cell, this is certainly an impressive feature of the product. This has seven individual settings for night vision and nine for daylight. So, it is already evident that this will help you polish your shooting skills. 

What We Like About It

The sight can be customized by combining different accessories.

This comes with a Picatinny mount along with a spacer that is configured for co-witness.

The manufacturer has put this through several quality checks before putting this out there.

The lenses are quite advanced for allowing the light transmission to the fullest.

What We Did Not Like

This may take a bit of time to mount, but with a little patience, it can be achieved.

If you do not like using big optics then maybe you could try this one out. This can be mounted on to pistols, shotguns, and even rifles. This sight has 13 settings to control the level of brightness. The reticle uses a simple red dot and this does a wonderful job in assisting you to locate your targets fast.

This is a waterproof sight and it can withstand water up to 80 feet. You can change the battery without detaching the optic from the weapon. This can be used with night vision but the Vortex still offers a larger optic. However, this is not a disappointment in any way as it does the job well. So, if you are looking for a reliable optic then this is it.

What We Like About It

This offers good adjustments for elevation and windage, which is a great feature.

This sight has 4 settings to adjust the night vision and it also has 8 settings for daytime.

This is waterproof and has a sturdy build so you can expect it to last for a very long time.

What We Did Not Like

This tends to use a lot of battery. This is the only small flaw that it has, but otherwise, it is a great product.

Which Is Better? Vortex Or Aimpoint?

The answer to that is not cut and dry. As it depends on what you are looking for. A product is considered perfect when you find  the features that you want. Overall, both brands are reputed and have been in the industry for a long time. They offer great variety along with good quality.  So, you need to sort out your personal preferences before you go ahead and make a decision.

Now that you have the right knowledge regarding the debate on Vortex Strikefire Vs Aimpoint things should be a lot easier for you now. You should spend some time going through the features of the products mentioned above and things will be clear to you.

Like any other product, these too have their set of flaws and strengths and it is up to you to find a way to work around them. It is not impossible to do so provided you adopt a systematic approach. There is no doubt that the products from both brands finish close in this race and they are both winners.

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