An Urban Dictionary of Nikon Buckmaster Vs Prostaff

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Have you been riflescope hunting of late? If you are a beginner, then you will find our post very informative. If you are a pro, then you already know more, but still can give this a read. What do you say?

On a serious note, we have two Nikon scopes to be investigated. Wow, we mean both are much sought after products. Which one to choose? Well, if that becomes a big quandary then read this post on Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff to get it clarified. 

Yes, we are here to guide you about the two, but it is your ultimate decision that makes all this worth. So, do look into their optics, price, and quality before you invest in them. Both are mid-range riflescopes that have high quality. It may become difficult for novices to take a call at once. Hence, we have provided all the information we could regarding these two scopes. Just read this post until the end to get a fair idea.

Why Only Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff?

The answer lies in the fact that most hunters would prefer Nikon over other name brands. Nikon is more than 90 years old and has a long history of designing high-quality optics. It has been in the pursuit of outdoor activities for a long time. It has been a leader of multicoated lenses that maximize the transmission of light. 

It has been a pioneer of lenses that allow 95% light transmission. This was combined with the optical resolution, quality glasses, and a high-definition of contrast. This resulted in the crosshairs being visible with crystal clear visible during twilight, dusk, and dawn. Now, that is Nikon for you.

A Comparing Nikon Buckmaster And Prostaff

As we have already discussed, Nikon has groundbreaking technology in optical resolution. Both Nikon Buckmaster and Prostaff have different magnification levels. They belong to different collections of Nikon. As the name suggests, Buckmaster is for those hunting for deer. It has BDC reticle, whereas the Prostaff is for serious hunters. Here is a comparison that would bring you all the detail about the two scopes.


Look, what we have learned from experience is that we should think of a price while procuring a product. The same fact applies to this as well and there is no denying that this plays an important role when obtaining a scope. To be precise, this will help you filter a few products that will assist you further.


Both models are very durable and there no second thoughts about it. The reason being, Nikon challenges its products and engineers better products. They don’t need a competitor as they compete with their products. The Buckmaster II is an upgrade of the Prostaff, but that does not Prostaff can be left off the hook. 

These two merchandises undergo a thorough quality check. Their optics are fog-proof, shockproof, and waterproof. They are nitrogen-cleansed and outfitted with O-ring seals to forestall dampness, residue, and trash from coming in. They come with Nikon’s famous Lifetime Guarantee that makes it a sweet deal.


Still caught up with Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff, then we have to tell you that they perform really well. The two models can convey exceptional execution for hunting. The pictures are exceptionally clear with precise hues. As for within 150 yards, you likely won't notice a very remarkable contrast between the two. You can undoubtedly detect a deer or hoard in the field of view.

However, at 200 yards, the pictures produced by Nikon Buckmaster II can have a negligible blurring effect. Nevertheless, Nikon ProStaff can provide you with much clarity and subtleties with clear hues. All things considered, the ProStaff accompanies higher magnification levels, so it is more qualified for such sort of shooting.


If you want a riflescope, then you have to ensure that the extension you use has sufficient eye relief. The normal eye alleviation offered by Nikon Buckmaster II and Nikon Prostaff rifle extensions is more than adequate. That being stated if you choose to shoot with.30-06 Springfield rounds, then a Buckmaster II should work well for you. 

Again, if you consider hard-hitting gauges, like .338 Lapua Magnum, then you should utilize Prostaff 5. Consider your necessities and prerequisites too when making a choice. Eye relief is an integral part of the sport because it is a safety measure and it should not skip your mind.


Prostaff 5 as well as the Buckmaster II make use of hand-turned turrets. You reset both of these turrets to zero for simple field changes. This makes it simple for wind and height adjustments. The turrets may sound like the same, but they are different in reality. 

For example, the Prostaff 5 uses MOA modifications at a ¼ inch MOA per click. On the other hand, the Buckmaster uses ¼ inch modifications at 100 yards. Once more, these sound comparative however are very unique. The MOA changes are more qualified for longer range shooting. The ¼ inch settings are better for casual shooting and apt for hunting.

Parallax Adjustment

Okay, we have to break this to you that the Buckmaster the 2.5-10x model of the Prostaff 5 isn’t furnished with parallax adjustment. Parallax adjustment of the Prostaff 5 models is either 4.5-18x or 3.5-14x. Parallax control permits long-range scopes to be utilized around close-range shooting.


Both Nikon Buckmaster and Prostaff have a range of magnification going up to 12X! So, it doesn't make a difference where you are, as you will consistently have the option to aim correctly. Nikon has a variety of models with different ranges of amplification, and you are free to choose the one most suitable for your activity. Regardless of whether you are in for close-range shooting or long-range shooting, you can discover a degree with the degree of magnification that works for you. Well, that is Nikon for you!

Real Difference

What more can you find out about the Nikon Buckmaster and Prostaff? Is there anything more that you need to know? Heck yeah, there are a few more pointers that need to go into this discussion like:

  • Prostaff has a better light transmission of 98%, against Buckmaster with 92%
  • Buckmaster may be good beginners, but Prostaff is equally well suited for hunters that are just starting out
  • Buckmaster is good for short, mid, and long-range shooting
  • It is more budget-friendly, as compared to Prostaff
  • Its trajectory is based on BDC reticle, like the Prostaff that has quick focus working in its favor
  • Prostaff is popular for its compact size

Which Is Better?

See, we agree that different people will have different opinions. Similarly, no two shooters will have the same experience about the Nikon Buckmaster vs Prostaff. Everyone has their own set of rules to follow and comfort for shooting. Therefore, based on whatever we have specified in this article, we would like you to make an educated decision while acquiring either of these scopes. 

The point is both the scopes come with their upsides and downsides. All products do and there is no need to get worked up. Choice is all yours. If you have some more points in this respect, we would request you to share it through the comments section with the community here. We can learn from each and keep growing at the same time. We would like to know your thoughts on this. Happy shopping!

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