Top 3 Best Scope for Mosin Nagant 91-30 under 200 to Invest in 2023

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The Mosin Nagant, which ranks second to the AK-47, is one of the iconic rifles. 

Since the Berlin Wall had been fallen, they have been brought out of arsenals and sold as sporty arms in the U.S.

And the best plan would be to modernize this rifle that adds scope to the Mosin. Let’s have peace of mind! We helped you choose the best scope for Mosin Nagant 91-30 you can trust.

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Scout vs. Bridge Mount

We see the Mosin Nagant before known the telescopic sights.

Initially, few specialized troops utilized optics sights for this rifle. Perhaps, there are some issues if we mount a scope on that gun.

In fact, the cause is due to the bolt handle out at a 90-degree angle from the receiver of the rifle. The original purpose of this design is to help troops to control easily the cartridges in extreme weather.

For the result, we might only mount a scope unless we build a gunsmith re-weld up on a bolt handle.

Another option is to mount an optic on the rifles. Require you to have to consider a scout style that you will set up. Then, move the optic forth of the receiver.

Nonetheless, a large number of people enjoy setting the scout mount because of the ease and the affordable price. They assume that having the re-welded and bolt cut is expensive.

This is a vital problem. It is better to consider carefully the type of set up you would like to utilize before deciding on a scope.

Reasons and Ways to Find a Scope for Mosin Nagant

As indicated above, we can recognize one thing: Mosin Nagant is a difficult rifle to put on a scope.

It uses the straight bolt handle; the bent handle instead. If so, you cannot load the rifle with the scope since the bolt will be able to hit your scope.

How do you have to do?

You can choose to replace the handle with a bent handle. But, personally, we do not recommend this because it is not safe and even can affect the headspace of your rifle.

It is important that you will have to find a professional gunsmith to do these changes. This is a long and expensive process.

Even, if you choose to utilize a scout scope to mount on your rifle’s chamber (forwards of the bolt), it is not entirely an optimal selection. Although this scope brings a great eye relief, you will have to adjust the parallax constantly.

Why don’t purchase a suitable scope for the Mosin Nagant? This way is more simple and cheaper.

With these customized scopes, you are easy to set it up on your rifles without worrying it out of the bolt. Today, there are many options available on the market to invest.

Have peace of mind!

Our Reviews – Best Scope for Mosin Nagant 91-30 You Can Invest

From our point of view, we want to introduce the quality scope for your Mosin Nagant, especially, the affordable price.

In particular, here are:

The first scope in our list is the model shipped from China – the UTG 3-9x32mm BugBuster Scope. Despite being the Chinese product, the quality is amazing.

Foremost, the model is entirely sealed and filled with 100% nitrogen. Coming with that, there is the ability to resist fog, rain, and shock. Allow you to use in the severe weather conditions.

This scope makes the most of the no-limit shooting environment, thanks to dual illumination (green and red) and accommodating eye relief.

As far as we know, the UTG 3-9x32 BugBuster Scope meets the standard for the SCP M392AOLWQ – the quality lens caps, detachable rings, and sunshade.

What about the construction?

It is built-up the inventive True Strength Platform – a signature construction platform. Plus, the Smart Spherical Structure helps to control the interaction between the internal and external tubes of the scope effectively.

In addition to that, the longer-lasting design contributes to increasing these interactions. Construct the target turrets that enable adjusting the precise elevation and windage.

All in all, we can claim that the scope from UTG is the sufficient-good scope tested carefully, along with extreme recoil.

What are you waiting for that do not add it to your shopping?


  • It is well built and durable
  • The optics are clear
  • The adjustable objective
  • The magnification settings are user-friendly
  • Hold adjustment over time


  • The eye relief is limited
  • Crosshairs get fuzzy at high intensity

The riflescopes from Nikon do not always let their consumers down. It is noticeable that we have to mention the Nikon Buckmaster II 3-9x40mm BDC Riflescope.

How is it good?

Just like Nikon’s riflescopes, the Buckmaster II uses Spot On Ballistic Match Technology to optimize for use. From there, you can comfortably come upon the precise aiming points on the reticle of the scope at different yardages.

Beyond that, to provide the vivid images, better optimum light transmission, and bright, the optical system is built-in multiple layers.


If you want to shoot in long range, the Nikon Buckmaster II can also meet. The see-through ballistic circles of the BDC reticle hold dead on at ranges over what you thought.

What is mentioning is that the reticle adjustments are easy to get zero. You just need to maintain your setting. In the case of a heavy coil, you do not meet any obstruction to adjust.

From our perspective, we spend a special love for this scope because it safely features for itself and users.

With O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, they help protect your scope from shock, water, and fog. Whether you are using it in severe weather, no problem.

By designing consistent eye relief, contribute to keeping safely your brow, even with extreme shooting angles or recoiling cartridges.

Finally, there is a limited warranty. The manufacturer will repair and replace at no charge once their product has defects in materials as well as workmanship.


  • The scope is light in weight
  • The glass is clear
  • The turrets are dead accurate
  • The clarity to edge is good
  • Easy to install and site


  • The crosshair seems loose
  • Don’t track well at all

The following scope that you can seriously invest is the Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7x32mm Riflescope. It is a perfect selection for the scout rifle.

The first is the reticle with V-Plex design. Not only is it a common reticle but also provides various hunting applications to users. This feature has a high opinion of us.

Next, the combine of the 9.45-inch eye relief with an ultra-magnanimous eye box enables you to get a clear picture and target.

Aside from that, this scope has equipped the fast focus eyepiece. This is useful for reticle focusing quickly and easily.

While aiming, the target shown through lenses is clear. Really? Well, these lenses are multi-coated and anti-reflective, so the users will have full bright and clear.

It is noticed that the turrets are adjustable. With MOA clicks, you could reset it to zero. Many people enjoy this feature and so do we.

The last one is durability. The Vortex Optics uses the aircraft grade aluminum to construct this cope. The purpose is to enhance the strength and shockproof capacity. To resist water and fog, there are nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed.

Personally, we spend positive comments on this scope because it is enough quality in the price range.


  • Easy to zero
  • The optics are good and clear
  • Great eye relief at 12 inches
  • The reticle is easy to see
  • The turrets are easily adjusted


  • Weak at 7-9 times magnification
  • The reticle seems thick for precision shooting

What We Mean

Have you decided? What scope is the best in your budget?

In spite of being a Chinese scope, the BugBuster from UTG has full of optimal features to meet the various hunting demands.

If you do not like the Chinese product, the Nikon Buckmaster II or the Vortex Optics Crossfire II will be the non-bad selection when having the quality and even the better price.

Based on what we shared above, both the UTG, Nikon, and Vortex Topics provide the quality scopes in the price range. 

Let’s tell us your choice! Which is the best scope for Mosin Nagant 91-30?

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