The Best Night Sights for M&P Shield in 2021: And There You Have It!

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The Smith and Wesson (M&P), which has a decocking feature, traditional safety, and affordable price, is a state-of-the-art striker-fired pistol.

So, can we improve it like any factory gun?

Well, one of the most common M&P upgrades is to add night sights. Luckily, there are affordable night sights available on the market and we chose top 3 best night sights for M&P shield.

Let’s get down to read!

Best Night Sight for M&P Shield to Invest and Experience

Now, you had full of information to start choosing a night sight for your M&P.

If you are searching for a replacement for your standard iron sights, you have found the right product. The Meprolight night sight will not make you disappointed.

Before anything else, the night sight from Meprolight uses tritium gas for bright remaining in low-light conditions. It can even work without having the support of the batteries.

With the lightweight, the Meprolight model is ideal for most M&P Shields. That 1.1-pound weight will not affect the normal balance of your handgun. Feel secure!

In addition to the front sight owned the standard height, it does not require to adjust the target when you are using. For the rear sight, it is both large and stable, you can rack with one hand.

Personally, we take a fit into consideration and this night sight makes us satisfied. It perfectly fits the Shield.

Not only does it work well in low-light conditions but you can also utilize it in full darkness.

In general, the Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight is valuable to invest seriously. Remember that it also provides a limited illumination warranty within 12 years.

What are you waiting that do not add it to your shopping list?


  • The brightness is good in low-light and in the dark
  • The rear sight allows one hand operation
  • The notch catches things pretty good
  • Easy to install with the sight tool
  • It produces a bright green glow in a dark room


  • It takes longer to line up the sights
  • Don’t project rearward

Talking about the well-known sights and optics brands, we immediately think of Trijicon. Their sights are dependable and effective. The representation is the Trijicon Night Sight Sets.

This sight set features the colored front sight and subdued rear sight.

A photoluminescent paint applied to the front sight helps acquire your aim in low-light conditions while the angled rear sight contributes to reducing the glare.

Apart from that, there is also a perfect combination with two painted rings. The purpose is to support your focus on the front sight.

Don’t stop! To increase the front sight, the Trijicon designed the U-notch rear sight. You will easily acquire your aim with the 3-dot design.

If you are in the low-light conditions and complete darkness, you can use the tritium-filled lamps. The color difference between the front lamp and the rear lamps will help you acquire the target easily and quickly.

Honestly, the Trijicon Night Sight Set has full of essential features for the M&P Shield. We especially recommend it to consumers.


  • Easy to install
  • The larger space between the two sights can help with getting on target faster
  • The front sight is bright orange and easy to see
  • Work well in low light
  • Very fast acquisition during the day


  • Expensive
  • Easy to pick up at night but not too bright

Coming to the TRUGLO TFO Sight Set, you will feel its great features; especially, there is enormous visibility in light bright and low-bright conditions.

We highly appreciate the construction of this sight set.

It is made from machined steel that is durable and reliable. You can have peace of mind to use for a long time.

The large construction helps acquire your aim easily, but it is small sufficient to prevent it from getting caught in your cloth when drawing.

Besides, having a compact design, these sights fit in the standard holsters.

Similar to other quality night sights, this model from TRUGLO also utilizes excellent tritium to help you remain bright when aiming in the dark. By concealing the tritium fiber of the sights, you will not worry about your target that can spot your handgun. What a convenient it is!

Obviously, using the tritium for these sights provides a considerable quality. It makes sure brightness and clarity.

In short, this is a perfect option if you are looking for a high-quality night sight for M&P Shield.


  • It is very visible during the day
  • Work well under any lighting conditions
  • It is easier to get back on target
  • Ease of installation
  • Affordable price


  • The front sight seems small to create a snug fit
  • The front sight quickly went out

Sight Design for Your Demand

In low-light conditions or at night, the night sights are ideal. But, it would be best to choose the right night sight to your need and preference.


This is a great option for the rear sight. The U-notch requires to align its own and the front sight to aim your target. 

The night sights with the U-notch design use different-in-color tritium lamps on the front and rear sights to enhance the acquisition time of your aim. The contrast colors help you focus on the front sight and then acquire your aim.


Just like the U-notch, the Patridge sights are popular.

However, the Patridge sights design the rear sight as the bottom of a square. They also build-in the shorter rear and front sights compared to the U-notch. This means that the sights’ profile is lower.

Aside from using tritium lamps, these night sights also utilize the fiber optic lamps. And they require you to center the front lamp between two rear ones to get the target in low-light cases.

Furthermore, the manufacturers utilize various colors for both the rear and front lamps to direct the focus and enhance the target.


The name says it all, the V-notch sights have the V-shaped rear sight. The advantage is the addition of the reflective line that placed in the arms of the ‘V’ connect. Thanks to that, you are easy to center and improve your target.

Which one makes you the most comfortable?

Tritium Lamps or Fiber Optic

Both the tritium and the fiber optic lamp are very preferred. They have certain disadvantages and advantages, in particular, here are:

Tritium Lamps

  • More expensive
  • Have the ability to produce a bit of light
  • Use in the low-light conditions and full darkness
  • Don’t work well in daylight, except the lamps are encircled in reflective materials
  • Only use about 12 years

Fiber Optic

  • Have the affordable price
  • Ideal for aim practice
  • You can use it for a long period of time if maintained properly
  • Allow using in all type of light conditions
  • Improve your precision
  • Use different colors for the rear and front sights
  • Don’t produce light themselves

Tips for Night Sight for M&P Shield Buying

Before starting your investment, you should pocket the following tips:

Size & weight: 

The larger the sights, the heavier their weight will be. If possible, you try experiencing the new sights. Let’s choose one that makes you comfortable when utilizing.

Usage condition: 

A good night sight uses not only at night but also daylight. This is vital if you have planned to install the sights on the home-defense handgun.


Whether you never bang your M&P against a wall or drop it, the night sights, the chosen night sights must also be durable enough for you to handle the recoil of your gun. Likely handling the recoil for an extended time will help maintain accuracy.


This is very important. Whether your selection is a tritium lamp or a fiber optic, it has to be ensured the sufficient bright. Not all shooters feel the same brightness, so you need to consider your own brightness.

Generally Speaking

The night sight, which helps sight and focus in low-light conditions effectively, is a great selection for M&P shield. 

There are many available options on the market to seek and choose. We helped you pick the best night sights for M&P shield. You just need to read carefully and then decide to select one as expected.

If the TRUGLO TFO Sight Set is both beneficial and affordable, the Trijicon Night Sight Sets and the Meprolight night sight are optimal in the construction and brightness. 

Which do you decide to choose?

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