Here Are Some Surprising Facts About Best Hog Baits

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Are you pestered by wild boars? Oh, we know they can be a pain, as they can wreak havoc in your landscape. Most landowners setup boar traps to get rid of this menace. Some succeed and some do not. Today we bring you a relief to this problem once and for all. 

We will discuss the Best Hog Baits that can help you in the real sense. No hogwash (no pun intended) and we promise to provide you with the right plan. Are you ready for that? 

Then here is a small piece on how to go about it. If you are a hunter, you can make use of this. Again, if you are too much hounded by these animals then you will find these to be a blessing. We are here to help you. We speak of this from our personal experience. Just keep reading to find what suits you best.

How to Set up the Best Hog Baits?

Hogs cause a lot of damage to crops and predators. This is why most people want to get rid of them. Trust us, when we say that they are quite an animal to be hunted. Hogs are omnivores and practically eat anything that you may use as bait. They eat pretty much from snakes, crawfish, acorns, corn, roots of fresh plants, salamanders, and grubs.

The Problem

You will find some other species also interested in these baits. Raccoons and deer also like corn. If you don’t want to attract these non-targets, then you must follow these methods:

Barrel – This never fails and you can attract a lot of hogs and wild boars with this. All you need is a barrel and if possible pin it with metal support. Just add some Hog Wild, Wild Beast Attractant, and observe how it works. It does entice a lot of animals to your bait. If you are a wildlife photographer, you will have a blast for sure. 

Post Hole – You may dig a narrow and deep post. Then fill it with a bit of bait like the Elusive Wildlife Technologies, LP Pig Oil. You can add some feed to it also and let the hogs work their own. They keep moving deeper into the hole while moving the dirt away following the crumbs. This technique works like a charm.

Yes, we would like to remind you to stay away from automatic feeders, as they bring more destruction. You can also use raccoon urine as bait because raccoons are drawn to this. The moment you find raccoons, you know hogs are not far off. However, this could be a disgusting and repulsive idea for some. So, stick to these two methods and use the right bait to make the most of it.

Review of The 3 Best Hog Baits

Here is the top hog bait list that you can rely on:

Are you in search of an effective pig bait? Then look no further, as this attractant will make your work easy. Just scatter, make a hole or use the barrel procedure to make the most out of your hunting experience. 

This is one of the most prominent hunting accessories that you may come across. It has molasses and berries that will make bears, boars, hogs, and more animals excited. They are bound to reach the area and you can use it as a bait for hogs. 

If you can mix it with corn and lay a bait, you will find it to be more advantageous. Hide anywhere you like and wait for the hog to appear. You will notice your hunting trip is cut short with this bait. Yes, it is that effective!

We have seen foxes, bears, boars, squirrels, lynx, coyotes, grizzly, and even moose get attracted to it via our trail camera. It is worth a try and we would ask you to give it a go if you are serious about hunting or getting rid of hogs.


  • It keeps hogs busy for hours
  • An affordable option to catch hogs
  • It is a convenient way of setting up bait for hogs


  • Some may find corn to work better than this, but that doesn’t mean this does not

Did you know that hogs have a strong smelling sense? They can smell almost anything from 5 to 7 miles and something like 25 feet under the ground. Yes, that is true and this is why smell plays an imminent role in their lives. Hence, when we talk about the LP Pig Oil, we are not exaggerating the fact that you need these accessories while hunting. 

Elusive Wildlife Technologies has the integrity to manufacture such high-quality products. They have been in business since 2003 and have never disappointed their loyal patrons. Speaking of the LP Pig Oil, we must tell you that it is the most popular hog bait of all time. This is the real deal, as unlike most variants, it does not wash off that easy.

You can smear a little on or around the area that these hogs visit daily. Let it soak on the trees and you will notice hogs making trips to this bait area more often. Then hunt them down and enjoy your feast!


  • This is a quality product
  • It has long-lasting effect
  • Can attract a lot more than hogs, like foxes, rabbits, deer, and raccoons
  • Use it right out of the bottle
  • Very easy to use


  • A few find it to be overpriced, but the content is of 32 ounces

Wondering what to do with the unwanted hog visit at your farm? Worry no more, as the Pig-Out 4 Lb is here to help. That is correct, boar hunters have found this to be a great alternative. Moreover, this works that you will know it once you use it. 

Mention has to be made about Evolved Habitats that is big-time into manufacturing quality feed baits. Like this Pig-Out 4 Lb smells of cherry, corn, and acorn. These are more than enough to draw a hog’s attention. They have been doing business for a long time and are known to live up to their benefactors’ expectations.  

This is ideal for hunters that prefer to lay a bait with feed. Undoubtedly, hogs will arrive at the zone and you can utilize it as a trap. Thus, you can make a territory where hogs will visit during the day, giving you choices concerning which one you need to shoot or trap.


  • A quality product that never disappoints you
  • It delivers every time you use it
  • Attracts hogs, deer, raccoons, and more
  • Very easy to use


  • Yes, it may not be as inexpensive as molasses, but you are to make a choice


The names that we have mentioned in this post are indeed the Best Hog Baits. You can use either of them and you will get results. There is nothing to worry about as these have been tried and tested by us. 

Simply remember one thing that we are not here to eradicate them. We are only reducing their number. If you plan and make a strategy like the one we explained here, you will certainly accomplish your goals too. Have patience and do as directed. You may add a few steps of your own if you wish. Do share them with us, as we want the community to learn each other. Happy hunting!

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