Glock Night Sights Vs Trijicon Adventures

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Yes, Glock can be a perfect pistol but it does lack one thing. That is the sight and it happens to be a smear in the whole package. Trijicon, on the other hand, makes decent night sights and is an industry leader. 

If you combine them, the arrangement becomes the best of both worlds. We bring you a post about the Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon argument.

Are you on the lookout for reasonable night sights for your Glock Pistol? Well here is one that will fulfill your requirements. These steel sights are available at a reasonable price which should be good news to you. The dots on this are slightly larger than the other brands but that does not affect the performance.

The saving grace is that the sights on the rear and are not sloped. This will help the users to perform racking with one hand as and when required. When it comes to performance, this sight is anything but a disappointment so you should go out and purchase it.

As a consumer, you will be happy to know that these sights come with a major improvement than the previous models in the market. Do not worry about installation too as it only takes a couple of minutes. It is quite easy and you could do it by yourself or just consult a gunsmith whatever you are comfortable with.

Here are certain facts that you should be paying attention to.


  • The overall quality is very impressive and clearly, it is built to last for a long time
  • Features a huge improvement over the factory default
  • The installation process is super quick
  • This is readily available online
  • The maintenance  is negligible
  • Very reliable brand and a great brand


  • The plastic finishing has not gone down well with most
  • When it comes to visibility this seems to lag by a bit, the circles in white are not very clearly visible during the night and day, which is a major disadvantage

Are you looking for a versatile kit for your Glock pistol? This kit is everything you need for personal and up-close situations. This inexpensive kit should not be given a miss under any circumstances. The manufacturer has been around for quite some time and has garnered positive reviews.

This kit is very popular with professionals such as the military and police. This performs very well in giving clear visibility at night and also in the daytime. These sights are very helpful in enhancing a shooter’s abilities.

The sights may not be as flashy and trendy as other brands but when it comes to performance they can outperform all other brands in the market by a large margin. The construction is very sturdy and it has an adjustable rear made of strong polymer. The front of the sight is made of strong steel and has a green dot. Here is what you should know about this product.


  • The quality is undisputed and from the construction, it is evident that it will last for a very long time
  • This kit is very affordable so you will not have to depend on other expensive brands in the market
  • The sight has an adjustable rear that is not difficult to handle
  • The visibility at any time of the day is not difficult to handle at all
  • This kit is perfect for professionals or even people who shoot regularly
  • The installation process is not at all tough
  • Reliable manufacturer and customers can avail a decent warranty on the product


  • The sight in the front is not at all bright

This brand has dominated the market with its top-notch products since its inception in 1981. These night sights are made from enhanced fiber optics and tritium. The manufacturer also offers a warranty that is valid for an entire lifetime, this is all the more reason for you to pick this up.

The best thing is that this will work under different lighting conditions. In short, this is everything you need. Why wait to utilize superior technology to the fullest?

Keeping in mind the customer’s high expectation the manufacturer has introduced major improvements in the night sight. This night sight features a thin front sight that gives the shooter a wider view.

These sights have self-illumination and a unique design to help you achieve accurate results. The night sight features a U notch that is serrated and angles to eliminate any glare. Below are some interesting features of the night sight:


  • The illumination is very good and it provides clear visibility
  • The overall construction is very sturdy and it will last for quite some time
  • This is compatible with almost all popular models of Glock pistols
  • This is readily available online for a very reasonable price
  • Reliable brand and great value for money
  • The manufacturer offers a decent warranty on the product
  • Very affordable product


  • The installation takes a bit of time and in some cases, if it does not fit in right way

With this premium quality night sight set, you can now enjoy a great deal of visibility at night or in low light situations. Achieve great accuracy with each shot. The body of the sight is made of sturdy metal and also contains a cushioning of silicone rubber.

The design makes it resistant to shock. Every single lamp has a sapphire that helps to distribute light very evenly and this also protects the lamp from puncture and solvents. The silicone rubber also protects against heavy recoil.

This night sight features a lot of improvements over the previous models in the market, the manufacturer tries to introduce new features every time which is a good thing. There is no way on earth that you will be disappointed with this product.

This brand has already become a household name with its good quality products and high performing suppressor lights. Here is what you can expect from this night sight.


  • The product has superior quality and has a sturdy construction that makes it perfect for regular usage.
  • Works great in low light and at night and so the results are accurate
  • Has a thick cushioning made from silicone rubber, which protects the night sight
  • The manufacturer gives the consumer a warranty that is valid for 12 years from the purchase date on the Green Tritium lamps
  • The light distribution is very even thanks to the sapphire
  • The set can be purchased online for very reasonable prices


  • You may need to adjust it a bit while installing
  • Suit small frame Glocks like 40 S&W and 9 mm

It must be reminded that Trijicon makes optics that are utilized by armed forces all over the world. When it comes to sights, you must be careful taking a call and think about whatever, we have discussed in this Glock Night Sights vs Trijicon post today. 

You certainly don’t want to miss on your hunt and if you don’t then investing in a quality night sight is a must.

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