Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2-Both Winners At Your Disposal

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You must be wondering why do we need to compare the EXPS2 and the XPS2? Well, the thing is that these two sights are the most reliable choices in the market and sometimes people have a tough time understanding the differences between them. So this post will highlight all the key facts related to Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2.

The differences between the two sights will help you decide, which one to go for. All you have to do is take things slow and analyze every option. Both sights have different features and functions so you need to make sure that you understand everything well before you acquire them.

The Ultimate Truth On Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2

In this section, we will bring to the similarities and differences between the two sights so that you know what you are signing up for. Have a read and gain clarity

The Similarities

If you love using compact optics then you are in for a treat as both these sights are extremely compact. They are designed specially, so they do not require a lot of rail space. These are ideal for carbines and short rifles.  So, this gives the users the chance to combine iron sights and magnifiers. 

The optics is powered by CR123 batteries. The optics can provide a performance of 600 hours that are tailored for professional use. Both optics are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof.

The optics have been designed to work with Picatinny rails. However, you should know that these devices have night vision.  If you indulge in combat situations, these optics are perfect for you.

The Differences

There is no doubt that these optics have a lot of similarities and their designs are also similar. However, they do have key differences too that you should take into consideration. Have a look.

The Reticles

Now both optics are known to have very effective reticles. The reticles consist of 68 MOA rings and a single MOA Dot. These will work just great for medium-range shooting.

The XPS2 offers five options when it comes to reticles, which is great for users who like multiple options.  This also comes with two reticles for weapons that are not as lethal.

The EXPS2 comes with two options for reticles. This also comes with another reticle with a dot that is helpful for the ballistic drop.

The Controls

The placement of the controls is quite different on the optics. You will find that the XPS2 comes with ambidextrous controls placed on the rear. These controls are used to adjust the brightness level. This is perfect for people who use their left hand. However, things can be a little complicated if you are going to use a magnifier.

The controls on the EXPS2 are placed on the sides. So, if you decide to use a magnifier with it you will not face any problems. This also features a mount (QD) that facilitates fast attachment and detachment.


The price difference between the optics is very slight and the prices tend to fluctuate so you have to keep checking for the latest price. The EXPS2 is typically a little on the expensive side, this could be as it comes with a QD mount.

Co-Witness And Height

The height difference between the optics is very minor and it does not serve as a disadvantage at all. The XPS measures 2.5 inches and  the EXPS2 measures 2.9 inches so you can see that it is no big deal. Unless you are using an AR 15 then a difference of .4 inches will make a difference.

What is Co-witnessing? This is the ability to view the iron sight while looking through the optic. You will need this when your optic runs out of battery and you are in an emergency battle situation. The sight on the AR 15 measures 2.6 inches so you have to take the height of the optic very seriously.

The EXPS2 utilizes a low co-witness and this means that you will get to view the top end portion of the sight. This also indicates that your front sight is low. This will work great only if you use a front sight that is fixed.

The XPS2 will permit a complete co-witness, which means you will get to see the front sight by looking through your optic. Nevertheless, this is ideal for guns that come with folding sights.


In plain sight, these optics look the same weight, but in reality, they are not of the same weight. The XPS is about 9 ounces lighter. The EXPS is a lot heavier as it weighs 11.2 ounces. If you use weapons like PCC, shotguns, and SMG then you should go for the XPS2 as this will not weigh down your firearm.

Which One Should You Buy?

Well to be perfectly honest both the optics are fabulous and they can be used for combat situations. You can expect to achieve accuracy whether you are a newbie or a professional. These sighs can help you hone your shooting skills to a higher level.  We have tested both sights to a great extent and yes they do perform well and the quality is simply outstanding. 

You can expect them to last for a very long time so do not worry yourself sick thinking that you have to go out and get replacements soon. Both sights are covered under a valid warranty for 24 months. They are manufactured in America so you can expect products of the highest quality without fail.

How To Buy Them?

The process of acquiring them should not be taken very lightly at all. There are people out there who spend months researching the products and then studying their preferences. Fix a budget as in how much you are willing to splurge on them. Take the time to understand the technical details before you go ahead with your decision.

What Can You Expect From Them?

However, at the end of the day if you select EOTech you can expect the best performance without a doubt. These sights are used by government agents, officers, soldiers, and civilians. After all, these are made by a reputed brand that has been in the business for a long time.

If you are looking for good value for your money then these sights are your new best friends. Just do not expect them to be compatible with devices that have night vision. These are very easy to operate and most importantly they are easy to install, which is a positive aspect of both sights. Do not hesitate to go out and acquire either of them as you will not regret using them in the long run.

So, we have highlighted all the facts related to Eotech XPS2 vs EXPS2. Take the time and go over them as they will help you gain a lot of clarity on what you should select. Use the sights once and you will never have to depend on another brand at all. With these, you can expect to acquire your target in the shortest time possible.

These may have their cons, but they are something to feel discouraged. You will understand how to use them better. You will certainly achieve a lot of accuracy b by using these sights. Install them right away without any hesitation and never have to look back with regret.

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