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It is true that humans can make up for their lack of art, skill, instincts by inventing tools. Hunting is a primitive sport and if you enjoy it, you may need a lot more tools than you can think of. 

You may come across a lot of situations while hunting. Like, spotting a wounded animal and for that you may need special skills that not everyone is blessed with. Some eventually develop such talents and others depend on the Best Blood Tracking Lights. Need we say more?

Review Of The Best Blood Tracking Lights

Here are a few of the top blood tracking lights that may be of help.

Looking for a blood tracing light that gives you good value for money? Take a look at this one. This light is powered by 600 lumens LEDs. This lightweight device is your new best friend. This can track blood on all kinds of surfaces and this feature will help you follow the target without any problem.

This also comes with an effective optical filter and with this you add customization which will let you detect the trail of blood very easily. The overall performance and quality of the flash light is very impressive. Its sturdy construction assures you that it will last for quite some time.

The dual power settings will allow to adjust the intensity of the light. In certain case the second setting where the light beam is very intense it can make things too bright and uncomfortable.

The device has a sturdy handle that will prevent it from slipping from your hands. This comes with a Cardura carrying holster that has strong belts which keep the device in place. As a consumer you face no disappointments with this blood tracking light. The manufacturer offers a decent warranty.


  • The device is powered by 4 CR123 batteries
  • The design is very compact
  • The device does not weight too much at all
  • Users can hold on to this for hours without facing the slightest discomfort
  • With this light detecting blood will become a very easy task
  • The light beam is very bright
  • The performance and quality are both very impressive


  • The beam a little too bright and uncomfortable
  • The bad thing is that it detects and red stain as blood
  • The price of the product is quite steep

Stop depending on expensive Led Flashlights right away as this model is reasonably priced and most importantly it does a very good job. The manufacturer is a very reliable name in the industry and it tests all its products properly before selling them in the market and this light is no exception.

To get the best results use the flashlight at the highest settings which will emit out 320 lumens. If you want the battery to last a bit longer then you have the option to use it at 15 lumens.

This flashlight has a durable LED Emitter which is created to maximize the output and increase the time of operation. On a full charge this device can work non-stop for almost two hours and thirty minutes. If you combine its usage with a white light you can expect it to run for at least two hours and seventy five minutes.

If you use the flashlight on extreme low settings you can use it for even a longer period. A tailcap switch has been incorporated in the design to facilitate smooth operation. The body is made from Nitrolon with an aluminum bezel. With the battery included, this flashlight weighs 4.4 ounces.


  • The overall construction of the body is highly durable
  • Very efficient
  • The tailcap switch is the best feature on this flashlight
  • The runtime is quite lengthy
  • The flashlight is  very comfortable to hold for a long period
  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight as it weighs only 4.4 ounces
  • This can be purchased online without any problems at all


  • When it comes to fluid identification the results are quite poor and this a major let down for customers

Still looking for the Best Blood Tracking Lights? Maybe it is time you stopped searching as this flash light is all you need. This model is highly water resistant and easy to carry around. The overall construction of the body is sturdy as it is made from an aluminum body that is fully anodized. It can withstand a fall of seven feet and go without any major damages.

This comes equipped with three modes such as blue, red, and white light. You can also buy a suitable model from this brand depending on the amount of brightness you are looking for.

The design of this light is quite compact which makes it easy to store. The light weight allows it to be taken anywhere without feeling any pressure at all. In other words as a consumer you will simply love using this on a regular basis.

The battery life is an impressive 22 hours and it is powered by zinc batteries. This is a must buy for all those people who indulge in hunting every now and then. The manufacturer offers decent warranty on the product.


  • The flashlight  is resistant to impact
  • Very versatile product as it comes with three different modes for various situations
  • The sales package has included a holster
  • The design is very compact and the device is resistant to water
  • The body is made from very strong aluminum
  • This can be purchased online for very reasonable prices
  • The product is fully tested before being sold in the market


  • The red and white light is too bright
  • The device cannot trace blood unless it is at very close proximity to the stain
  • The battery life is not as good

There is no denying that this is a very popular device for detecting blood. This headlamp makes your search for blood trails a lot easier. Sometimes moving through dense forests can be a challenge but this can alleviate the difficulty.

With this device you can pretty much let go of all your difficulties simply strap this on to yourself and be on your way. If you plan to take your dog along with you then you must make it a point to take this with you.

The headlamp has an intense blue light for detecting blood and a strong white light to use while map reading and hiking. The sheer light weight of the head lam makes it an ideal tool for taking outdoors.

If you are contemplating on buying headlamps to detect blood then this should come right on top of your list. You will not regret your decision after you purchase this. So go out and buy yours today.


  • This is a very versatile product as it has two modes such as low illumination and blood tracking. The white light in the device makes it ideal for map reading and hiking
  • This is capable of increasing the visibility of blood on all kinds of surfaces
  • The quality and performance of the flashlight is truly remarkable
  • The compactness of the device is its greatest strength
  • It does not weight too much and so it can be carried around
  • Hold on to it for as long as you like as it is not uncomfortable
  • Makes blood detection less stressful
  • The intensity of the light can be controlled


  • The light may be too bright at times
  • It detects any red spot as blood stain

We have named the Best Blood Tracking Lights in this post. They are reliable and durable. You can depend on them to track your hunt and enjoy your spot as well.

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