Choose The Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters By Reading This

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Are you on the lookout for Holsters to carry your firearm with you? Well, then you cannot simply rely on any old brand. Holsters made by Bodyguard are just what you need.

These are comfortable to wear for extended hours without any discomfort. Here is a list of the Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters that will grab your attention right away.

Review Of The Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters

Below is a review of the top bodyguard 380 IWB holsters, as promised:

You will find that most holsters have elastic in them that tends to wear out fast and that is what makes this different. This is made from Neoprene and it certainly holds up well so expect to use for some time.

The best thing is that it is extremely skin-friendly, this one reason why neoprene is also widely used in back and knee braces. This holster has the right amount of thickness to be able to accommodate the gun’s weight. This certainly provides the right kind of support.

You can with this with a variety of attires such as yoga pants, skirts, dress, jeans, gym shorts, and sweat pants. The holster is found in different sizes and it is very easy to wear.

Neoprene is a form of elastic that belongs to a surgical-grade and so it offers a great deal of flexibility. This means you will be able to carry almost any gun in it. This can be purchased online and the company offers a suitable warranty on the product


  • The belt is available in extra-large and large sizes

  • The texture is very soft and does not cause the skin any discomfort

  • Suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people

  • Features a trigger guard made of hard plastic

  • The holster also has a magazine pouch in it and an accessory pocket too

  • The overall quality is very good and it easy to clean

  • Durable product and it will last for a long time


  • Fit is too tight but this could also be due to selection of the wrong size

DeSantis is one brand that is known for making top quality holsters. These are designed to have a great fit on the Bodyguard without any laser. This is crafted very beautifully and has been given a spring clip made of steel to make sure that the holster is secured.

The manufacturer has taken a sufficient amount of care to provide the users optimal comfort. This is pretty easy to trap on and it is so comfy that at times you might even forget that you are wearing it. Expect to stay concealed under your clothes nobody will know that it is there.

This is a classic holster with an open top and it is sold for a very affordable price, you cannot say no to that. The quality is very good and you can be assured that it will last for a long time.

The manufacturer offers a good warranty on the product, with this you will not think about switching over to another brand.


  • The holster can minimize the bulk to a great extent thus making it very comfortable

  • This is made to conceal the weapon

  • The overall quality and construction of the holster is impressive and it will last  for many years to come

  • This is a fully imported product

  • This is very compatible with the M&P 380 but that does not have the laser

  • Good value for money, this keeps the gun in position at all times. This can be worn for extended hours without experiencing any discomfort

  • Perfect fit

  • For a small holster, it does pretty well


  • The clip of the holster does not function and also breaks but this can be managed through proper usage

This is one of the best holsters to have hit the market in real long time. This is made from premium quality leather that adds to its beauty. This additionally makes it durable. Once glace at the holster and it will remind you of fine leather seating and bomber jackets.

This holster is a luxurious and for good reason too. This features a very elegant minimalist design with an open top. This makes it easier for you to draw your weapon and wear the holster.

This features a spring clip that is made from strong steel and this does a good job in holding the holster in the proper position. It will come as a surprise that the price is very affordable given its luxurious getup. 

This is exactly what you need when you want to conceal your weapon and also feel secure. This holster is designed to be worn inside the pants. The quality is undisputed and you can expect this to go a long way without sustaining any damage.


  • Works well with the M&P Bodyguard

  • The price is just right  as it is not too expensive and neither too cheap

  • Made of very fine leather that requires little or no maintenance

  • Made to wear inside the pants and is very effective in concealing the weapon properly

  • The quality is simply amazing

  • The fitting  is outstanding and this can be worn for hours together without experiencing any pain


  • The appearance may differ from what is shown in the pic but that does mean you should not buy it

  • The spring also varies but that does not lower its efficiency

When it comes to high quality Multi Holsters remain undisputed at all times this why their products sell very well in the market if you are on the lookout for reliable holsters then this is exactly what you should be buying. Here is what you should know.

The good thing is that it is compatible with the laser installed by the factory and also without it. The holster is manufactured by using a sophisticated Accu-Pressed technology. This makes sure that the holster is fully functional and very comfortable.

The holster features a cant that be fully adjusted. Users are given the liberty to loosed or tighten the screws to make adjustments to the level of tension as per their requirements. The holster is created to be used with the Bodyguard and it is manufactured from Kydex. This can be bought online and it does even cost very much


  • This will work well with or without laser installed by the factory

  • Very comfortable and highly functional at all times

  • Thi manufactured by employing the Accu-pressure technology

  • The screws can be tightened or loosen as and when required

  • A FOMI clip very securely attaches the holster to  a belt

  • This can be removed by reversing the tab

  • The cant can be adjusted to an angle of 15 degrees

  • The quality of the holster is very impressive and it is priced reasonably

  • This is ideal for the M&P BG380

  • Durable, practical and very lightweight


  • This does not work well with the laser models at all but it is still worth purchasing

  • The quality seems a little fragile but that also depends on how the user uses the holster

These were the Best Bodyguard 380 IWB Holsters that are currently very popular in the market right now. So, you can pick up any one of them as they are all winners. Sure they have their plusses and minuses but at the end, you cannot go wrong with them.

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