Best Ruger Security Six Accessories You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

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You may feel that it is not necessary to use the Best Ruger Security Six Accessories with your Ruger. You could be so wrong on so many levels. To get the best performance from your firearm you should invest in proper accessories. Good accessories will make your firearm faster for reload, comfortable for shooting, and easier to handle.

The American government has put out several models and these were also exported to other countries. The early models would wear out fast but the manufacturer soon worked on the weaknesses and gave the firearm major improvements. The Ruger is certainly a very promising weapon.

There are several accessories available in the market and each of them has different uses. However, at the end of the day are worth spending on as they help you enjoy using your firearm to the fullest. Here are four of the most popular products we have listed for you. Have a look and then make your choice.

#1. BIANCHI Speed Strips – Pair

Still, looking for the Best Ruger Security Six Accessories? Well, try these speed strips for a change. So, what is so great about these strips anyway? These help you carry extra ammunition for those dire combat situations. With these strips at your disposal, you can now carry extra ammo in an organized fashion. This strip is made from high-quality polymer and each strip has about 6 slots.

The strip is capable of holding the ammo in place so that you have quick access to the rounds. This is quite a low profile so you will not face any problem while carrying this around. Now if you are apprehensive about the quality this is a good time o let all your worries go. These strips are quite strong and durable so you can expect to use them for a long time. These strips are used by pros and beginners alike. You will not be disappointed with these strips in the least.

These strips are best for revolvers and are super easy to operate and they are budget-friendly too. So, do not hesitate to grab a couple of these if you want to enjoy your shooting experience. Add this to your list of things to acquire.


  • The sales package includes two strips
  • The strips will fit into most magazine pouches
  • Each strip can hold 6 bullets for the revolver
  • The strips are constructed from urethane material
  • These work with .356 and .38 caliber 


  • This is available only in black, but that is hardly a drawback

#2. HKS MK3-A Revolver Speedloader

If you desire to use something fast and easy to move around with then this is what you should focus on. The manufacturer has a reputation for making some of the best speedloaders for the public. We have tested this speed loader and we can proudly state that yes it works fine and you will love it to the fullest.

The best thing about this is that it is very easy to operate and so even if you are a newcomer this will not give you nightmares. This can hold ammunition for .357 Magnum (6 rounds). The design of the speedloader will permit you to load the rounds smoothly into your weapon. You can unlock this by twisting a knob and the bullets drop into the cylinder.  The knob is nice and secure so it can’t be turned accidentally.

A speedloader is best for situations where you feel you might run out of ammo. Now that you know the truth about this wonderful product then you should go and get it right away. Add this to this list of things you want to buy and you will not regret it in the least. Here are some of the pros and cons of the product that might interest you.


  • This will work great with a wide variety of revolvers like King Cobra
  • The twist knob is very easy to operate
  • There is no jiggling of the cartridge
  • Very easy to handle
  • This is manufactured in America


  • This will fit with only a medium-sized speedloader case

#3. Hogue Rubber Grip Ruger Security Six Rubber Monogrip

What after speedloader? A grip and yes, we are talking about a rubber grip. You must know the importance of a good grip for a shooter and hunter. If you are either of them, you need a good grip to make that perfect shot. Why not consider getting a quality rubber grip that is made from quality materials?

That is correct, this Hogue Rubber Grip is made from the sturdiest quality of synthetic rubber. This means it is neither tacky nor soft, which means it is not that low-quality grip that will fail you when required. No, we will not even bring them up. 

In fact, this follows a different molding procedure that helps it to absorb recoil to the fullest. This means you are safe and your eyes remain protected. Of course, you must wear your protective gear along with this! No exceptions there.

The material used in this grip can resist oils and solvents as well. This means the grip will not come apart with one use for sure. It is a highly durable product that is here to last you long. You have no issues there. 


  • Hogue Rubber Grips offer you precision
  • They have a superior grip
  • Most importantly, the grip is comfortable
  • These are highly flexible grips
  • They are dependable and make your shooting experience unique
  • Super easy to install
  • Better than wooden grips


  • These fit a few serial numbers pretty well, but a few made need a bit of Dremel, not that big a problem

#4. TRIPLE K Carrylite S&W K/L Frames Holster

Grip done, now is the time to discuss a holster. Heehaw, walk, walk, draw the Ruger out, roll it in your fingers, and shoot. That was my ode to the western movies! I know that was bad enough, anyways back to business. Yes, a holster for the Ruger Security Six, and this one is called Triple K Carrylite. 

The Carrylite is available in walnut oil color and is made out of the finest leather. It comes with a plain finish that makes it very attractive. You can get them for both right and left-handed people. It has a snug fit that remains very close to your body, which means, you can carry your Ruger Security Six discreetly. You can fit these into small belts as well. 

It comes with a strap that you can break by using a thumb. This gives you instant access to your weapon in times of need. This also features a closed bottom for open semi-automatics and revolvers. This implies that the manufacturer considered everything while designing it. 

This holster is totally worth the money. It has been engineered with quite a thought because the shape seems to have a natural use. It has great retention owing to this shape and that makes it easier to conceal.


  • First of all, it looks very striking
  • It is well-made and loosens up in time 
  • Means it takes time to break-in
  • It is comfortable, safe, and fast
  • You can keep your revolver at hand all the time with this on you


  • The belt loop design needs to be worked on

To be honest, Ruger is a great gun and finding the Best Ruger Security Six Accessories should not be a big deal. However, you should know which one to go for and we have given enough to think about already. We have reviewed them and as we have personally used them, we could tell you more. 

So, why not give these accessories a go and see how trustworthy we are? In case, you have more names, we would like you to share it with us. Let us help the whole community. What say? Sharing is caring. We believe in it. How about you?

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