Trends In Nikon Prostaff 4 12×40 Bdc Review We’ve Seen This Year

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What Do You Get From Nikon Prostaff?

Nikon has once again struck gold with their creation. This time it is called Nikon Prostaff and consumers seem not to get enough of it. It is true and we are not exaggerating it a bit. 

This scope is considered a perfect match for rifles with heavy cartridges as well as lightweight ones. It comes with a comfortable price tag and has the patented BDC reticle. Why would people want anything beyond it? 

Well, if this interests you, we request you to read the rest of this post about nikon prostaff 4 12x40 bdc review to get a better understanding of the facts.

Features Of Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40 BDC 

It only gets better with the Nikon Prostaff 4 12x40 BDC. It has to be mentioned that this scope holds a special place in the hunting community. Hunters prefer it owing to:

  • Design – It is made from quality components, just like any other Nikon product is. The aluminum body ensures users of lifetime durability. It is made from one tube that makes it sturdier and adds to stability. 

    Yet, it is a flexible solution for all kinds of hunting needs. You can use it on heavy timber to what are known as open prairies.
  • Reticle – Like in most Nikon scopes, the BDC reticle plays a predominant role in this one too. The ballistic circles in the scope offer you with a range for shooting. Be it a long or a short shot, you are ready with a crisp image. 

  • Image – It allows 98% of light transmission which means you don’t have to worry about low light situations. It will collect the maximum amount of light it can and the multiple coated lenses produce you crisp images. So, you can be assured that in a cloudy setting or as dusk approaches, the image quality will never be compromised.

  • Magnification – It can zoom from 4x to 12x and this is quality magnification that we are talking about. The contrast and clarity are far superior owing to Nikon’s cutting edge technology.


Here are a few more things that go into its favor:

  • It is a compact riflescope

  • Looks good on any rifle

  • The matte finish only adds to its classiness

  • It is fog proof, shockproof and water proof

  • Spot on technology helps you aim better

  • Backed by Nikon’s lifetime warranty 


As an impartial nikon prostaff 4 12x40 bdc review, we had to explain this part as well:

  • Okay, parallax is missing, although as we said it does not make much of a difference, yet it is a flaw

  • This works better with high performance rifles

Who Is It For?

To tell you the truth, it is best for hunting and military use. They need more precision and this scope is ready for that kind of intense accuracy. They switch distances very quickly and need high resolution sight images. This scope serves their purpose very well.

What About The Eye Relief?

Nikon is very careful about eye relief, as they know safety comes first. It is a comfortable 3.7 inches on a 40 mm objective lens. Yes, you have to be cautious with a lightweight or heavy recoil rifle, but most hunters are vigilant about this part. Aren’t we?

Moreover, the exit pupil is placed at 3.3 mm to 10 mm, this is a good range for sure. What are waiting for? Go get one today!

How Do You Rate The Optics Of This Scope?

The multi-coated optics provides you with a huge range of transmission. The picture is almost as good as HD. The BDC compensates for most of what is missing in this scope. The markers help you aim better and claim that kill you have always eyed. What more do you want from a riflescope?

How Would You Say The Field Of View Is?

At 100 yards it can offer you with 7.3 feet magnification at maximum to 23.6 feet at a magnification of 4x.It may be considered slightly below the range, but is great while you are on the move. This adds to its demand and users like us are in complete awe of it.

Is It Easy To Mount It? 

It is no rocket science to mount this scope. Once you get the rings in place, make sure you order them separately, you are good to go.

Do You Need Special Tools For This Scope? 

The Nikon Prostaff 4 12x40 BDC is a user friendly device. It requires no special tools, other than your fingers. Once you squeeze it into the socket, you are good to go. It has adjustment knobs that can do the rest for you. These knobs also keep your scope safe from rust and climatic conditions.

Does Everyone Like The BDC Feature? 

To tell you the truth, not everyone likes it. A few may find it to be too rich, but this has never turned against Nikon. Why would a company use this technology if it is not popular? Most people like us appreciate to find crosshair aim and this is why it still is included in Nikon scopes. You cannot go wrong with this technology.

Of come one, we understand it very well that it is technology, which may be liked by a liked and discarded by a few. Don’t lose your sleep over it.

What Is Our Verdict?

There are too many things that we have liked in this riflescope. Its image quality that we spoke about in details adds up for more than anything. What about the price factor that puts us off from investing in major brands? Again, Nikon is a sensible brand that knows its target audience. 

This Nikon prostaff 4 12x40 bdc review has found the absence of parallax control to be no big deal. You know you can use the cheek weld method to this. All in all, this is a reliable product from Nikon that you can try.

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