Top 3 Best Fixed Power Scopes: Improve Your Aim and Accuracy Right Now!

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First, choosing a fixed power scope will help you increase your shooting skills. Although this product is often not highly appreciated, it offers many advantages over a variable power scope.

So what will you benefit from having a good fixed power scope?

This product is simple, hard and easy to use. Its design lacks the moving parts so it can bring higher accuracy.

You have to consider what your demands are to find the most suitable product. For example, you use a rifle to engage in tactical, competitive or hunting.

To help you learn more about the best fixed power scope, we provide you with information about buying this product type and our best-recommended product list on the market.

Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

What Reason Should You Buy the Fixed Power Scope?

This product has a simple design and affordable price. You need to know it is manufactured with fewer moving parts, less technology, and materials than a variable power scope.

As a result of that, you can use this product quite conveniently because it is much lighter.

In many hunting situations, you want to be compact, handy, quickly adjust to aim accurately. And the help of this scope is necessary.

Or as you participate in competitions, you also need fast speed, easy transport to facilitate victory over opponents while you still ensure fixed magnification performance.

When you do not focus much on aligning the front and the rear view of all the targets at once, you can get much more accurate. Just doing one thing is aiming through a red dot or a fixed magnifying scope.

If you are always shooting in the same environment or distance, you should choose to buy the fixed power scope immediately.

With fixed features, this product also tends to be more durable than the variable one.

The development of technology can help you to buy a scope of reasonable price, a stable quality that satisfies your normal hunting needs.

So, How to Choose The Best Fixed Power Scope?

How to understand the scope specifications

This part is quite simple.

You can see the rifle scope has a general format in digital form that includes magnification and diameter of the object.

Two numbers are in millimeters and are separated by ‘X.’ When the magnification has no dash with only one number, it means that the scope is fixed.

For example, the Leupold FX-II 4x33mm Riflescope has 4x magnification and 33mm objective lens.

Next, review the eye relief

It is the distance from your eye to the lens when your eyes are positioned correctly. You should consider the eye relief.

When you use a large caliber rifle, you need at least 2 inches of eye relief not to hurt yourself.

How about the lens?

It is an essential part of a scope.

You need a lens made from a suitable material for a clear image to have accurate shooting.

If possible, you should look at some types of scope when choosing the products directly at the store or you should read the reviews carefully when buying online.

Body construction

When choosing this product, you should consider the body construction.

You can select a solid product to give high optical precision.

It also needs to be durable to last for long periods under the weather and harsh environments. The features of waterproof, shockproof will be the most ideal.

Scope Reticle

It provides you with a focused point of view, and each type serves different shooting purposes.

When you take long-range shots, you need to select the appropriate reticle like the one with hash marks of single dots spreading horizontally and vertically. These designs are easy to use for both windage and elevation.

You can also buy a scope reticle of mil-dot, MOA, Bullet Drop Compensate for long-range shooting and standard duplex.

Do you need to care about the objective lens size?

Actually, there is no perfect lens size, and you need to see what the purpose is.

The larger the lens size is, the more difficult you can keep your rifle in place.

Therefore, you should choose carefully.

Now that you have the necessary information on selecting a fixed power scope, now is the time to introduce our proposal list.

Here We Go with The Best Fixed Power Scope, Improve Your Aim and Accuracy

Let’s get started with our comparison:

It is a famous brand for simplicity, reliable performance and supreme accuracy, the Leupold.

We want to bring you the first product on the recommended list, the Leupold FX-II 4x33mm Riflescope.

Why is it at the top of the list?

The product made of aluminum is durable, lightweight and compact with a fitting one-inch main tube.

Leupold equips this scope with standard and classic fast focusing eyepieces with a low profile locking ring that makes it easy to reach the reticle.

Also, you can use a 1/4-MOA adjusting field clicks for windage and elevation.

What’s more?

It is manufactured with Leupold's proprietary process of nitrogen sealing, a high standard of the industry.

As a result, this fixed scope is waterproof and fog proof so that you can use it in all the harsh conditions of the hunting area.

The outer lens surface is treated with DiamondCoat 2, an ion support lens coating, for higher light transmission and maximum wear resistance.

Last but not least, you have a reticle of the wide duplex. It is inspired by Leupold duplex design, which helps you open large centers, collect fast targets, aim well the moving or larger targets and apply in a wide range of shooting.


  • The product weighs only 264g.

  • It is easy to aim and shoot with high accuracy.

  • This product has a good eye relief with 4 inches.

  • It provides good light in optics, and it can collect the light well.

  • The wide reticle is also very easy to see in low light conditions.


  • It is not something to use for every situation, but it is the magnification and functionality appropriate for a specific task.

The Primary Arms brand is familiar in the gun industry, promising to bring you great products.

We are talking about this product, the Primary Arms 5X Compact Prism Scope.

What outstanding features of this product bring you?

The manufacturer makes this product with aluminum 6061, and durable anodized black paint, so it is waterproof, anti-fog and nitrogen purged.

The scope features a compact prism range with 5x magnification and an illuminated horseshoe reticle that allows both eyes to open to aim at close range.

The ACSS CQB reticle allows a consistent attack on targets at an impressive 800-yard distance.

Besides, this product also has a partially illuminated reticle powered by the CR2032 battery, and you can see clearly even in red or green illumination. The scope illumination becomes beautiful and low at night, nice and bright for daylight.

You can have an eye relief of 2.5" - 3" and tactile and audible 1/3 of the MOA turret click.

Want to know the best part?

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty with defects in materials, craft or normal wear. As such, you can be assured of long-term use.


  • This product is light, only about 521g.

  • You can detach scope spacer for use on many rifles.

  • This scope can hold zero very well.

  • Its optics are nice and bright.

  • The reticle is excellent and sharp, and you can easily use range estimation marks.


  • The turret may not seem to adjust equally in sight.

We continue with the popular brand in the US military, the Trijicon.

And the product for this type of scope is the Trijicon ACOG 3.5x35 Riflescopes.

To help you know more about the product you are about to own, please refer to the following excellent features:

This product has a tritium or fiber optic illuminated reticle that can automatically adjust the brightness with available light without using a battery. This reticle helps you achieve fast lightning and excellent optical clarity in almost any light.

The manufacturer makes this product from forged 7075-T6 aluminum alloy aircraft for an almost indestructible scope.

You can use ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) as a Close Quarter Combat sight when taking both eyes open. And of course, no other magnifying optic is used more in combat than ACOG.

But here’s something really interesting.

The ranging reticle of green Horseshoe allows you to drop bullets down to 1,000 meters in 5.56 (0.223 cal). And you will also not worry about using the product with a lifetime warranty.


  • The glass is clear, durable, and proven combat.

  • It helps to acquire fast targets and has reliable performance.

  • It weighs only 397g with good eye relief of 2.4”.

  • Red Chevron is easily visible under daylight or completely dark thanks to tritium gas.


  • The price may be quite high but worth investing.

Will You Choose to Buy a Fixed Power Scope?

When compared to variable scope types, you can see certain differences. However, this product line offers many convenient features for those who love hunting.

Just like the information we mentioned earlier in this article, you need to consider the purpose of use to choose the best fixed power scope for your trifle.

In our shooting experience, we want to buy this product, the Leupold FX-II 4x33mm RiflescopeThere is no need to argue because we are hard fans of the Leupold brand, like many hunting enthusiasts all around the world.

You can also see the outstanding features of this product such as affordable price, lightweight, high accuracy, wide duplex reticle, and waterproof and fog proof.

What fixed scope will you choose from our top 3 products list?

It’s your turn to quickly decide to buy at the nearest store or buy online now.

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