Little Known Ways To How To Tag A Deer

Do you want to know what is tagging? As a hunter you may be interested to know about the proper ways of tagging your kill. Here is a post that will help you with all the answers that you could be possibly looking for.

Tag is basically a permit that you need to hunt specific animals with (like antelope, deer, bear or an elk). A tag carries a few details that we will discuss in a while, in relation to your hunt. A traditional way of tagging would be by punching it into your kill.

We have tried to explain everything in regards to How to tag a Deer in this post, read it to know more.

How To Tag A Deer – All You Need


A tag is a permit to hunt for an animal in that locality for that season. It is an addition to your license and one tag allows harvesting one animal at a given point of time.

Yes, it may get complicated because they are limited in number and they may come with a variety of restrictions. For example, tags per person for an animal may be constrained or even the use of rifles.

Yes, you may be allowed more than one and it is advisable that you find out the details from the authorities about that. Let us not digress anymore as we have taken the initiative to explain the basic supplies you will need to tag a deer and they are as follows:

  • The first thing that you will need is your license
  • A deer bag is a must and they may be controlled as well, so it is better to find out about that too as they differ according to the locality
  • The tag or tags for marking your hunt
  • A safety pin or a sharp object (like a knife) that you may need to punch the tag
  • A ballpoint pen to fill up the details

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Instructions For Tagging A Deer


The most interesting part about tagging is that even landowners need to do it for their harvest! Now, that is something really far-fetched but everyone is equal in the eyes of law.

Besides this, it must be added that since tags are used to strike a balance between hunting and conservation, they become all the more important. Here are a few pointers that you can take into consideration while tagging a deer in general:


You may think this has nothing to do with tagging but you may be missing a point here. Time is an important factor to harvest a deer as it starts from half an hour before sunrise and continues till half an hour after sunset.

You must wrap up your game within this time and then tag your deer. So, in a way it could be said that it actually starts from here.

Use Current Licenses

This is an integral part of your tagging and you must not neglect this. In order to keep it simple, you can remove the old licenses from your license holder or box (whatever you use to store them) before the commencing of the hunting season.

This will make things easier for you as you will not end up using the expired ones. This may have legal consequences and they may not pleasant for sure.

License For Reporting

There is no need of attaching your license to the deer as you will be using a tag for this. You only need it to report a tag with the correct details.

Again, if you have multiple licenses, then you must report the right one you used for harvesting your present kill.

Using Tags

This is important and we would advise you to pay attention while using tags that you may have used. Tags differ and are specific to animals, in this case, you must use the one marked with a deer and this should answer for How to Tag a Deer.


Now, you get to use the ballpoint to fill up all the details in the tag. Remember one thing that a tag comes pre-punched and there is no need to puncture it more as you can utilize these punched voids to tie them to your hunt.

Attaching The Tag

You can use a safety pin to punch it into the animal’s ears as this is widely accepted. Using a knife could be another to tag your hunt. So, now you know what “punched a tag” means in reality. More or less this shows that they had a successful season.

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How Do Tags Differ From Validations?

This is yet another question that most beginners ask and to make things we explain it like an imperative that identifies your hunt. Most importantly, a license or any other validation is a piece of paper that you keep in your pockets, but a tag is something that accompanies your kill.

That is right, as mentioned above, there is no need of attaching your license to your harvest, but the tag. A tag has all the information that is required to mark the hunt as yours.


In a way, tags are a way to keep count of the animals hunted in a year. This certainly helps in preservation to balance the ecosystem. They tell authorities how many males or females have been hunted by firearms or bows. This certainly helps them save the animals and plan for the next season as well. This is a good way of planning and keeping it organized for good.

Hope you have really enjoyed our post about How to Tag a Deer as it may get messy for hunters. Yes, a hunter must read a lot and remain updated about the current season. Make sure you fill your tag completely and properly for good.

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