Reconsidering the Best Fletching Jig in 2019: It Has to Be Noted

How can you easily hit far targets when using an arrow?

By adding a fletching jig to the arrow, your arrow can get the stability to the direction. Not only does it enhance stability but it also provides speed and accuracy.

Would you like to have the best fletching jig for your arrow?

There are many models available on the market and we recommend top 3 excellent fletching jig to use.

Let’s take a look!

What Is a Fletching Jig?

A fletching jig is a part, which helps hold your arrow in its place when attaching vanes to the shaft of the arrow. From there, it allows you to apply glue to the vanes as accurately as your selected configuration.

Using the fletching jig contributes to forming the pattern, for example, helical, straight, or offset. In addition to that, the fletching jig does not make vanes change and even maintain the space between them until the glue dries.

How Many Types of Fletching?

To determine the type of jig you need, the best plan would be to consider the configuration of fletch.

In fact, there are many different configurations and one fletching jig is difficult to handle all configurations. Of course, you might change the parts of the jig to enhance the support of the fletch space based on your demand.

This is the list of fletching types you can refer to:


Regarding the simplest type of jig, we immediately think of straight fletching. The name says it all, the vanes of straight fletching are aligned with the arrow. The purpose is to make the arrow spin while fighting.


By imagining the vane in the form of a plane fan, you are likely to better understand helical fletching.

It can be a right or left helical. You will get a helical fletch by setting the vane to an offset and slightly twisting the vane.

In case you enjoy a clockwise position, you should choose a left helical because the right helical is the anti-clockwise direction of rotation. Based on the jig you need, your arrow direction is specified.


With an offset fletching, it allows you to set the vane to form an angle with the arrow line. There are two angles to choose from – the left or right and you can choose either to increase the rotation when the arrow is in flight.

Depending on your jig, you can adjust it to reach the accurate offset angle.

What Do You Need Fletching Jig For?

As previously stated, fletching jig is an effective option to precisely hit the target, especially in hunting and archery.

  • Fletching arrows move properly when you aim any target. That’s why it is ideal for archery and hunting.

  • Using a fletching jig makes your arrow more stable. The arrow will always move into a certain direction, so you do not worry about shooting off target.

  • You will get the speediest arrows when sending them out. The fletching jig is the best attachment to increase the speed for your arrows.

  • The fletching jigs are especially ideal for the manual arrow. Also, it can help repair damaged arrows.

Considerations for Fletching Jig Investing

Serious consideration of several factors is very necessary when shopping for any product. With a fletching jig, you need to consider:


This is a vital factor because it will decide the effectiveness of the arrow. Some only support single vanes while others support multi-vane. So, we recommend picking the jig based on the number of vanes you need to use.


The accuracy in the movement of the arrow is ensured by the fletching jig.

A good fletching jig must provide high accuracy. Like that, your arrow can move towards the target more precisely.


The main purpose of fletching jig is to add stability to the arrow movement. Never go for The Fletcher lacking stability. Keep in mind!

Best Fletching Jig Reviews for Investing Seriously

Now, let’s start your investment with the fletching jigs in our list. Just below!

The first fletching jig that we want to introduce to you is the Grayling w/Straight Clamp. Its advantages include:

The construction built-in the Grayling Fletching Jig is ideal for most arrows. The fletch cock-feature out dimensions are 4 x 90.3 x 120 in turn. Therefore, the 3x120-inch cock-feather down contributes to positioning the arrow on the bow effectively.

The fletching jig from Grayling also provides 15-degree shaft rotation. On the nock, you can adjust left or right offset (maximum up to 3 degrees).

That said, on the magnet, the Grayling features 6-degree offset.

This fletching jig also supports cleaning by glass filled nylon as the major material. This means you can set your mind at rest about maintaining the product after each use.

Furthermore, if choosing the Grayling, you can own the universal hook shaft holder, nock receiver, index shaft holder, straight clamp, and crossbow bolt receiver concurrently.

All are attached in the package. How? Do you like it?


  • The plates are easy to change

  • Ease of use

  • Made in the USA

  • No breakage even after shooting two upsides down

  • The clamp is nice and not bulky


  • The directions are hard to follow

  • A little more expensive

It is no coincidence that the Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch Mini is preferred. Simply, it gives users the feel as the fletching master when using.

This fletching jig from Arizona Rim provides aggressive helical patterns. Not only is the velocity improved but it also enhances the speed, stability, and accuracy.

If compared to many previous fletching jigs, this model is more optimal.

It allows you to fletch vanes up to 2 and one-fourth inches. At the same time, you can even fletch three vanes. As a result, you can repair the arrows in a shorter period of time.

Beyond that, the Arizona Rim Fletching Jig offers maximal helical for the smaller vanes. Thanks to that, stabilizing arrows is faster and the arrows also reach a certain accuracy even when you are shooting broadheads.

From the view of the shooters, we highly appreciate this fletching jig because it both saves our time and provides high precision.

Do you think so?


  • It is very easy to use

  • It works great on the blazer vanes

  • The helical alignment is tight enough

  • Nice to be able to fix arrows

  • Keep the arrows flying precisely


  • The glue will likely stick to the plastic

  • The spring tension is really high

With a skilled hunter or a professional archer, spending lots of time fletching arrows is annoying. A useful solution for you is the Bohning 12962 Fletching Jig that allows fletching arrows faster.

This is an outstanding fletching jig with more aggressive helical patterns. You can simultaneously fletch three vanes, especially when using an arrow built-up shafts with a push in nocks.

Is it quick and precise?

Well, the Bohning 12962 model fletches three vanes 120 degrees apart at one time, promptly and accurately.

Despite not including feathers and swedged end arrows, this jig features 3-degree helical arms and 5-center post option (Xbow Bolts, A-Nock, Pin Nock, F-Nock, and Standard Carbon.

It ensures that your shots are more precise and forgiving.

Now, it is high time to enjoy your shooting time with this decent fletching jig.


  • It comes with a lot of accessories

  • It is very versatile and accurate

  • Work great with the zip strip

  • The speed is super-fast

  • Ease of use


  • The instruction seems complicated

  • Sometimes the vanes end up crooked

Finally At Last

The Grayling w/Straight Clamp is durable while the Arizona Rim E-Z Fletch Mini and the Bohning 12962 Fletching Jig have a certain versatility and provide the optimum speed in turn.

To get the best fletching jig, the best plan would be to consider your own type, need, considerations, and budget.

Each of the fletching jigs reviewed above has separate advantages and disadvantages. If you desire to get the speed and precision, the fletching jig from Bohning is appropriate. To use for a long time, the best choice is the Grayling w/Straight Clamp.

All in all, what is your ultimate choice?

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