Latest Development About Best Glock Trigger Upgrades That You Have To Know

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Glock is a popular name and has all that you may need in a handgun. Nonetheless, you may need to upgrade its trigger. This is because in spite everything, the trigger many not be that satisfying. Installing a new hardware can be a good idea, as it can make your weapon invincible. 

This is why we have dedicated a whole new post to the Best Glock Trigger Upgrades. Do read it till the end to get a fair understanding of it.

Best Glock Triggers of 2020 Reviews

This tactical trigger is flat faced and drop-in type of replacement for the OEM trigger. Every single unit is manufactured in America and is made from Aluminum alloy, grade T6. This is also fixed to a NP3 plated trigger bar via spring pins made out of 316 steel. The pre-travel in this trigger is a lot less and does not compromise the safety factors that come with firearms. 

The Np3 plating gives grit-free usage and also increases resistance to any form of corrosion. You should also keep in mind that the pull weight does not change with constant usage. Overall the durability of the trigger is quite good and it will last for a number of years even after heavy usage. 

The good news is that the installation is pretty easy, even a person who has never done this before will not face any problems. If you are looking for the Best Glock Trigger Upgrades then this should be on top of your list. This product has already received rave review from customers.


  • This is perfect for users who have very small hands

  • The construction of the trigger is very sturdy and robust

  • The flat shoes has an indexing hook

  • This can be installed with many different handguns

  • The installation process is quite easy

  • Very affordable price

  • Good brand value

  • The manufacturer offers a valid warranty

  • Readily available online

  • This tactical trigger is perfect for people carrying guns for tactical purposes

  • The trigger does not cause any form of malfunctioning or jamming


  • The trigger may be a bit uncomfortable for people who have big hands

  • The pull weight cannot be adjusted at all, this can be viewed as a major drawback.

#2. Brownells Exclusive Action Enhancement Trigger For Glock - Best aftermarket Glock trigger on our list

This trigger is robust and crisp and is exceptional than most others sold in shops. There is no doubt that this might be the best replacement for a Glock trigger. In fact, it is considered as an ideal enhancement for a Glock. 

This has a very durable body made out of Aluminum and also has an effective trigger break to facilitate smooth shooting with less effort and high accuracy. The trace time on this trigger is much less when compared to the one that comes from the factory. The trigger also features a quick reset, which means you get to shoot successive shots faster. 

The reset feature also has a click which is fairly audible. The mounted pivoting makes sure that the safety features work properly. The connector on the trigger is much lighter than the original factory mechanism. This trigger makes the gun ideal for range and competition use. This trigger has been purchased by many users and they are very pleased with the results and have left positive reviews. Here are some other facts about this trigger.


  • The center pivoting helps to make it safe for use

  • The trigger break is very fast

  • Reduces reset distance and overall travel

  • This is a Drop in replacement

  • Eliminates pull and Slack

  • The design is aesthetically pleasing

  • Features a quick reset feature

  • The price is very reasonable thus making it very affordable for almost anyone

  • Very high quality product and it will last for a very long time

  • This is compatible with almost every Glock pistols including G43

  • This can be purchased online as it is readily available


  • The only drawback of this trigger is that it is compatible with only guns of  generation 3 and below

If you are looking for the Best Glock Trigger Upgrades then this trigger is your thing. This works well with different Glock pistols. So it does not matter if you have a gun of generation 1 or 3, this trigger will do a splendid job for you. 

The installation is very easy and it takes only a few minutes. The rigger is fully adjustable and it features a strong and sturdy build. There is no denying that this is way better than any factory default settings. This trigger replacement kit is all you need to keep your firearm in top shape. The trigger is fully adjustable when it comes to reducing the travel time, this can be achieved by using the head screws. 

The kit also contains springs and other parts to pull down the weight. This is ideal for someone who has just started using Glock pistols. As a beginner the last thing you want to do is struggle with the installation process. Here are some other things that you should know.


  • The kit has very durable parts and their construction is very high-quality

  • This is a complete kit with all the necessary components that will facilitate swift installation

  • The aesthetics on this are quite impressive

  • The operation is swift  and smooth

  • Fully adjustable which makes it very versatile and can be used for duty, competition and EDC use

  • Great value for money

  • Very reliable brand

  • The manufacturer provides full warranty

  • Readily available online

  • This can be used by beginners who just started to get into shooting


  • The installation is not as easy as claimed by the manufacturer

  • This is only compatible with Gen 3 pistols, this is a big drawback

If you are contemplating on buying trigger upgrades for your Glock pistol then have a look at this one. This is by far one of the best and it has major improvements over the other models. The trigger shoe has been made using 6061 aluminum which adds to its durability. 

With this you do not have to take out the trigger out of the gun to make adjustments. The over travel and pre travel both can be tweaked using the trigger. This features a big safety spring with a safety lever that makes the gun very comfortable for the user’s finger. 

The overall finishing and build is very impressive so you can expect it to last for a very long time to come. This has already become very popular with users all over, so here is some more information that you could find helpful.


  • This trigger is by far one of the cheapest good quality trigger in the market right now

  • The safety feature on this has been well taken care of as it engages properly during reset

  • This features a smooth face and circular edge which makes it super comfortable

  • The over travel and take-up can both be adjusted with removing the trigger out of the frame

  • This is a complete kit that will meet all your requirements

  • Very reliable product from a reputed brand

  • This can be bought online


  • Making adjustments to over-travel can be very tedious. The angle is quite awkward for the wrench that is included in the kit. This only facilitates a few rotations up to a restricted angle. 

  • Adjusting the trigger by dismantling is much easier.

  • At present this is only available in a non –anodized surface finishing.

There are a lot of choices for you, in case you are considering an upgrade. Luckily, the Best Glock Trigger Upgrades are quite affordable and we have picked up the ones that serve the purpose well. Feel free to get one that suits the most.

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