The Best Kydex Holster Reviews: It’s Time To Choose The Right One!

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Are you in search for a holster that provides accurate concealing? Well, getting a Kydex holster might make you feel like an annoying, long and sometimes expensive procedure.

Kydex is a well-known firearm holster material which is flexible and sturdy enough and utilized for shielding a gun. When there are many products available, it’s tough to find the right one.

To help you find out the best Kydex holster, we have reviewed a few for compiling the list of our top 3 products in this comprehensive tutorial.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Kydex Holsters

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How To Choose The Best Kydex Holster?

With a lot of options, sometimes it can be a difficult choice to make when it comes to purchasing a holster.

Hence, we have narrowed down the field to the 3 best products for you. But before diving right in, ensure to take into account the basic factors you must look for when it comes to a unique and dependable night sight.

Security and protection of the gun

The objective of using a holster is to impart shield to the firearm as your ammunition is worthy. You must buy a holster that is compatible with your pistol and offers optimal protection with damage resistance.


You should make sure that your gun fits properly the holster; else, you will find yourself wasting your money. You can opt for DIY adjustments for making it fit appropriately. The loose fitting will be the worst problem and not at all secure for your firearm and you. It can lead to a serious disaster; hence, don’t wait for it to happen.


The firearm holster must be durable, rigid, and strong with optimal comfort. The Kydex material is more durable and stronger than any other material. This durability makes the product damage resistant.


Some holsters come with amazing features but also are pricey enough. But if you want a long-term investment, don’t compare the products as per prices, rather do it according to the features they are boasting. A sophisticated or economical purchase can’t state that the product is awesome enough.

Concealment Capacities

If you want a Kydex holster for concealed carry, make sure to care about the holster’s profile. Some models are heavier than others and in spite of all of them proclaiming for being a pan cake style design, there is a huge and in-depth difference among some holsters.

Hence, always remember that if you are going to carry on the inside or outside of the waist belt, the holster type you select will differ very much for every usage. A few are really good under the belt, whereas others are very uncomfortable to carry for a long time due to bulky and big size.


A few firearm holsters are really unique and versatile and you can use them for keeping different kinds of guns. You can customize them as per the need of the pistol with tight clips for holding your weapon firmly.

Benefits Of Choosing The Best Kydex Holster

Here are some amazing benefits of the best Kydex holster:

  • Lightweight and durable – Kydex holsters are made of thin material but come really strong and perfect to be used with your weapon. Hence, alongside its strong nature, these products are easy to carry anywhere due to its lightweight.
  • Washable and waterproof – Albeit we see the same qualities in leather, but unlike leather, the Kydex holster needs no maintenance to retain these qualities. You can easily wash it out with water and soap and let it dry. It will never rot.
  • Adjustable retention – Most Kydex holsters are made with this feature. The retention is produced by friction on a gun’s low spot. It can be isolated to a confined area to mitigate the wear over time.
  • Drawing and re-holstering – You can shape Kydex tweaking by hand for making drawing and re-holstering easier, faster, and more stable. It can make drawing while seated as well.
  • Dirt and sweat resistant – If you are a regular user of weapons, then opt for Kydex holster in order to keep your gun free from dirt and sweat. A good quality Kydex holster maintains firearms properly.
  • Comfort – Kydex holsters are made with extreme care to make them compact and more comfortable than leather ones. So, carrying them regularly is not a hassle.
  • Versatility – Any single Kydex holster is really versatile, featuring multiple configurations, in order to make your purchase unique, economical and the best. Hence, you don’t need to buy multiple holsters.

Top 3 Best Kydex Holster Reviews

If you want a great Kydex holster from a reputable company that produces high-rated models only, then opt for the Concealment Express Kydex IWB holster for your usage. It’s a great product for regular usage.

It features a sweat guard that amazingly shields your gun from sweat and keeps it dry. Being extremely rigid and secure for daily usage, this IWB holster ensures better concealment.


  • This IWB holster can be used for the daily purpose and doesn’t pose any issue because of better concealment.
  • It can carry many types of handguns like Taurus 111/140, Glock G 42, etc.
  • Features an adjustable cant from 0 to 15 degrees; hence, it can be positioned anywhere as per your choice.
  • Features an adjustable retention for the ultimate safety of your weapon.
  • Extremely lightweight and is tightly attached to the shooter through belt clips.
  • Features sufficient thickness for rigidity.
  • Features Full-Sweat Shield to keep your gun dry and you can re-holster it anytime.
  • The Posi-Click Audible Lock System ensures whether the weapon is well-holstered.
  • Made with the top-quality materials and comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • None with me

Based on the deep concealment of customized IWB Kydex, this holster is comfortable enough for both enthusiast and newbie shooters. This IWB holster is basically suitable for the Glock 43 and gives it complete protection.


  • Well-constructed and designed with premium quality material
  • Out of the box, manufacturing makes it a winner in the market.
  • This product is not just but also comfortable enough for the user.
  • Its amazing design is suitable for every requirement of a customer.
  • This ultrathin holster helps your weapon fit appropriately and features great retention while helping the user draw his gun a better way.
  • Being lightweight, it allows you to carry anywhere.
  • Made up of the finest materials, this holster is suitable for various products.
  • Its molding spot is suitable for Glock 43.
  • It makes holstering easy and smooth, with fast upholstering of weapons.
  • It safely and perfectly fits the Glock 43 and comes with the easy-to-conceal feature.
  • Its comfort factor makes the trigger guard highly protected.


  • The rigid plastic construction makes it very hard to use and it’s very much tight with a snagged holster clip.

This IWB holster is the ideal way to ensure that you can appropriately blend into a crowd. Constructed by the efficient engineers, this Kydex holster comes really solid and perfect for the regular and professional shooters.


  • This model is perfect for the shooters who are hunting for good holsters and want the best one for regular usage.
  • Making fulfill all needs for your weapon, this holster gives a wonderful experience.
  • This IWB holster is perfect for Glock 19, 23, and 32.
  • After going through many tests on this product, it is said that it’s made of high-quality material and really durable enough.
  • The average build people won’t find any difficulty to carry this holster anywhere. It doesn’t take much effort to carry it with.
  • If you want a smooth re-holstering, then this is the product you need.
  • It’s really safe to use and covers the trigger totally; hence the Glock can be rendered safer.


  • The finish and fit of this holster are not very good, which let it make rattling and wobbling sounds.
  • Only for the right-hand people.


All these Kydex holsters can be considered as pretty awesome to use. Keeping in mind all the needs of your weapon and a shooter, these holsters are made. All the three brands discussed above namely Concealment Express, Gearcraft, and Galco Triton are the manufacturers of the finest quality holsters. Going through their features, pros, and cons, you can have a clear concept which one to purchase.

The matter of choosing the best Kydex holster with perfect convenience and measurement with a few added features is highly necessitous. If you are passionate about holsters and guns, then these three products can be the perfect option for you. So, be ready to fulfill your passion and choose a perfect holster match for your weapon. May your dreams come true with the perfect Kydex holster!

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