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Owning a gun means being ready to take responsibility. You should follow every precaution to keep your weapon out of the wrong hands. If you are reading this best cross draw holster review, I appreciate that you are partly aware of how vital the holster is.

Remember “Safety is always better than sorry!”

The History of Cross Draw Holsters

I bet each of us has seen at least one cowboy movie so far. Then, you will already know cross draw holsters. This is an accessory to hold or restrict a handgun from undesired movements. The muzzle usually points toward the outside of the body while the grip faces toward the dominant hand.

Back then in the 1800s, cowboy often carried cross draw holsters to keep revolvers from getting in the way of work on the farm. Also, the cross draw holster is worn where it is easy to access and withdrawn the gun, especially in emergent cases. 

Now, this gun carry type has changed a lot in its form, design, materials, etc., making it fashionable and more convenient. However, hunters and cops still use it for similar purposes as before: the convenience to carry gun outsides and quick access.

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Benefits of The Cross Draw Holster

From above, you have already got the main purposes of the cross draw holster. In this section, let’s uncover more benefits.

Access the handgun easily

This is the main reason why many people prefer cross draw holsters over shoulder or ankle holsters. The gun is positioned at 10:00 o’clock toward your right hand and 2:00 o’clock toward your left side. So, it is much more available than 3:00 holster.

When you are sitting, it is natural that your hands are across your body. That time, you can access and grid your weapon quickly and safely, even if you are trapped in with a seat belt, you can. In emergent cases, speed is of the essence.

Conceal and secure your gun

As long as it is allowed under the gun laws, you can own and use firearms in your daily life. But carrying them openly is illegal in some places. That time, the cross draw holster keeps the guns concealed. Just put on a jacket, and the holster stays almost flat against your body. But do not forget to zip or button your jacket up.

On the other hands, carrying your gun in the cross draw means having it in front of you. It is difficult for attackers to grab the gun from you quickly.

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What to Consider When Purchasing A Cross Draw Holster?

Keep it short in 4C: Convenient - Conceal - Comfort - Cost

The most important is to take your gun out and return it conveniently

When it comes to taking your gun out, you are mostly in an emergent case - sometimes, it is life-or-dead. Hence, the best cross draw holster should allow you to grid the gun and take it out in seconds completely.

Retention is also an issue to consider. The holster must be comfortable to open so that you can return your gun effortless. Otherwise, you are at risk of dropping your weapon. The bad luck is to lose it anywhere. Even worse, your opponents pick it up before you or one strange person will pick and play with it.

The best cross draw holster should be easy to conceal

Believe me,

If you carry a gun openly in the park or other public places, there is a likelihood that people call the police. Hence, you should buy a holster that is easy to conceal with a jacket or the likes. When you are cops, you must deal with threats almost every day. Hiding your weapon and take your adversary aback will sometime save your life.

Think about your gun size and your dominant side. Choose a lightweight and smart-design cross draw holster.

The holster must be comfortable for you

Sometimes you need to wear the cross draw holster almost all day long, even at night also. Hence, do not choose a tight holster or you might keep adjusting it and real people that you are carrying a gun.

Don’t save money on cheap-quality holsters. Not only they are heavy, making you uncomfortable but they are damaged easily and become useless. My advice is to purchase leather, nylon or elastic cross draw holsters. 

The best cross draw holster is not the expensive, but one is under your budget 

Before buying any product, including the cross draw holster, keep a price range in mind. Usually, you do not need to purchase new holster too often. Hence, as long as it meets 4C rules, do not pay cheap for such a decent holster. Yet, there is also no need to break a bank, right?

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Top 3 Candidates for The Best Cross Draw Holster

Just by looking, this US-made holster through me back to the 1800s when cowboys used the similar carry to bring their revolvers around. The design is simple but enough. Thanks to its 3-slot pancake, you can wear this holster close to the body: along your waist (cross-draw); high on the waist near your strong hand (strong side) or behind the hip. This way, you will access your gun effortlessly. Moreover, it is possible to conceal the holster just by putting on lighter clothing.


  • High-quality material: It is made of leather, which is very durable. The manufacturer even offers a lifetime guarantee for the quality. Great!

  • Quick gun withdrawal: There are three places to wear this holster, making it easy to access the gun. Personally, I like to hold it around my waist (cross-draw position)

  • Good concealment: You do not need to wear a thick jacket to hide your holster and gun away. Light clothing will do, with a bit more carefulness.

  • Small price: Speaking of its high-quality material, the price is surprisingly affordable for everyone.


  • The belt is not included in the package: You can use your own belt, but purchasing the Relentless belt is recommended. It means paying more.

  • One size for all: It is advertised to fit all 911 handguns. In fact, large 911 guns are hard to draw out when fully inserted.

This holster is designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Accordingly, the manufacturer will send you the one that fit your registered gun and your strong hand. Using an un-tucked shirt or a belt, you can wear this holster inside your waistband, which keeps your gun concealed safely. You possibly use this accessory as a cross draw carry if wanted.

There is an audible retention lock to be integrated into this holster so that you can know whether the gun is appropriately holstered. It also makes retention easy and adjustable.


  • Custom design: The size of the holster is customizable according to your gun and dominant hand, which is submitted when purchasing.

  • Comfortable material: KYDEX is a durable material. The thickness is enough to keep you comfortable when wearing the host for a long time.

  • Complete coverage of the trigger and trigger guard: It sets me to relax from the fear of accidental discharges.

  • The low price with a lifetime warranty.


  • This holster is not fit all belts: The clip is not large enough to pull the gun from the holster.

  • The concealment is not very good when sitting: The screws have worn holes in my clothes when I am driving.

When choosing a holster, I like the “made in USA” one since the American knows exactly what is the best holster - in this article, the best cross draw holster. Then the last product for today is also a US-made.

As you can see, this gun carry is designed to conceal your gun securely and discreetly under the clothes. It is set up for both side-draw carrying and cross-draw carrying. Since it is made from ventilated elastic, you can expect a lightweight and breakable holster.


  • Breathable elastic material: Meanwhile sticking to your skin, the elastic material causes very little uncomfortable.

  • Good concealment: Since the holster is attached close - very close, to your body, people can hardly tell what you are carrying.

  • Multiple sizes to choose from: Comfortability is essential, especially when you must carry the holster all day. Personalized size is a plus point, for me.

  • Cheap holster: You cannot beat the price.


  • Drawing the gun out is trickier: You have to pull up your shirt to take out the gun. If you are not fast enough, you might be in danger.

  • The holster moves down after hours

Last Verdict

So, what is the best cross draw holster out of the three? It depends on your budget and your preference to wear the holster. In my case, I like the Relentless Tactical Ultimate Leather Gun Holster the most. Think of my 4C rules:

  • The versatile design allows you to draw the gun quickly

  • High-quality leather and 3-slot pancake help maintain maximum comfort at the same time

  • You can conceal the holster securely and discreetly with light clothing

  • The cost is reasonable when considering the quality and guarantee

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