Yes or No: Top 3 Best Red Dots Under 100 are Ruling The Roost in 2023

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The hunting season is coming!

Have you prepared anything?

Many people haven’t a good shooting skill, so the best red dot under 100 will help you get accuracy.

However, there are many models in this range. In this review, I am sure that you will find out a suitable unit.

Best Red Dot Under 100 Reviews

I make this table to help you save a lot of time to read my whole article. Here, you will have the most important information to get your choice in mind then discover later:

(Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under $100, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.)

In-depth Reviews of the Best Red Dots Under 100

Below are the 3 best products which I picked up based on my experiences. There will be at least one model that you are looking for.

This model comes with a shockproof aluminum construction so it's extremely durable and lightweight. You don't have to worry that its weight can influence your shooting performance or the assembly process.

Moreover, it is sealed with Nitrogen purged and O-ring that can keep the unit away from environmental elements such as debris, dust, and moisture.

Which time of day will you use your red dot?

It's not important with Cycvis because its 11 brightness settings can provide you with a high precision shooting anytime apart from a 3 MOA red dot reticle and anti-reflection lens coatings.

Here's my favorite feature:

Actually, I can't close one eye at a time so it is so lucky to know this product.

The parallax-free design allows you to shoot with both eyes open quickly.

What you have to do is to adjust its windage and elevation.

Still hesitating?

The company provides their customers a lifetime support warranty. So, just let them know with any problem.

It's very convenient to use this product because, in a package, there are enough all accessories including the main thing (Cycvis Red Dot Sight), battery, lens covers, cleaning cloth, and manual.


  • Respectable performance
  • Ultra compact
  • Easy to fit and use
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to mount and see through


  • Only black color
  • Loosened battery cover

Twod features dual color illuminated reticle which allows you to switch from a green dot to a red dot easily depending on each specific background environment. What's more, it has 7 brightness settings that give you more choices.

The multi-coated optics with anti-reflective coating minimizes light loss and glare to result in a bright and high-contrast image as well as possible.

The lightweight, compact, and single piece chassis provides good fog proof, shockproof, and dustproof performance.

This product has not only a cheap price but also the auto-shutdown feature that saves a lot of energy and improves the battery life.

Specifically, the maximum brightness of battery life is 300 hours and it has 6000 hours at minimum brightness setting.

What will you get in this package?

It includes Twod 5 MOA Sight, wrench, 2 batteries, lens covers, cleaning cloth, and manual. All of them help you solve your tasks easily and quickly.


  • Stylish design
  • Crystal clear dot
  • Feel firm
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Only back color
  • Not tinted glass
  • 1 MOA click value
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Whether your hunting game is in the morning or at night, the combination of the crisp 2 MOA red dot and the scratch-resistant Multi-coated lenses can help you hit your target exactly.

Here's the best thing:

Its battery life is smarter than other versions. Specifically, it comes with a great and decent extended lasting battery life of up to 50.000 hours when setting up the lowest brightness setting.

Meanwhile, its 6061 T6 aluminum alloy housing with Nitrogen gas purging provides fog proof and waterproof performance.

It is rigid and lightweight without loosening so you can get rapid target acquisition.

There are 11 red dot illumination settings. The brightest setting provides optimal visibility even in the lowest light condition.

The majority of the cheap red dots usually don't come with magnifications but this model has a 1x magnification power.


  • Lifetime AT3 warranty
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Very clear sight
  • Easy to install
  • More durable


  • Allen wrench requires for removing and mounting

What is a Red Dot Sight and How Does It Work?

A red dot sight is a necessary accessory for an AR-15.

It comes with many different designs and styles. Even you can find out the different performance characteristics with a huge majority of the price range, the best red dot under 100, for example.

Each red dot sight has a holographic dot which will aim and hit your target.

On the other hand, they work on an illusion technique. This means an angled piece of glass will reflect from an LED. After getting enough brightness, you can see your dot no matter how bright your surroundings are.

Is it Possible to Get the Best Red Dot Under 100?

The short answer is yes.

However, you keep in mind that in this price range, most models don't have bells and whistles which usually have in the higher-end products.

Nevertheless, you can expect that they come with reliable performance in a long time.

How to Buy the Best Red Dot Under 100

First of all, you should know that not all low-cost optics can meet your expectations.

Thus, it's essential to read this part and invest your money in a high-quality and reliable model.

Construction Quality

Durable material is a must. It should withstand tough use in a long period of time unless you want to spend another amount of money to buy a new one in a short time.

Next, a lightweight unit allows you to carry easily. This is more important for hunters who move regularly.

Battery Life

No one wants to get a red dot's battery depleted in the middle of the hunting trip. So, make sure that you have strong battery life to avoid changing it frequently.


The MOA (minute of angle) value will let you know the size of the dot. You can refer to this information in the different sites.

The average level is about 4 but some can be up to 60. To get the best view of the target, you shouldn't take too big or too small MOA.

Variable Brightness

Here's the fact:

Sometimes, the light conditions can be low.

For example, when you hunt at night, a red dot having variable brightness settings will give you a perfect brightness level.

Fog/waterproof Design

In some cases, you will have to hunt in extreme weather conditions which are not good for your performance. Thus, it's very essential for your scope to feature a fog proof and waterproof design.

Other Considerations

  • A long warranty shows the trust of the company and manufacturer in their product about reliability and performance.
  • I highly recommend a red dot which allows you to mount and get detached quickly without the support of any tool.
  • An auto shutoff feature helps you last the battery power.

How to Zero a Red Dot?

This process is very necessary to get an exact lineup and increased shooting accuracy.

Here's the step-to-step guideline to zero a red dot:

  • Set up your target about 25m (82') away.
  • Take the rest of your weapon solidly and center the sight dot on your target.
  • After shooting, let you check the point of impact.
  • The sight adjustment will be based on the bullet direction from the center of your target.
  • Make another shot of round to determine the accuracy.
  • Repeat this thing until you get the center of the target.
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As Things Stand Now

If you ask me about my choice, I choose CYCVIS Red Dot Sight because it is very durable and lightweight. I don’t have to worry that its weight can influence my shooting performance. 

It has a smart design which keeps the unit away from the environmental elements. In particular, the parallax-free design allows me to shoot with both eyes open.

Apart from a warranty, the package also includes other accessories which help my performance easier and quicker.

How about you? Which is your choice? Please let me know by leaving your comment in the section below.

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