Top Best Shooting Chronographs: Choose the Right One to Improve Your Skill

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When improving the shooting technique, you need a support tool.

So why don't you invest immediately in a shooting chronograph?

How does it help? What are the features required for this product? How can you use the product?

All you need above will be answered through our following article, the best shooting chronographs, choose the right one to improve your skill. New or experienced shooters recognize the convenience of a shooting chronograph.

This product helps you maximize your operation on the shooting range and provides you with related data to get better skills.

Due to that important characteristic, you need to choose the right products out of the market. Let's see what features are required in this product.

What Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Shooting Chronograph?

Reliable Accuracy is The Most Important

In the 1970s, an optical shooting chronograph uses the shadow of bullets and a timer but is not accurate when used in different light situations. Next, the CED uses infrared to detect velocity, but may still be inaccurate if the device or surroundings are not correctly set up.

Another shooting chronograph, Magnetospeed, attached to the end of the gun provides some accuracy problems because it can change the barrel weight and is mounted on certain types of firearms.

Or the Superchrono technology uses acoustic microphones to track the ultrasonic bullet. And the latest technology, Doppler, is highly regarded today.

Technology that delivers the most accuracy is still controversial, but the M2 CED products are still used to measure professional velocity.

Prices Reflect Quality

Please choose a good product for the money. The market will provide you with various types of shooting chronographs ranging from low to high, including amazingly low prices.

Do not choose because the price is too low even if the product with this price is not sure to bring poor quality or not to serve your needs.

You should choose the product with the right features within the price range you accept after reading the product reviews thoroughly.

Good Performance Satisfies Demand

Because there are many types of products, you should know that the shooting chronographs will be very different in their capabilities, especially the speed with which they are evaluated or the types of bullets you use.

For gun or hunting enthusiasts who own many large guns, you have to buy a shooting chronograph that can meet the needs of your various guns.

The Design Comes With a Price

When you come across two products that are too different in price, be careful to consider the design or technology that makes them.

Some of the best shooting chronographs allow you to attach it to a tripod or the gun.

Moreover, you can consider the remarkable technologies of a shooting chronograph such as the system of the optical light trap, or the radar of acoustic, Doppler or electromagnetic.

Some Tips When Using a Shooting Chronograph

  • You need to read the user guide of your shooting chronograph because of the different features and mechanisms depending on the product you choose to buy. Some chronograph must be parallel to the surface, but for others, you need the same height as the rear and front sensors.
  • You should check the settings of your rifle and shooting chronograph after each session to ensure proper placement. The multi-round shooting also provides accurate measurement results.
  • To set the chronograph, you need to turn off the boresight and bolt so that the bullet path is not too low and put your rifle correctly on a tripod or a sandbag. Then look closely at the bore, and when seeing the barrel lined up, you can aim at the real target.
  • You need to adjust the horizontal position, angle and height according to the manufacturer's instructions. It’s the best way to start with the default settings, and you can make any necessary changes later.
  • You have to shoot at photovoltaic cells, not shoot at a chronograph if you want to get accurate reading data. You can use red sights, lasers, drill holes or scopes to shoot the same location of photovoltaic cells to give more accurate results.
  • You should not use the chronograph when the battery is low because it will provide you with unreliable results.
  • The necessary distances include: the device is at least 10 feet away from your muzzle, your shots are no less than 5” above the light sensor, and your scope or red dot sight positions are 1”-2” above the bore.

Are you still reading our article?

Let's continue to explore the top 6 best shooting chronographs from our proposed list.

The Best Shooting Chronographs, Choose the Right One to Improve Your Skill

First of all, we have a comparison table for you:

First, we want to introduce to you the product of MagnetoSpeed brand.

A unique feature of the Magnetospeed V3 Chronograph is the ballistic chronograph mounted on the top of the barrel.

What's more special about this product?

The manufacturer gives you a kit with everything you need to get the correct muzzle velocity reading on any gun easily.

Many reloaders, shooters, and military units use MagnetoSpeed V3 for their precise chronograph. You can use it to support for guns with a barrel diameter of 0.5”-2".

At the same time, manufacturing technology makes this product proven useful with updated sensor design. You are also easy to use thanks to the strong strapping system with metal buckle and triad thumb nut.

Also, you also have a fast mode with firing speed and improved shooting modes, even when used with air guns. The product can help troubleshoot and log advanced data.


  • Setting up and using the product is easy.
  • The product comes with a nice hard case with everything in it.
  • The product has enough spacers to use with any gun.
  • You can attach products quickly to your rifle.
  • It can save data to SD card to download to your computer.
  • It offers high accuracy and can be used in public places and any range.


  • Its price may be slightly high.

If you need equipment to measure the velocity of anything that can shoot over a large area, we have a proposal for you, the Competition Electronics ProChrono.

What makes this product attract you?

You can store nine shot sequences with up to 99 shots each in the power memory. You can also review each shot and velocity string data such as average velocity, extreme spread, and standard deviation.

To make it convenient to use, the manufacturer has designed a feature that helps erase an individual shot or the whole string by touching the button.

In particular, you can attach this product to any tripod of camera or spotting scope through holes at the bottom of the chronograph.

Besides, you can connect this product to the data port for remote capabilities with other accessories.

Finally, you will be assured of using with US-made products in excellent service and support.


  • This chronograph is easy to use, and you can read data from 5 yards.
  • The product can correctly work with high accuracy.
  • It is reliable and measures even the smallest or lightest bullet .22LR from a pistol.
  • You can buy it at an affordable price.
  • You can use this product in all kinds of light and weather without any errors.


  • You may need a tripod and the additional adapter to use with this product.

Finally, we introduce you a versatile product from the familiar Caldwell brand, the Caldwell Ballistic Precision Premium.

This product has features that you won't regret when you own it.

Firstly, the manufacturer calibrates each unit with an accuracy of +/- 0.25% and measures from 5 to 9,999 FPS.

You can also easily use the extra-large solar screen to add shine when outdoors, read the large LCD screen quickly.

Moreover, you can use this product with the tripod and audio jack cable to transfer data to your smartphone or tablet.

The versatility of the product is that you can read the data of meters per second or feet per second when you use this chronograph for guns, archery, air guns, and paint bullets.

Want to know the best pat?

This device is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android 2.1 or newer and Kindle Fire Tablets.

You can also use the free app to display speed, data log, notes, and weather conditions, easily export via SMS or Email.


  • The product comes with a custom carrying case for storing and transporting chronograph, light kit, sunshades, and tripod.
  • You can use this product with various ballistic programs with a variety of guns.
  • It works precisely despite the impact of altitude, temperature, humidity, wind speed, bullet type and the ballistic coefficient on the bullet.
  • The smartphone interface works well to locate, download and install the application without problems.
  • The instructions are simple and clear for you to use the product quickly.


  • The tripod sold with this product may be a little flimsy.

When you are looking for the Best Shooting Chronographs there is no doubt that this will make a good addition. This features a Doppler radar that is very accurate, which measures velocity without any discrepancies.

This can measure velocities that go up to 3,900 FPS. This is also capable of calculating kinetic energy. This advanced radar can capture at least 100 shots every series. This can record supersonic, transonic, and subsonic projectiles that are fired from the rifle or other weapons.

With this device, you no longer have to restrict yourself in shooting through small screens or even putting the gadget in the line of fire. Now simply place this beside the gun and it will capture every single data. This device runs on 6 AA batteries and has a dedicated SD card slot.

Do not worry about the quality as the device never malfunctions. You will not be required to buy a replacement for it anytime soon. Do not give this device a miss you need to add this to your shopping list right away.


  • This can be used to track crossbows, bow, shotgun slugs, rifle, and pistol shots
  • This is used to record at least 100 shots for every series
  • The device has a slot for an SD card and is equipped with sufficient internal memory
  • Can track velocities to about 100 yards
  • Works fine under all lighting
  • This runs on 6 AA batteries


  • The device tends to consume a lot of battery
  • The user manual could have been a little simpler

This is the most advanced model in the market right now, and it is packed with all the features that any customer would look for. This features a mode for rapid-fire, timmer button, and a memory that records up to 500 shots.

The sales package includes a carry sack, tripod, interface cable which is 16 –foot long, a printer, remote control with a monitor, and a Chrony. This is certainly worth investing in and you should not miss out on this.

The housing for the Chrony is manufactured from real high-quality steel and it is very lightweight. This can be fixed on to a TPI tripod for a quick setup. The device has a fold-down set up which makes it easier to handle. This can be set up easily by using plastic diffusers and support rods.

The Gamma master is capable of measuring, storing and printing velocities as well as the time that has elapsed in between statistics and shots. In short, this is a fabulous device.


  • This capable of measuring velocity up to 7,000 FPS
  • This can store data for 500 shots
  • This device can be utilized outdoors and indoors
  • This runs on a 9 –volt battery, the printer is powered by AA batteries
  • This comes with a very user-friendly remote
  • The sales package comes with a mountable tripod
  • Includes a ballistic printer


  • The device takes a bit of time getting used to but that is not a major drawback
  • The manual is not easy to follow

This chronograph uses unconventional technology to provide the best performance to the users. If you are worried about accurate results, then you can be rest assured that this device will never disappoint you in any way.

This can measure velocity very accurately and can be utilized indoors, which sets it apart from most models that are sold in the market. This is a very compact unit and it does not take much time to deploy.

The good thing is that this has Bluetooth technology that lets you connect this to a smartphone. The app is free and it displays the velocity of every single shot fires and it also records all the data and stores it. The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable.

This particular chronograph can be used for paintball, airguns, archery, and firearms. The sensor spacing allows maximum accuracy. So, now that you are aware of how useful this device is you should get it as soon as possible and reap its benefits. Do not miss out on this neat gadget.


  • Very accurate results
  • Compatible with a free app that displays
  • The sales package comes with a carry bag, extendable tripod, and Led Panels
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Can be used with paintball, airgun, archery, and firearms
  • Has two Led panels
  • This is capable of measuring up to 9,999 FPS
  • Overall quality is very good


  • The battery tends to drain out fast but that is not considered to be a major flaw at all

What Data Can A Shooting Chronograph Provide?

The Best Shooting Chronographs give the users very valuable data. These are the following data you can find from reliable chronograph models

String Data

Good chronographs can track multiple shots this is also known as string data. This can give you valuable insight into your shooting this can help you out in the long run.  Here what you can expect.

  • Power: All chronographs are not equipped to provide this.  Here the data is multiplied with the grain of the bullet. This is done to determine the power of the shot fired.
  • Standard deviation: This usually measures the closeness of every shot in average value.
  • Extreme spread: This is the velocity which is the difference a fast and slow round.
  • Average velocity: This is the average speed of multiple shots combined.
  • Lowest Velocity: This data captures the slow shot that was fired.
  • Highest Velocity: This is the data that shows the shot that was the fastest.

How To Interpret The Shooting Chronograph’s Data?

So, by now you already know the kind of data you can expect when you use a chronograph for shooting. It is not difficult to understand the velocity of the string and velocity of the shot. Here some other facts that you should know.

Power Factor: This is used to create ranks mostly in shooting tournaments. This measures the momentum of the round and then compares it to the weight. This is depicted through Newton-seconds and it also shows the score of the competitor.

Standard deviation: This is a very common technique seen mostly in statistics and it can help to interpret data. So, when it is used in the chronograph it will display the frequency of the rounds that are fired which will then be compared to an average shot.

Data - This is data from the chronograph is very useful and it can help you measure the consistency of every shot that is being fired. This will also highlight your skills in reloading. If you are looking for reliable data then you need to fire a minimum of 10 shots within a string.

Extreme Spread: You have to keep in mind that the spread of every round must be small. If the spread is towards a higher side it is an indication of improper reloading. If your spread continues to be high, this means that the fastest around and slowest rounds were operating at different speeds. So, maybe you need to improve your reloading techniques.

Now It’s Your Turn to Buy The Best Shooting Chronograph

Using a shooting chronograph is necessary if you want to improve your skills and participate in competitions.

With the best shopping guides and product listings, we hope to help you with your selection.

In our opinion, we want to buy this product, the Magnetospeed V3 ChronographThe attraction for us is that it is quite convenient when mounted on the barrel.

We are also pleased when it gives accurate data, sensitive sensors, and easy data storage. And of course, it is great to have a sturdy protective box attached to the product.

Do you have the same choice as us? Or do you want to choose one of our top 6 best shooting chronographs? 

Please leave a comment as soon as you buy and use this product.

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